49ers Defeat Redskins In Dissapointing Monday Night Football Game


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This week's Monday Night Football game was certainly nothing like the one that played out last week. This week featured the San Francisco 49ers and the Washington Redskins, in a game that would have been exciting last year, but not last night.

However, this season Robert Griffin III and the Redskins have been struggling all season, and the team was not even able to score a touchdown on the 49ers, who handled them easily.

The game was not exciting to watch, and in a disappointing game that was aired for a nationally televised audience, the 49ers won the game with a final score of 27-6. This was a vast contrast to last Monday night, in which the Panthers defeated the Patriots with a very exciting finish.

Despite their easy win, the 49ers have not been looking good throughout this season either, and while Griffin III and Kaepernick were outstanding upon entering the NFL, they are still playing with a college style, and being unsuccessful with it for the most part.

The Redskins are in last place of the NFC East division, with a record of only 3-8. This puts them in the company of the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants, none of which are having good seasons, and only two of them have a record above .500, each by one game.

After a successful season last year with his young quarterback, coach Mike Shanahan knew this was an important game, and it hurts him to say "I was disappointed we didn’t get in the end zone and get more points. I knew it was going to be one of those tough games where we couldn’t turn the football over. We had to take advantage of some opportunities. They took advantage of those opportunities. We didn’t."

It also seems that the Redskins are simply incapable of handling the pressure of big games, since after last night, they are 0-4 during nationally televised games. They started the season with a disappointing loss to the Eagles on Monday Night Football. Of course, it is not just the national stage that hinders their performance, otherwise their record would be better than 3-8.

Meanwhile, the 49ers, who lost the Super Bowl last year, are tied for second place in their division with the Arizona Cardinals, and have a record of 7-4, following their win last night.

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Washington Redskins in order to not completely embarrass themselves, but if they want to be able to contend with the rest of the top teams in the league as they did last year, they will certainly need to show some improvements in the coming weeks.

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