$3 Pregnancy Tests Coming to Minnesota Bars

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$3 pregnancy tests, which you can procure from vending machines inside public restrooms, are coming to Minnesota in the very near future. According to Paul Walsh at the Star Tribune, these affordable kits will be available in participating bars and restaurants to help women avoid consuming alcoholic beverages during pregnancy. Call me crazy, but if you're purchasing such an item from a machine inside the bathroom of a seedy bar before doing an unhealthy amount of Tequila shots, perhaps it's time to get your life in order.

The kits, which are being handled by a nonprofit organization, are a direct result of a government study which showed that one in 13 women have consumed alcohol during pregnancy. In order to help shrink this shocking number, the insanely affordable tests will be made available in establishments where women frequently become inebriated. So before you knock back a series of Fuzzy Nipples, maybe you should sneak into the bathroom to make sure you're not preggers. I foresee a very entertaining episode of "Maury" coming down the pipeline very soon.

Jody Crowe, the aforementioned organization's found and executive director, would ultimately like to make such kits available to women worldwide. If everything goes accordingly, Crowe would love to install pregnancy test vending machines in gas stations, shopping malls, fitness centers, and other areas where sexually active women tend to congregate. His mission, according to the Star Tribune, is to "to target those at high risk for unexpect[ed] pregnancies."

Crowe added the dispensers would ultimately allow women "to take a pregnancy test in the privacy of the restroom without having to purchase a pregnancy test over the counter. In a small community, purchasing a pregnancy test can be an embarrassing event and expose the woman to the gossip of the town." I hadn't really thought about it that way.

Pub 500 in Mankato, Minnesota will be the first establishment to carry the machines. If the tests do well in this area, other bars and restaurants may follow suit in the near future. Presently, the organization is working to get over 100 such dispensers into Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

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