Xbox One or Playstation 4- Which Hot Holiday Item Will You Buy?


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If you haven't already started your holiday shopping, now is the time. New products like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are hitting the shelves and prices on a variety of hot items are dropping. Some shoppers are finding it hard to choose between these two consoles and the game console war is already raging in most stores.

Gamers may already know the difference between the consoles and if you are a hardcore Xbox fan, you will probably buy the Xbox One console, while PlayStation fans will likely go for the PS4. But before you go with brand loyalty, there are few more things you should consider when choosing the right game console to put under your Christmas tree this year.

The most popular feature of the Xbox One is its ability to understand voice commands. If you have to leave in a hurry, you can turn it off as you walk out of the room. If you get a phone call or the doorbell rings and you need to pause it for a minute, just say the word. This console also offers a variety of entertainment features including streaming videos with Netflix and video chat with Skype. The Xbox One is more than just a gaming console, it is an entertainment console.

The PlayStation 4 is all about gaming. While it doesn't offer all of the same entertainment features as the Xbox One, its focus on gaming really shows. Some of the popular features of the PlayStation 4 include game play broadcasting and the ability to share videos and photos of your game play on Facebook. The PlayStation 4 console also seems to have a larger variety of games.

If you still can't decide which console to buy, why not pick up both. There are some great deals on both consoles during Black Friday and their prices will likely drop as Christmas gets closer.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.