007 Legends' First Mission Takes Us To Space In Moonraker


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Remember when Activision announced 007 Legends last month? If not, just know that it's a movie tie-in for the new Bond film, Skyfall, which incidentally just received its first trailer. It's more than just a movie tie-in, however, as it also contains levels based on six classic Bond films. The first film revealed today in the new trailer is one of my favorites - Moonraker.

The trailer features the first mission in the game which will be set on the space station featured in Moonraker. It's a little more action packed then I remember, but you have to make sure things stay chaotic in a big budged first-person shooter.

Unfortunately, it looks like Daniel Craig will be playing the role of Bond in all the classic films alongside his appearance in the Skyfall mission. While I can understand the need for continuity within the game, I hope there's an option to play as Roger Moore and Sean Connery in the classic levels.

The rest of the level seems pretty faithful to the film with the environments and kooky space costumes matching up to how I remember them from the original film. I'm most excited about the encounter with Jaws, but he has always been my favorite Bond villain since I was a small boy watching the movies with my father.

All in all, the first trailer gives me hope that the next Bond game will at least be fun if not anything more. It seems to be packing in all the fan service that long time Bond fans will love while potentially drawing in new fans who are more interested in the last few Daniel Craig films.

Check out the trailer below and see for yourself. Kotaku reports that Activision will be releasing a new trailer each month leading up to the game's release on October 16. Each trailer will take a look at one of the films being adapted for the game. Here's hoping for a level based on From Russia With Love.