A Humorous Take On Don Mattrick's Move To Zynga


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Is Microsoft's loss of Don Mattrick be Zynga's gain? Or will Mattrick suggest lesser versions of Zynga products if people aren't able to upgrade to something new, and threaten his longevity with his new company? If Mattrick's history does repeat itself, and he has to leave his new position, will it even matter? After looking at his contract for becoming Zynga's CEO--$50 million over 3 years--it's incredibly doubtful.

Another question is, did Mattrick leave one potentially sinking ship for one that is actually sinking (or, maybe, being eaten by a sea monster)? Good thing Ctrl+Alt+Del is on the case to give us an idea:

Don Mattrick Comic

Considering Zynga's apparent financial woes, it looks like the comic is a case of life imitating art. That being said, if the Mattrick hire doesn't help Zynga reverse its course, the man in question will still be $50 million richer. It's hard not wonder just how committed he will be to turning the company around, because he's going to be paid either way.

A final question: all things considered, which company will have a better chance of succeeding? Microsoft with its Xbox One, or Zynga with another round of social media games that won't command the same financial commitment from consumers?