Yahoo Launches Yelp Integration For Local Search

    March 12, 2014
    Chris Crum
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We heard last month that Yahoo and Yelp were teaming up to add local business reviews to Yahoo’s local search results. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer reportedly revealed the partnership in an employee meeting. These things never stay inside the company.

Anyhow, both companies have now announced the partnership and integration. When Yahoo users in the U.S. look up local businesses, they’ll see user reviews, business information, and star ratings from Yelp as well as photos from Yelp, other partners, and the businesses themselves.

“At Yahoo, we’re always looking to build great partnerships to provide a richer experience for our users,” says Anand Chandrasekaran, Senior Director, Product Management at Yahoo. “That’s why we’re especially fired up to add trusted user content from Yelp, bringing more business listings, more photos, and more reviews to the recently-refreshed Local Search and Yahoo Maps experiences. With information and photos for retail chains, mom and pop shops, spas, doctors and hospitals, restaurants, and more, Yelp is a welcome addition to our roster of local content partners.”

“With local searches making up about 25% of Yahoo’s search traffic, the demand for reliable local information is high, and we’re excited to make this experience even richer for Yahoo users,” says Mike Ghaffary, Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at Yelp. “Across all categories of local business, from dog groomers and day spas to nightclubs and burger joints, trusted content from Yelp’s vibrant community of locals will help Yahoo users decide where to spend their money.”

Both companies consider Yelp reviews to be “trusted,” and perhaps they are by many, but it has become clear that there are also quite a few businesses and consumers that don’t exactly trust what they read on the site. This week, we reported on none other than Andrew Zimmern blasting the site and its reviews. We also hear from businesses all the time (see the comments sections of most of our Yelp articles) that they don’t care for Yelp, often saying it hurts them more than helps them. Yelp itself, also continues to deal with the never-ending problem of fake reviews.

Yelp currently has over 53 million reviews.

Image via Yelp

  • Boycott Yelp

    Business owners that pay yelp’s extortion fees of $300-$1200 a month are fooling themselves and feeding into the Fear of 1 star fake reviews.

    Yelp is a joke.
    Just by the name , Yelp is a negative word and people love to watch and listen to negative things about other people. These negative people feed off negative news & reviews and pass on negative to others.. This is why there’s more negative people because of sites such as this .
    Why doesn’t Yelp have a Yelp account so we can all review Yelp !

    Are you one who complains and gripes about everything even though its not true at the expense of other people and you will do whatever it takes for people to believe your lies? Yelp helps spread lies. This whole site is a BIG LIE. Just STOP going to this site already.

    Yelp’s alert warning is worthless because they don’t remove the fake reviews (positive and negative) and then they remove the alerts after 90 days. That’s dumb.

    Why doesn’t Yelp have a Yelp account so we can all review Yelp !

    Better yet, why don’t we just boycott Yelp and stop going on this fake review site.

  • Condo President

    Yelp – Sucks if you don’t pay them all your positive reviews get filtered. I stop using yelp all together after every positive review gets filtered. I’ve told my customers to use other platforms to leave reviews.

    I built up solid reviews on yahoo local, and now their gone “WTF”, just to integrate yelp reviews.

    Boycott Yelp!!!

  • DeletedReviewsWithIntegration

    Recently our 19 hard earned reviews have been deleted from Yahoo with the integration with Yelp. I reported it to both Yahoo and Yelp with no luck on a solution. Yahoo finally escalated the issue and Yelp simply sent a canned response about automated software that deletes reviews. Hows does Yelp delete Yahoo reviews? This leads me to believe that Yahoo doesn’t care about small business. I have paid for an enhanced listing for quite a while and even tried their Localworks. Sadly I will be migrating citation monitoring and syncing to another provider. I am considering Moz.com for local citation syncing.