93-Year-Old Woman Killed By Texas Police; A Community Mourns

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A 93-year-old woman was shot by the police in Hearne, Texas.

Pearlie Golden was a longtime resident of the rural town of Hearne. Neighbors, who call her “Miss Sully,” described her as a sweet woman.

On Tuesday night, the authorities received a 911 call about a disturbance. The caller also said that a woman was wielding a gun.

It was later reported that the caller was Golden’s nephew who called the police because the elderly lady was threatening him with a gun. He reportedly took his aunt's car keys away from her, as she no longer has a driver’s license. She then responded violently, grabbing a revolver and threatening her nephew with it.

Steven Stem, a police officer, responded to the incident and went to Golden’s home. The police arrived at the scene at approximately 6:30 pm on Tuesday night and saw Golden outside with gun in hand.

According to reports, Officer Stem asked Golden to put down the gun and then fired his own gun, wounding the elderly woman in the process. Golden was brought to a nearby hospital where she died.

As a result, Officer Stem was put on paid suspension from his job while the matter is further investigated.

One of the town’s residents Lawanda Cooke was devastated that an officer of the law would shoot an old woman. “They could have shot in the air to scare her,” she said.

This is not the first time Stem has shot someone. Six months after working with the police department, he responded to a call, and shot and killed Tederalle Satchell who was shooting a gun in a parking lot. The incident was presented in front of a grand jury that ultimately decided to clear Stem of any wrongdoing.

This incident is now being investigated by the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office, the Texas Rangers, and the Hearne Police Department.

Coty Sieger, Robertson County District Attorney, was qouted as saying, “She did have a gun… Now, what she was doing with it, that is the ultimate question.”

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