A Day In The Life Of Making Halo 4


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Halo 4 is the biggest game that Microsoft has planned for this holiday season. The stakes are higher than they'ev ever been as well with this being 343 Industries first game after Bungie left the series. Some people may be concerned about the direction that Halo 4 is taking, but a new trailer should put those fears to rest.

Well, it's not really a trailer per se. Microsoft calls it "Halo 4 Prelude" and it shows footage of the team at 343 working on Halo 4. There's footage of the writers, animators, composers, musicians, and everybody else all working on Halo 4. It's effective simply because it shows gamers the kind of people who are making the game.

Making games is hard and you always hear horror stories about AAA game development. Footage like this is much appreciated because it shows that it's not all bad. It looks like the people at 343 are really enjoying what they're doing and that Halo 4 is a matter of passion for them.

All I can say is that Microsoft needs to make more trailers like this one. Gameplay footage and cinematics are fine, but seeing the people who are actually making the game is a nice change of pace. It's rare that we get to see the fine folks behind our favorite games. It's high time that the industry changed that.