Zara on Apology Tour over ‘Concentration Camp’ Kids Shirt

    August 27, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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Spanish retailer Zara is in full-on apology tour mode after pulling an item from its online store that, well, lacked a bit of cultural sensitivity.

This shirt, seen below, was available for purchase in Zara’s kids’ collection. The long-sleeved t-shirt was pulled late Tuesday after people began making a rather sinister connection.

A striped shirt with a big, yellow six-pointed star on the breast? What’s the problem…

Oh. Right.

The shirt (since removed from the online store) was described as a “striped sheriff t-shirt.”

And that’s the line Zara’s holding in the many apologies the company has been issuing via Twitter:

It’s amazing to think about how many levels of approval this had to go through, and how it still made it through. Also, what the hell kind of sheriff has ever worn a shirt like that?