12-year-old Abandoned By Airline Crew

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Usually when parents send their child on a lone flight, they're not too worried because most airlines do a wonderful job of watching that child and making sure he or she gets to their destination, but that's not what happened to a 12-year-old girl by the name of Jordan.

According to Jordan's mom, Flybe airlines abandoned her daughter while she was taking a flight from Aberdeen, Scotland to Exeter, England, and the airline even mixed up Jordan's passport with another traveling child's.

The 12-year-old was taking the trip to visit family members during her holiday break, and it was supposed to be a non-stop flight. However, the plane stopped in Manchester, England instead, and she was made to find her own way.

Sadly, Jordan got lost on her way to the gate, and when she did arrive she wasn't allowed to board due to having the wrong passport.

Alice Papiransky, Jordan's mom, said she was shocked when she received a message from her daughter about being stuck in Manchester.

"To my horror I received a text message from my daughter when she landed in Manchester, which alerted me that something was wrong," wrote Papiransky in a complaint letter to the airline.

"When I called her she was very distraught, upset and sobbing uncontrollably. My daughter explained that she was travelling to Exeter and had not expected to change flights."

For some reason Jordan was never escorted to the gate of the next plane, she was merely told where to go, but eventually, after paperwork was drawn up, she was able to board the next flight.

"My daughter was issued with a letter that enabled her to proceed on the Exeter flight, since Aberdeen Flybe failed to give my daughter the correct paperwork, and was able to proceed through boarding pass control by eye recognition only, again unaccompanied," Papiransky wrote.

Flybe has since issued a statement and said they're currently "investigating the incident" and they've been speaking with Papiransky regularly.

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