Yahoo Kills Messenger In Yahoo Mail Classic

    March 22, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Yahoo announced today in a help forum that it is shutting down Yahoo Messenger in Yahoo Mail Classic. The company writes:

At Yahoo!, we’re focused on making your daily habits more inspiring and entertaining. That means we’re constantly reviewing our products and experiences and in some cases, have to make tough decisions to no longer support a product.

After much thought, we have decided to shut down Messenger in Yahoo! Mail Classic by March 22, 2013. This means that you will no longer be able to send IMs to your contacts from Yahoo! Mail Classic.

Yahoo suggests that you upgrade to the new Yahoo Mail, where Mesenger continues to be available or use the Yahoo Messenger client.

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    • Raj Patel

      I am having lots of problem trying to get to my user Friendly Yahoo Mail Classic. Each time I try to get to my Yahoo emails via Messenger I get directed to several web search sites… and…when I get to Yahoo Mail its something different and irritating.. Why can’t I get my Old Yahoo Mail Classic Back…

  • Ed

    The reason people use classic is the new version will not work on all systems like older ones. The alternative client version also will not work. This was a thoughtless change and pushes users to other mail sources. Bad move, they need to attract customers not force the new versions on them when they are not compatible.

  • David

    I do not usually respond to these things. You would think YAHOO MAIL was the cure for all ills. Give US and YAHOO a break! Some of us will ” fiddle as your Rome burns”! Yeah, I know what the real problem is-it might take
    you a nano-second for you to IM!

  • Richard

    I work in a third world country and the “NEW” and wonderful Yahoo Mail does not work only the Mail Classic works with the internet available here. Whatever happened to customer service with Yahoo? I have written before about this to Yahoo only to be totally ignored and never answered. I have another e-mail account the “slick” yahoo e-mail that I can only check on maybe every three or four day.

  • George

    I concur with comments by Richard, Ed and John. I prefer using yahoo classic mail over Gmail, which I don’t find as being user friendly.

  • mham

    force an aging population to switch to the new version. what a stupid way to lose customers.

  • havri


  • http://yahoo mary

    what did you do my mom is 85 on the computer with her friendsfrom yahoo none of then can figure it out i guess you do not care 14 friends and my mom will switch to a better email

  • meiself

    Good, this had to be the worst messenger around and the fact that ANYONE could simply write you at your email, really made it a huge security risk… I complained for years about it. Funny they wait until I leave for gmail that they finally make changes… Maybe try being a bit more proactive and not so late to react in the future Yahoo.

  • http://yahoo Nadine Ratcliff

    I agree with all that formerly has been said. I do not like the new version. It has everything changed around! Took awhile just to find the forward button and also had to look for the sign out! Nothing I can say except I wish they would have left Yahoo mail and Messenger alone. My Messenger is something else now as well. I lost the one game that I loved to play. No games are showing now.

  • http://www.dailythoroughbredforecast.com Phil

    Your New Purple mail stinks to put it mildly

  • Ron Schiebel

    I wrote to you over a year ago when I LOST MY CLASSIC mail.You gave it back to me.I was so grateful and so were my Grandchildren and now great grandchildren.Its happened again .I am now 77 years
    old and a routien is important and I am pleading to you to PLEASE PLEASE give me back the good old routien classic mail.You can check the original mail I wrote and my sincere thanks for letting me keep th classic back then. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.One more time.
    Thank you, Ron Schiebel,

  • Ron Schiebel

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Return my Classic.Ive written before and you did ,now im pleading again You can read my original mail ,I am serious.I HAVE GRANDKIDS and now great grandkids and i need to let them wirte to family,and each other We are all totally comitted to The Claccic mail. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

    • David H.

      Hi Ron,

      I have written a simple way back to Yahoo Classic on here, I hope this helps.

      Best regards,
      Dave H.

  • Barbara Z.

    I found a way to go back to classic which I love. Follow the instructions in this link for more information http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120807102835AA3zXEf

    Bottom line is disable java script in your options. The new yahoo mail requires java script and without it offers you the opportunith to go back to classic. I did that and got this link to classic… http://us.mc1635.mail.yahoo.com/mc/welcome?ymv=0

  • Kathy Barber

    Give us back Classic! IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT!!!

  • Jack

    I agree with most of the above, please give us back yahoo classic. When you people want to improve something, why do you have to change the whole format, I DONT LIKE THE NEW YAHOO. Am looking for a new e-mail site.

  • http://Firefox Glenn hOLMES

    You did a bad thing when you made this change. Older people, like myself, 78, have problems with change.
    You are forcing me to seek a more user friendly Website. If you will reinstate, I would prefer to stay with Mail Classic. Please reinstate me to Mail Classic.


    • David H.

      Hi Glenn

      I have written a simple way to get back to Yahoo Classic, hope it helps.

      Dave H.

