50 Cent’s Son Posts Picture With Mayweather, Apparently To Annoy His Father

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Marquise Jackson, son of rapper 50 Cent, recently posted a picture of himself with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather on Facebook. The teen and 50 Cent are supposedly not on the best of terms, so a picture with someone his dad has had a social media feud with probably isn’t a peace offering in any way.

Over the summer, 50 Cent and Mayweather have been taunting each other back and forth on their social media accounts. Jackson’s motives for posting a photo that shows him hanging out with the boxer aren’t clear. However, in light of Jackson posting photos of himself with Slowbucks, the photo with Mayweather seems part of a plan of rebellion against 50 Cent. Jackson’s father has also been in a public feud with Slowbucks, and the teen had also previously posted several pictures together with the street brand entrepreneur.

50 Cent and his son are apparently not on good terms, which the rapper has reportedly blamed on Jackson’s mother. 50 Cent was criticized earlier this year for not making it to Jackson’s high-school graduation, which reportedly upset his son. “My son—I haven’t received an invitation. When he graduated I was in Budapest on a movie with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, and Jason Statham. I think at some points the reason why it actually comes out is because his mom is going to TMZ. I wish she’d find someone so she could leave me alone,” the rapper said.

Despite seeming unaware about his son’s education, 50 Cent is excited about his show Dream School: NYC, which takes 15 underprivileged students in New York City and gives them celebrity teachers who try to help them graduate.

“These kids are smart; they're just taking on bad habits. This is probably the last opportunity for them. When I met them, they all seemed to understand how lucky they were to be in the program and have this opportunity,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

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