13-Year-Old Father Is Not Really A Father?

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In 2012, 13-year-old Alfie Patten allegedly became the youngest father in the world after his 15-year-old girlfriend Chantelle Steadman gave birth to a daughter.

While the world was shocked at the news, Alfie said that he would make a good father and welcomed his daughter into the world. Now, new evidence allegedly shows that Alfie is not the father of the baby and is in fact, still a virgin.

Alfie's mother Nicola shared the information but said that Alfie did not take the news well and was heartbroken.

"He did cry after we found out he wasn't the dad. When we told Alfie the baby wasn't his he was absolutely hysterical. He burst out crying and then he ran out of the room," stated Nicola.

DNA tests showed that Alfie was not the father of the baby and the results of the tests were published on The Mirror website. Alfie of course, has grown attached to the baby and in spite of the negative attention he received after being named the father, he embraced his new role and was doing his best to be a good father.

After news of Alfie's situation got out, he became the poster child for safe sex and his situation served as a warning to young teens who may have thought they were ready to have sex.

Alfie's mother also said that other tests showed that Alfie has never even had sex before.

"Alfie was and still is a virgin. And the good news is he wants to stay that way until he's at least 18," said Nicola.

The baby's mother has not released a statement about the DNA tests or who the baby's real father is or could possibly be.

Hopefully Alfie and the baby will be able to adjust easily to their new situation and will get to be a part of each other's lives, if the test results are real and the rumors are true.

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