3 New Quarter Pounders Include Habanero Ranch

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McDonald's announced last week that they are phasing out their Angus burgers--which are on the higher end of their menu--and are now replacing them with three new quarter pounder options.

The new sandwiches will take the place of two of the Angus burgers--Deluxe and Bacon and Cheese--and will include a new option, Habanero Ranch. They'll boast new buns and thicker slices of bacon than previous incarnations. The company made the decision after sales slumped for the more expensive fare in 2012.

“When you can get four or five burgers off the Dollar Menu, nobody’s going to buy the Angus burger,” consultant Richard Adams said. “The Dollar Menu has become a real problem for these chains.”

The new burgers have been tested in restaurants across the country for several months but won't roll out nationally until next month.

“Once we created these burgers, we didn’t see the need for the Angus line,” Greg Watson, senior VP of menu innovations said.

Image: McDonald's

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