50 Cent Talks Departure From Interscope, and New G-Unit Venture


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50 Cent's been a busy man these days. On Feb. 20, the Get Rich or Die Trying rapper announced his decision to part ways with his long-time record label Shady/Aftermath/Interscope.

According to Hollywood Reporter, 50 Cent opened up about his departure from the label before taking the stage at SWSX. "It's liberating," the rapper-entrepreneur told the publication.

The "Hustler" rapper's notable imprint G-Unit Records now has a new worldwide distribution deal with Capitol Music Group. The new deal is a part of Capitol's independent services division, Caroline. He went on to explain the distinct contrast between working for major, multinational music corporation and owning an independent record label.

“It’s great. I choose everything: what to release [and] when to release it,” he continued. “The fun part is that there doesn’t have to be a schedule. There’s no timeline. If I write a record and I want to put it out, I’ll put it out.”

He went on to give an example of a personal account where he didn't have much executive power in regards to the direction of his album's production, marketing and distribution.

“I’ll give you an example of how the process was at Interscope,” he said. “[With] my very first album [Get Rich or Die Tryin’)] we had to choose between two records for the single: ‘If I Can’t' and ‘In Da Club.’ It wasn’t that big of a deal which one was the single because they’re both produced by Dr. Dre. I was sitting on the couch, having already talked about it privately [with Eminem] that ‘In Da Club’ was the record. Em goes, ‘’In Da Club,' definitely.’ And then the entire room agreed. The other record never turned into a single. ‘If I Can’t’ performed like a single at radio, but there was never a video for it..”

So he's definitely looking forward to making moves on his own. His first priority is his upcoming album, Animal Ambition. "This album is about the positive and negative effects of prosperity. If I’m doing too good, it brings envy and jealousy which creates negative energy."

Animal Ambition is set to be released June 3, 2014. 50 Cent also has another album entitled Street King Immortal, which is tentatively scheduled to be released later this year. Both albums will be the first releases under his new G-Unit imprint.

Image via 50 Cent, Facebook
Image via Animal Ambition, Wikimedia Common