5 Reasons to (Literally) Go Far in 2015


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Commissioned News Story (Source: Holiday Cruise Line)

By all accounts, 2015 will be a formidable year for travel for Americans. Here are 5 reasons why readers should consider taking a trip in 2015.

1. It's not as expensive as you think.

Perhaps you're thinking you just don't have the money to spare for a vacation. Well, you might just be wrong. Travel doesn't have to break the bank, even when we're talking about a cruise. You can cruise for up to 50% off in January and other off-season months.

Jackie Finley of Holiday Cruise Line says, "A lot of Americans are going to be surprised this year: prices are far lower than most families expect to pay for a getaway, regardless of how you plan to travel. At Holiday Cruise Line, we've seen evidence of a major shift for cruise travelers. Cruises were once considered an option only for wealthy Americans. Today, our customers are often surprised to find that cruises are far more affordable than they thought. 2015 is a formidable year for travel, and it's a golden opportunity to try out a new mode of travel, including cruising."

2. Reward programs have long-term value.

If you join a rewards program, you could start getting discounts on several travel options, including flights, hotels, and rental cars.

As noted by Time, airlines free up more award seats as the departure date gets closer. The article suggests booking about a month ahead of time, noting that some carriers do charge extra for booking within 21 days.

3. The dollar is stronger than ever.

This is great news for travelers. The AP reports that the stronger dollar has reduced the price of travel throughout many parts of the world. This helps with hotel prices, not to mention various fun activities.

4. Travel actually keeps you healthy.

"It's been shown time and time again by researchers: travel offers significant benefits for travelers, particularly regarding their health," says Finley. "Travel can help you to relax, can take you away from the most stress-inducing elements of your life, and can reawaken your sense of passion, excitement, and curiosity. Cruises in particular are a highly relaxing option, because most of the typically stressful elements of travel, such as planning out meals and transportation, are already taken care of for you. You can truly put up your feet and simply take in the sights and wonders around you. What better way to kick off your 2015 than to spend some time truly relaxing and recuperating from the stresses of 2014? Start a new year in a new mindset, and pledge to have a healthier year both mentally and physically."

5. Travel will make you smarter

Yes, travel will make you smarter, so it's part of a great 2015 resolution to improve your education.

USA Today reported on the educational benefits of travel, which include the ability to learn about history, perspective, themes, language, and insight that you can't get from history books. It's something to think about.

Surely you now have enough reasons to plan a trip. How many more do you need? 2015 is the time to go far. Literally.