Mike Birbiglia Joins Season Three of Orange Is The New Black

Here’s some more news from Litchfield. The absolutely not canceled Netflix hit Orange Is The New Black has added comedian Mike Birbiglia to the cast. The Hollywood Reporter says that Birbiglia will appear on the upcoming third season in a…

Why Zagat Might Be a Smarter Purchase for Google Than Yelp

By now you’ve heard the news that Google has purchased Zagat Reviews. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Zagat, it has a worldwide set of reviews that travelers have relied on for decades to choose the right restaurant.…

Google Panda Update: Lack of Consistency on Quality?

We’ve been talking with a lot of people who have had their sites impacted negatively by Google’s recent “Panda” algorithm update. Our thinking is that the more sides of the story we hear, the more webmasters and content producers will…

Demand Media Goes on the Defensive About Content Quality

Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt mentioned in the company’s earnings call the other day that Demand Media was ready to set out and rigorously start defending its content, as it falls victim to a great deal of criticism over quality. 

Content Marketer or Content Farm?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about content farms, the low-rent district for content marketing. Google has avowed a crackdown on content farming, threatening to lower their rankings in search results.

Why Local Online Marketing is a Mystery to So Many

No wonder local Internet marketing is a mystery to many SMB’s and even much larger businesses and organizations. Setting aside the fact that there are so many different channels, sites, directories etc that need to be considered, there is a new (and somewhat unfortunate) aspect that is creeping into the picture: complexity.

Should Google Be Getting More Bing-Like?

This week Google released its new design for Image Search. The new design includes a tiled layout with instant scrolling between pages. This has already drawn some inevitable comparisons to Bing’s image search, which is particularly interesting given Google’s overall more Bing-like user interface launched earlier this year.

Yelp Reviews Under Government Spotlight

On Tuesday, Yelp and other members of the Consumer Electronics Association, including Zenefits and R Street Institute, briefed Congressional staff, businesses, and advocacy organizations on SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) and what it calls “chilling impacts” of lawsuits filed…

Jason Biggs Is Not in Orange Is The New Black Season Three

For the past two seasons often controversial tweeter Jason Biggs has starred as Larry Bloom, the on-again-off-again love interest of imprisoned Piper Chapman on Netflix’s hit series Orange Is The New Black. But it doesn’t appear that there will be…

Rick Perry Sourpuss Photo with Obama Draws Laughs

Given all the uproar lately about President Obama’s DACA memorandum and the immigration battle that it has spawned, the president’s recent visit to Texas to pow-wow with Governor Rick Perry would be expected to be a tense meeting. “It’s not…