2012 London Olympics' Tech Staff Will Bunk With Servers


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The Olympics have always been known to draw crowds and viewers from around the world, even those who are not that deeply into normal sporting events. With the Internet's World Wide Web and social media being so integral in our daily lives, the upcoming Olympics in London, England, will weigh heavily on the tech staff in charge of all of the online media that is associated with this grand event.

Because London's transportation system can be unreliable at times, and since the tech staff for the Olympics will need to be present as much as they can be during the event, Interxion (the I.T. company responsible for the online tech at the Olympics) has installed sleeping pods (pictured below) within the server areas. This way, various shifts that manage the servers' uptime can always be present, because as we know in the I.T. world, anything can happen at any time.


Greg McCulloch, UK Managing Director of Interxion elaborated on the reasoning behind having the tech staff sleep in close proximity of the servers:

"Due to the nature of our business we need to be ready for all eventualities and while we are excited to have the Olympics in London we also need to be sure that we can continue to offer the highest level of resilience to our customers."

These sleeping pods were designed by the company Podtime and were made at Battersea in southwest London. The pods have also been designed so that they can be stacked onto each other (kind of like bunk beds) to help preserve space around the servers, making it a more efficient and productive work environment.