Abigail Hernandez: New Info on N.H. Girl's Abduction

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Abigail Hernandez was abducted from Conway, New Hampshire, while walking home from school back on October 9, 2013. Nine months later she returned. The media has yet to learn whether her abductor released her or if she escaped from confinement. In fact, very little has been said about the case at all, with the exception of who Abigail's abductor was. Nathaniel Kibby of nearby Gorham, New Hampshire was arrested shortly after the teen's return. Investigators believe he held Abigail Hernandez hostage in a shipping crate located behind his Gorham, New Hampshire mobile home.

New information about the case has now been made public. Abby's attorney, Michael Coyne, has shared a few details about the young girl's harrowing ordeal.

"Abby was violently abducted by a stranger. For many months, she suffered numerous acts of unspeakable violence," he said in a letter posted on the website dedicated to her search efforts. "Through her faith, fortitude and resilience, she is alive today and home with her family."

Coyne told the press he released this information in an effort to dispel many rumors about the case that have been circulating--not only in the small New Hampshire community where Abigail Hernadez lives--but around the country, too.

"Discussing the situation with Abby, the real concern is that there's been a lot of misinformation, there's been a lot of hurtful accusations and she's got enough to deal with presently physically and emotionally," Coyne said.

Because of the silence around her disappearance, many questions have been asked about how she first encountered her abductor as well as what led to her release. All that has been reported thus far is that Abigail Hernandez 'walked into her mother's home' on July 20th.

What remains the most important component of this entire case is that Abigail Hernandez is home safe and sound. She and her family have asked for some privacy.

"Abby needs and wants some time and space to physically and emotionally heal. It is going to be a long process in pursuit of justice for Abby and for Abby to get physically and emotionally stronger," Michael Coyne added. "As the justice system moves forward, and the evidence is revealed, questions about this horrific event will be answered."

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