  • Janet Milller

    I just find it weird. It’s not like an upgrade at all. It’s slower. Certain functions don’t happen automatically – like the option to delete or move an email once it’s been replied to. Things don’t disappear as fast when you delete them. Things have just been awkwardly re-arranged without any particular improvement to them. I liked the old classic – was perfectly happy with it. This seems like we’ve gone years back in time actually – to old outdated very slow formats. Is it still in process – i kept thinking it was a temporary glitch that would get fixed. Finally searched for news – and found this page. I take it this means Beta is long gone too – seeing as that option no longer is listed either – altho i never wanted it particularly. I don’t like gmail at all, that’s why i don’t use it. i have a gmail address so i can make free phone calls and for back-up. but that’s all. i almost never use it. );

    • Janet Milller

      Oh yeah – and also – what’s with having to re-log in at constant intervals too. This can’t be the final version. What in the world???

    • David H.

      Hi Janet,

      I have written a simple way back to Yahoo Classic, hope this helps.

      Dave H.

  • David H.

    Discontinuing the Instant Messenger on Yahoo Classic is such a bad move, not to mention bad business practice. I have been contacted by so many people asking is there an alternative because the New Yahoo Mail is so full of Whistles and Bells that it not only makes it complicated (especially for the older folk), it also slows down the machines considerably and people are trying to avoid it like the plague. Neither do most people want to use the separate YH messenger that incorporates cameras and audio for fear of clicking the wrong thing – So looks like a mass exodus in on the cards. It makes me wonder how much advertising revenue will be lost. Mind boggles at such a silly move. .

  • I.M. Brute

    I want my Classic back! I created my account in 1998 and have been perfectly happy with it all these years.
    This new mail is horrible!

    • tinkerbell

      You can still get Clssic. To me, it is much better than the New ATT Yahoo email. Unfortunately, on March 22, 2013, Classic removed Instant Messenger, which I used alot. I am still trying to find a way to do Instant Message while using Classic.

      Go to the top of your mail. Click on Account, or another one, I can’t remember. There will be a drop down to go back to Classic. Click.

  • Melissa. K

    I can’t access my Messenger either…one day I log in it the classic version- then I log in again at another time and now this version takes over and I lost most of everything. Thanks yahoo- if this doesn’t change within the year you have lost another customer- at least with hotmail they will offer a new version, if you don’t want it you have the the option to refuse yet I had no choice here like I did with Microsoft…thanks alot.

  • David H.

    Seems that many people are angry and missing the old Yahoo Mail Classic, you really don’t have to, even if you already have the new one. . There is a simple remedy. .

    On your start up screen (that is to say without any sites open)

    1. Change your screen resolution –
    On windows7 you simply right click the mouse.
    On windows XP,- Click = ‘Start’ = Click = ‘My Computer’ = Click ‘Change a Setting’ = Double Click = ‘Display’ = Click = ‘Settings’ –
    You will see a Screen resolution box with a sliding bar (NOTE DOWN WHERE IT IS SET NOW I.E. 1280×960 pixels (Or whatever yours is)) Now slide that bar to it’s lowest setting 800×600 pixels and – Click ‘Apply’ *** YOU WILL FIND THAT YOUR ICONS AND TYPE HAVE BECOME VERY LARGE, PLEASE DON’T WORRY IT’S NOT HURTING YOUR COMPUTER ***

    2. Open your Yahoo Email and their system will detect your low resolution and tell you that your system is not compatible with this version of Yahoo Mail and would you like to go to Classic Yahoo – Click Yes and when it has changed ‘sign out’ and you have fooled the system.

    3. Go back to your screen resolution and reset the to the numbers that you noted down – Unless of course you want to adjust them a little so that they suit your personal preferences.

    I have done this for people many times and indeed I still run Yahoo Classic on Windows7. I have seen it banded about that you need to disable this, that and the other. This is nonsense you don’t need to disable anything – The only major drawback is that Classic have discontinued the Instant messenger, a silly and bad business move methinks –

    Hope this helps (Don’t forget to note down your original pixel settings) and all will be well – Love to hear back, Dave.

    • Raj Patel

      I tried your idea of changing Resolution…but…I am afraid It didn’t work for me… I am still frustrated with this New Yahoo Mail… I am not a whiz kid at 74…
      I hope Yahoo people are reading these frustration from so many devoted people.
      Hoping someone wakes up and sort this sick Yahoo Mail for the Better and More user friendly as Yahoo Classic

  • Carl d

    I tell you what, I think yahoo does this to p o folks, I don’t like the new yahoo, never did,NEVER WILL now they take away the messenger, I have’nt heard anything good about new mail, from folks that had old mail, I know, they’ve made away to make money off the new one, by storage, an the size of an e-mail you send, they ought to figure how to with the old mail, I guess if there comes a day I can’t find yahoo classic I’ll go strickly to G-mail, with video talk… LOL….

  • John

    Yahoo has been slipping for years and the only answer they ever come up with is to take things away from users.