14 Pound Baby A Hefty Holiday Gift To Family


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Goodness gracious! Nicia McNelley and Quinta Johnson got quite a sizeable gift in time for Christmas: A 14 pound and 7.6 ounce baby boy born this past Friday who they've named Isaiah Lawrence Johnson. McNelley went in for a C-section scheduled at UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. No doubt she and Johnson were hoping for a simple procedure and certainly not expecting such an extraordinary result. The couple's 22.5-inch son is actually the second largest baby to be delivered in the state of Florida this year.

Says McNelley, “Me and his dad were shocked when he came out and they said 14 pounds, we could not believe it."

It's understandable. The child is about the size of a three month old baby. In fact he came into the world outweighing items such as a bowling ball!

But as amazing as little Isaiah is, that doesn't mean the little fella had it easy. While breastfeeding, he turned blue and began to shake. His blood sugar was dangerously low. He was taken away and given oxygen and an IV. His mother was devastated. She would have to wait until Sunday, two agonizing days, to be able to see and hold Isaiah.

Whatever challenges the family may face, McNelley has faith in her little boy.

“He’s been our strong boy in holding on and fighting. I really didn’t think he would do this well but he’s proven me wrong, he’s made me a proud momma for sure.”

What would make momma even prouder?

"My boyfriend is a Seminole fan, so he’s wanting him to play football for the Seminoles."

A Seminole football player? Perhaps, but McNelley admits they are in Gator country. Whatever team he were to choose, she'd hope her big little man will put his size to good use. Who knows? Today's hefty holiday baby could be tomorrow's Heisman winner.

Image via Linda Sheehan Youtube