12-Year-Olds Stabbing: Friends Did It For Slender Man


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A 12-year-old girl was stabbed 19 times by two of her friends who claim that they did it in order to show their dedication to and obtain the approval of a fictitious creature known as Slender Man.

According to several stories, Slender Man is a creature who lives in wooded areas and feeds on humans. He is very tall and has long arms and legs, thus earning his name as Slender Man. He often has no face and is usually wearing a long black gown or black clothing.

One of the girls allegedly told an investigator, "Many people do not believe Slender Man is real ... [We] wanted to prove the skeptics wrong."

The stabbing occurred in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Saturday. Two 12-year-old girls lured their friend to a park where they stabbed her at least 19 times. The victim managed to crawl to a nearby road and was found by a cyclist who called 911.

The girl is currently stable, but many of the stab wounds came very close to vital organs and the girl is lucky to have survived the incident.

The two girls who committed the stabbing admitted to the crime and said that they had planned to stab the girl for several months. They believed that by stabbing the girl, the Slender Man would welcome them into his home. According to one of the girls, Slender Man lives in a mansion in the Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin.

The girls said that they learned about the character from a website called Creepypasta. After learning of this, the website released a disclaimer saying,

"This is an isolated incident, and does not represent or attribute the Creepypasta community as a whole. This wiki does not endorse or advocate for the killing, worship, and otherwise replication of rituals of fictional works. There is a line of between fiction and reality, and it is up to you to realize where the line is. We are a literature site, not a crazy satanic cult."

An attorney for one of the girls has asked that his client be given a mental evaluation as soon as possible. It is likely the other girl's attorney will make the same request. Both girls face up to 65 years in prison for their crime.

Image via Wikimedia Commons