Zynga Set To Release English Countryside Expansion Pack for FarmVille

By: Jeremy Muncy - March 11, 2011

Zynga has announced an expansion pack to it’s wildly successful FarmVille game, in hopes to lure back some users. The social gaming company is set to unleash FarmVille English Countryside sometime over the next few weeks.

If all goes as planned, this expansion pack could return the game to its past glory as the game with the largest and most profitable audience in the world, according to GamesBeat.

FarmVille’s user base peaked a year ago with about 83 million, since then the social game has been in steady decline. It should be noted that Zynga was busy with launching two other insanely popular games, CityVille and FrontierVille.

Do you think this expansion will return FarmVille to past glory? Tell us what you think.

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  • sue

    i cant wait for the new english country style farmville to start when is it going to be released on facebook farmville im looking forward to it alot i already love the first farmville but this second one will just makes things heaps better

  • http://farmville.com Sharon Craig

    I have been playing farmville for over a year and at level 110. I think Zynga should use the input of some of the real players to improve farmville . . . like 1. fix the existing problems before they add new features or a new farm. 2. Remove the 200 item limit, it is not the players fault that the game allows third parties to access their game to install snagbars. 3. Remove farmville from facebook. The biggest fear players have is the English Countryside is going to have the same (many) problems that they already have on Farmville.

    • http://www.farmville.com/zygna Frances Williamson

      I agree whole hearted with you, people wouldn’t quit if they would just fix the problems in the original game. I have also been playing this game for over a year now, and have lost alot of my friends for the very same reason as you state. With over 300 friends less than half have quit playing this game due to the glitches and problems, so please Zygna & Facebook get your heads together and fix the problems and glitches, then yoou might see more players!!

  • http://www.farmville.com/zygna Frances Williamson

    The Englisg Country side will be great if it doesn’t have all the problems that the original Farmville has. People love the game; but hate to deal with all the problems and glitches that are in the game!! It becomes a headache and aggreviation when you can’t post your results due to cross site scripting, losing gifts, gifts not being sent to ones that are friends and then they can’t get them. Also hatae when my game freezes up or they are constantly out of sync when on our it the game is going fine then all of sudden in the middle of a transaction you have to refresh. Please make sure all the bugs are fixed before it is put out for us to get feed up because nothing has changed except the name!! it is also aggreviating when you can’t see the game feeds!! Thanks for accepting our opinions and trying to better the game.

    • leeann

      cant waite till this comes out .i love farmville i just hope you can use coins for stuff not only cash …

      • http://www.farmville.com/zygna Frances Williamson

        I agree Leeann, seems like more and more things are requiring cash instead of coins!! Cash wouldn’t be so bad if the items weren’t costly to buy. to me anything over 25FCash is too much!! Even if I could afford to purchase more Fcash, buy a item for 80 FCash is totally unreal, so I would spend my FV Cash for the larger items, or then I couldn’t afford anything else. Either make it easier to gain FV Cash for free or make more things unique available for coins!!

  • yolanda aguilar

    I can’t wait for English Countryside to start,as,i really enjoy Farmville,except I hope this program will not have alot of glitches making it impossible to enjoy.I hope one doesn’t have to have a million neighbors to expand their farm nor have to pay just to aquirre items like Farmville.

  • irene buenemann

    I Irene want to play on the new version of farmville english countryside, but know how to get accepted or started????

  • irene buenemann

    I Irene want to play on the new version of farmville english countryside, but I don’t know how to get accepted or started????

    • irene buenemann


      • cindy wilson

        When will this new adventure start.
        Regards Cindy

  • http://farmville Paula

    I was one of first people to get to do all the steps to get to english countryside …..but I have not even been able to get to see my other farm it keeps sayin game is out of sync….if you could check into that ….it would be helpful

    • Farmville Freak

      Out of sync, just like the original game.

  • Becky Webber Jones

    A lot of users are disappointed with only being able to do one farm at a time, all our money comes from farmville, very frustrating, no one wants to let our original farms sit there dormant and have to wait longer to collect stuff while trying to establish the english farm, also there is a problem with being able to receive and send gifts, there is alot of us who have over 100 neighbors, so trying to send and receive stuff is hard, they need to let us do both farms and not leave one dormant, and allow more gifts to be given with people who have alot of neighbors and two farms,It is just making everyone mad and frustrated, Im thinking of giving up my english farm, I dont want to lose the time on farmville just to start the english farm, I think people will quit this game because of that.

    • wold home

      my sentiments exactly

      • Michael Wagner

        same here

  • wold home

    Tell me how to get rid of this money sucking section [english countryside] from my farmville game

    • Juliekozan

      I am on an iPad… Why can,t I get the English countryside farm,, I would like to have it but nothing popped up fr me…why??? Please help… Julie Kozan….

  • Michael Wagner

    same here, wold home! I want to get rid of the English Farm. Not only that everything is dark and ugly, nobody told us that the other farm will be on pause – no matter where we are. Nobody told us that we won´t have a separate / bigger giftbox for all the stuff we´re supposed to collect. So that is what we got after all the ado and announcements? And Zynga really thinks this will bring back players? Bwahahahahahaha! It´s just a shot in the knee …

  • Delenia

    Do not like the English Countryside. Enjoyed Farmville as it was. At this rate, I will only work Farmville or maybe not at all.

    • Michael Wagner

      Max. 10 % of my neighbors are playing with the English farm, that makes 90 % that don´t like it

  • Karen

    No, I don’t believe it will return FV to it’s glory days. Do they think new players will come just to play on a second farm after they pass level 20? Because otherwise it’s the same players playing on one farm or another. What’s next, a farm in Japan? Dubai? Siberia?
    Sending out emails promising if you go to your second farm today you’ll be rewarded with 20 free FV cash and then not receiving it doesn’t help either.
    I actually came here hoping you could tell me how to delete this expansion pack.

    • Michael Wagner

      same here, I just want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Would´nt be surprised if they were not thinking of this reaction and have no plan now. Hope they´re working on a solution for people that want to remove the second farm. Would be also great if there was a separate board for posts from people that took on the English farm. Out of 100 neighbors there are only 10 people playing, but it really nerves that they send vehicle parts because they need some, beg for bottles etc. and post bushels nobody need.

      • Michael Wagner

        forgot to add, best would be if they would cut off the English section and create a separate community just for those players. They don´t produce anything for one of the regular FarmVille businesses (spa, winery, bakery), means their stuff is useless for the majority of players.

  • Rachelle