Actor Clive Mantle's Ear Bitten in Motel Attack


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As movies such as Psycho and Identity demonstrate, small motels are often the setting for nightmares. However, one actor saw a nightmare come true this week after being attacked at a Travelodge.

Clive Mantle, the actor who played Lord Greatjon Umber in the HBO series Game of Thrones, was attacked at a Travelodge in Newcastle on Sunday. According to The Guardian, Mantle had a portion of his ear bitten off during the attack. Surgeons were able to reattach the lost portion of his ear.

Mantle reportedly requested that fellow hotel guests keep their noise levels down before he was attacked. Two men were arrested in connection with the attack, and one has been charged with wounding with intent.

Mantle was part of a traveling production of The Ladykillers that had been performing at a Newcastle theatre. He has withdrawn from the production following the attack.