51-Pound Tumor Removed from New Jersey Woman's Belly

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If the idea of having a 51-pound tumor removed from your gut sounds like something straight out of your worst nightmare, perhaps you should consider skimming over this particular story. Otherwise, you may find yourself gagging and/or running from the room while screaming obscenities at the top of your lungs. I'm fighting the urge to flee from this one, myself, especially considering this story has shown up right before lunch.

Although the idea of carrying around a 51-pound tumor in our bellies is enough to raise the level of squeamishness to astronomical heights, imagine how it felt for Evelyn Dupree, 65, who was forced to carry this sucker around while waiting for her Medicare coverage to kick in. The situation is beyond frightening, especially for those who currently live without any form of health care insurance.

Dupree, who usually weights around 120 pounds, watched the scales tip over the 170 mark by the time she was eligible for treatment. On June 4th, just days after she turned 65, Dupree finally sought medical attention for her tumor. The growth, which doctors said was crushing one of the main veins that carries blood to the heart, was so large and life-threatening that surgeons were forced to remove the tumor prior to the woman's scheduled operation.

"She was a skinny lady with a huge belly. I mean it looked like she was literally pregnant with triplets. The size was something I'd never seen," explained Dr. David Dupree. He also added that it required two surgeons using both hands to remove the growth from the woman's body.

Despite the successful removal of the tumor, Dupree must still consult an oncologist to determine if all traces of cancer have been removed from her body.

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