12-Year-Old Calls Out Cop For Parking on the Sidewalk [VIDEO]

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Now that nearly everyone has video cameras in their pocket, videos of police doing (or failing to do) their jobs has become a staple on YouTube. Some citizens will even go so far as to test police by aggressively asserting their rights on camera, and now it seems that young adults are getting in on the action of holding the police accountable.

A 12-year-old that identifies himself as Jeremy Drew last year approached a Las Vegas police officer to question him about parking on the sidewalk. The video, which was posted in September 2012, now has over 3.1 million YouTube views.

In the video, the officer can be seen returning to his motorcycle with some sort of iced beverage in-hand. Drew asks him if there is some sort of emergency which would justify his parking on the sidewalk, then asks for the officer's badge number. The officer refuses repeatedly and eventually drives off.

(Via BoingBoing)

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