13-Year-Old Father Alfie Patten Isn’t What He Thought He Was, DNA Tests Prove

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Alfie Patten, who in 2012 broke UK records by becoming a 13-year-old father, was recently discovered not to be the father of the baby of Chantelle Steadman, his then 15-year-old girlfriend. DNA tests have reportedly proven that Alfie isn’t the father of Maisie Roxanne, the supposed result of the one time he and Steadman had sex during their relationship.

After several boys claimed to have had sex with Chantelle, Alfie’s mother Nicola Patten was able to convince him to take a DNA test, explaining that it would establish his paternity over Maisie. The results showing he wasn’t the baby’s father apparently devastated Alfie. “When we told Alfie the baby wasn’t his he was absolutely hysterical. He burst out crying and then he ran out of the room,” said Nicola. “It was a lot to deal with for an adult, let alone someone his age. But he dealt with it brilliantly.”

“When I found out about the DNA I was sad at first. I suppose if you want something that badly you make yourself ­believe it’s true,” said Alfie, who is now 15 years old. “But I just moved on. Family helped. Friends helped.”

The test also reportedly proved that Alfie was and still is a virgin, said Nicola. Alfie’s mother also claimed that he wanted to stay that way until he was 18 years old.

Back in 2012, Alfie made headlines when he was announced to be a father at age 13. His face has even been used on some condoms being sold on the Internet and Alfie became a subject talked about in places such as Parliament and news shows. Now that DNA results have shown that Alfie wasn’t a father after all, the boy’s life is once again under scrutiny.

“I don't want a girl to be ashamed to take him home to meet her parents because they’ll think he was the one who got a girl pregnant when he was 12,” said Nicola.

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