106 mph Winds Reported In Britain


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Those who do not believe that climate change is real should take a close look at Britain's recent weather patterns. Not only has Britain been hit with torrential rain that has led to severe flooding in many areas, but wind speeds were reported at 106 mph during recent storms.

The wind left devastation similar to what a tornado would leave behind. Trees were uprooted and had fallen over on cars and homes. Large trucks and heavy structures were tossed around Britain's streets and many homes were destroyed or severely damaged.

Many highways and roadways had to be closed because of storm damage. In some areas, the roads were covered in debris and broken into pieces. Train travel has also been halted for the time being, as trees and other debris have fallen on the tracks and are yet to be removed.

The rains have caused rivers and streams to flood as well, making travel even more difficult and also ruining homes, businesses and vehicles. Britain has been dealing with bad weather since December and 2014 has been the wettest year on record since 1766.

Britain's Met Office, the nation's weather agency, released a statement about the weather and have blamed it on global warming and climate change. The statement was published in a paper this weekend and said,

"There is no definitive answer" on the role played by climate change in the recent weather and floods. But there is an increasing body of evidence that extreme daily rainfall rates are becoming more intense, probably due to a warming world."

A climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University agreed with the report saying,

"The bottom line is this: we are indeed now seeing with our very eyes the impacts of climate change on severe weather, record heat, drought, more intense hurricane activity, the only question at this point is how far downstream this treacherous torrent we are going to paddle."

Regardless of what is causing Britain's bad weather, residents are worried that it will continue for many months and are not sure how to protect their homes and other property from future storms.

What do you think is the cause of the bad weather?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.