9-month-old Arrested in Pakistan for Attempted Murder

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It appears that in some countries, no matter how old you are, if you do the crime, then you face the possibility of doing the time.

And strangely enough, a 9-month-old child faced criminal charges on Thursday.

A Pakistani baby boy was arrested alongside his family for attempted murder, threatening a police, and interfering in state affairs.

As Muhammad Mosa Khan sat on his father's lap in a Pakistani Court Thursday, he and his family faced charges in a crime that involved police raiding a group of 25 protestors in the city of Lahore.

The police department claim that the group was suspected gas thieves. Officers at the scene also accused the group for stoning them at the time of their arrest.

However, Khan's father, Ahmed, said that the group was falsely charged for a crime they didn't commit.

"Our crime is that we had protested against non-availability of electricity in our locality," Ahmed said.

Ahmed told authorities that they were only protesting in reference to an electrical shortage.

Whether they were protesting peacefully is unclear.

Judge Rafaqat Ali authorized police officials to obtain a statement from baby Muhammad, but realized he was quite too young and granted him bail. 

The case has been postponed until April 12.

Attorney Irfan Tarar said that the baby boy would be presented before a judge during next week's trial.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police Rana Jabbar, there was a disagreement among the officers whether to book the minor. The sub-inspector was later suspended for filing charges against Muhammad.

Since the case is not under Judge Ali's jurisdiction, he was unable to dismiss the case against the child.

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