2015 Ford F-150: It May Be Aluminum, But It's Still A Truck

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The new 2015 Ford F-150s are set to start roll off dealers' lots in December, and reviews are starting to come out.

The consensus of the critics seems to come down to: yes, it's still a truck.

"Do not approach Ford’s all-new F-150 truck expecting a revolution," wrote David Undercoffler of the Los Angeles Times, "For all the hype about the lightweight aluminum body, and the promises of groundbreaking efficiency and hauling capabilities, the 2015 model is still just a truck." The new design embraces the truck essence of the F-150, with some differences from the old model.

Chris Davies of Slash Gear called it "the big aluminum risk". Even though the fundamental tuck design of the vehicle remains the same, Ford has switched up the steel body and bed for an aluminum one. This makes the truck lighter and stronger overall than its predecessors.

"Thus far, the much-hyped 2015 Ford F-150 is living up to its lofty aspirations," Ford stated in a press release, "One major concern skeptics of the aluminum F-150 voiced pertained to the strength and ability of the pickup truck. Those doubts have been quieted with the recent announcement that the 2015 F-150 is the most capable truck in its class when it comes to payload and towing ability."

To test out it's capabilities, some journalists have taken the new F-150 off-road. "The truck's plenty competent in the dirt," wrote Andrew P. Collins of Truck Yeah! "Front and side visibility cameras, only the domain of Range Rovers not long ago, are hugely helpful in tight and technical spots. Hill decent control takes the thinking and foot-work out of tedious downhill driving. And Ford is still the only outfit who offers a beautiful digital tilt-and-roll gauge on the dash. The tech in the 2015 F-150 make it the easiest full-size truck to punt through a trail."

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