6 Teens Kiled In Crash in Northeast Ohio

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The Associated Press is reporting that six Ohio teens, five boys and one girl, died when the SUV they were riding in careened over a guardrail just south of Warren, Ohio.

The report states that eight teens had taken the vehicle without permission. Though all eight of the teens were from Warren, the vehicle is registered to a person who lives in the nearby city of Youngstown, Ohio.

At around 7 am the SUV hit a guardrail and flipped over into a pond. Five of the teens were inside and one was thrown from the vehicle during the crash and later found underneath the SUV. Two of the teens were able to escape the wreck and run to a nearby residence to call 911. The age of the teens ranged from 14 to 19 years old.

Police told the AP that "speed was a factor," but that speculation about alcohol or drug use would wait until toxicology reports are complete.

The AP report states that counseling was provided by city officials Sunday night at a school that some of the teens had attended. Many of the teens' family members and friends expressed shock and disbelief while also questioning what the teens were doing out at the time of the accident.

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