78 Million Smart TVs Shipped Last Year


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3D TV is dead. TV manufacturers were betting that consumers wouldn't mind putting on glasses to watch things pop out of their screens while sitting at home, and they were wrong. With that fad out of the way, though, TV manufacturers are now focusing on things that actually might sell their products: higher resolutions and more built-in features.

Ultra HD displays were heavily promoted at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but won't come to mainstream consumers until prices drop significantly and content creators catch up. In the meantime, though, smart TV features are riding the rising tide of streaming video services.

Today market research firm Strategy Analytics released a new report showing that 76 million smart-TVs shipped during 2013, up 55% from 2012 shipment numbers. According to the report, smart TVs accounted for one-third of all flat-panel TV shipments last year. Strategy Analytics predicts that smart TVs will rise to 44% of flat-panel TV shipments during the coming year and 73% by the year 2017.

"While Smart TV adoption is certainly gaining momentum, a true measure of its success is whether consumers are actually using the Smart functionality," said Eric Smith, analyst at Strategy Analytics. "Our consumer survey data show that around 50 percent of smart TV owners across the USA and major European markets are currently using their TV's Internet capabilities, so vendors must continue to add compelling applications and services to entice consumers to utilize their platforms."

Image via Roku