5 Shot At Crab Festival, One Man Dead

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5 people were shot at an annual street party in Florida on Saturday, leaving one man dead.

19-year old Devontee Tramine Ocasio has been charged with first degree murder, discharge of firearm with injury, aggravated of assault with a firearm and possession of a firearm after he opened fire in a crowded public area last weekend. Williston's Crab Festival is actually not a celebration of crustaceans, but rather a series of "Hip Hop Style Street Parties" which aren't regulated by the county yet draw upwards of 10,000 visitors each year. Officials say the parties are always fraught with violence and attempted to be prepared for the enormous gathering this time around.

“The Levy County Department of Public Safety had pre-staged ambulances and a Medical helicopter in the area for the Festival. The large crowds made it impossible for ambulances to reach the wounded,” reads a press release from the Levy County Sheriff’s Office. “Despite the large crowds walking and dancing in the roadway, Deputies and EMS personnel were able to evacuate the victims in law enforcement and private vehicles.”

Authorities say they are investigating the possibility that another party was involved in the shooting, but so far Ocasio is the only one to be arrested. His bond is set at $1.5 million.

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