Yahoo Taps David Pogue To Lead Tech Coverage

    October 21, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Yahoo announced on Monday that well-known tech columnist, author and TV host David Pogue is joining the company to lead the expansion of its consumer tech coverage.

Pogue will publish columns, blog posts and video stories about gadgets, apps and other technology on a new Yahoo site.

CEO Marissa Mayer blogged about the news on Tumblr, saying, “Yahoo is in a unique position to bring to life great editorial about the technology consumers are using every day. David is tremendously talented, has a great sense of humor, and is gifted at explaining technology. He also just happens to be one of the nicest and most positive people I’ve met. He has always been one of my favorite journalists, and I can’t think of a better person to make technology more accessible and helpful for the hundreds of millions of people who come to Yahoo every day.”

Pogue has been a bestselling author and Emmy-winning television personality, writing for the New York Times and penning various iPhone, Windows and Mac books. He has been a correspondent on CBS Sunday Morning and hosts NOVA ScienceNow on PBS.

Mayer shared this NYT video from Pogue, illustrating what she calls ” a taste of the humor, irreverence and know-how that David brings to Yahoo.”

“Yahoo is a company that’s young, revitalized, aggressive and, under Marissa Mayer’s leadership, razor-focused,” Pogue said. “We all thrive on new experiences, and as someone who loves to build cool new stuff, I’m excited to jump in head first.”

This follows a move Yahoo announced last month, adding New York Times deputy news editor Megan Liberman as the new editor in chief at Yahoo News.

Image: David Pogue

  • Donna

    Pogue says, “we all thrive on new experiences…” This is not true for seniors or people with disabilities. New experiences tend to increase frustration and stress, and often causes increases in blood pressure, disability symptoms, etc.

  • Robert Maidment-Wilson

    “We all thrive on new experiences, and as someone who loves to build cool new stuff, I’m excited to jump in head first.”

    Speak for yourself! Millions of (rapidly becoming former)users of Yahoo! Groups and Yahoo!Mail would disagree with you.

    • Nunya


      Yahoo soon to be major wasteland. Neo has killed Yahoo while its CEO poses for pictures. That is what “innovation” is all about according to them. Stupid, vain, heartless weasels.

  • AndySeales

    I underscore the sentiment expressed by the previous message.
    Under the current management,long time members, including our men and women returning from tour of duty in Afghanistan,suddenly found their email accounts closed because of inactivity and sold for $1.99.
    So goes your comment of management being young.More like heartless.

    How you can call some of the so called improvements at Yahoo a revitalization when because of the roll-out of NEO groups and mail,hundreds of loyal Yahoo group owners disbanded their groups affecting nearly two million users? Mail? I am considering dropping my ten year email account.
    Aggressive and razor-sharp?
    Look at the stock market trends.Do a GOOGLE search on Yahoo groups.Take an account of how many Yahoo supporters this aggressiveness and run off. Read the words of others across the internet.Yahoo is rotting from within.

  • Gesine

    OK, David Pogue —

    1) Do you have the chops and the guts, to really look at the fiasco yahoo has created, by imposing the “new improved” Neo format, on yahoo groups?

    rather than just telling all of us group owners and moderators,
    too bad, you’re just resisting change, you’ll love it when you get used to it.

    Hundreds and thousands of us have written detailed accounts of the many ways that Neo format does NOT work, for people using the classic yahoo groups.

    2) We keep hearing that the classic format exists “underneath” Neo, and from a lot of events, this does seem to be true.

    Why not give us the OPTION, of using groups, in classic format?
    have the default be Neo, but give us the option.

    3) Many of yahoo’s oldest groups, dating from before yahoo ate several entities, are service-oriented, teaching, groups, like ones involved in human disabilities, cat rescue, etc. These groups tend to use the classic format Files, Photos, Links, sections, and tend to want the classic format of how one sees and responds to the group’s messages.

    We have spent over 13 years, writing the content that is in the Files and archived messages of millions of yahoo groups — and that is what lets yahoo make money off of ads.

    Please demonstrate your intelligence, your chops, and give us the option of seeing yahoo groups in classic format rather than Neo.