2-Year-Old Elvis Impersonator Out-Virals Kony

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The Kony 2012 dominance over the viral video arena has been outdone by a toddler doing a jig to Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock."

While Invisible Children's half hour movie about Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony became the most virulent video ever, with average views of 412K per day, its 3-week dominance has ended. In its place is the Elvis impersonation of 2-year-old William Stokkebroe, which has garnered almost 8 million views since it was posted March 15th. The Stokkebroe dance was shared 943,754 times last week, more than Kony2012.

Unruly Media ranks the most-shared videos on the web. Here's some data on Stokkebroe vs. Kony:


Perhaps it was time for Kony 2012 to go away, and not many videos could be better to accomplish this than that of a 2-year-old channeling Elvis Presley. And there can be no collateral controversy surrounding this sort of thing - When the Invisible Children video was screened in northern Uganda, which essentially portrayed a bunch of westerners following the teachings of a hyperactive 30-something who'd later went on to prance naked around the tough streets of San Diego, the Ugandan people were very displeased. Kony had already long left the region, and all the video did was portray a bunch of outliers, who some call 'slacktivists', rejoicing in the potential liberation a region they obviously knew little about. Elvis is always a welcome change.

Two-year-old William also inadvertently made the best possible commercial ever for Studio43, the business of his parents.

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