Woman Fired for Boston Marathon Costume [IMAGE]

    November 4, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Yes, Halloween has been over for four days. No, there isn’t any shortage of awful costumes that are making headlines. This costume might not be quite as offensive as the Trayvon Martin costume that outraged many people, but it’s close. Really close. A Michigan woman, Alicia Ann Lynch, came under fire after posting a photo of her tasteless costume on Twitter–she went as a Boston Marathon bombing victim.

Not only did the 22-year-old woman think that dressing as a Boston Marathon victim was a good idea, she wore the costume to work. According to BuzzFeed, Lynch has since lost her job. Check out the costume Lynch posted to her Twitter account below. The account, @SomeSkankinMI (yes, that’s her real handle) has since been suspended, but once it’s on the Internet, forever it stays, right?


The smiling young woman is dressed as a marathon runner, complete with open wounds and blood trickling down her legs. Lynch received a flurry of Twitter posts condemning her costume, as should be expected. Post your thoughts below.

Things went downhill for Lynch after one enterprising Twitter poster discovered that the young woman had posted a copy of her driver’s license on her profile, complete with her home address. After that, someone else found some nude photos and videos containing Lynch on Tumblr, which they quickly circulated.

NY Daily News managed to get a screen capture of some posts made from Lynch’s account regarding the costume before her account was suspended:


Once Lynch’s private information was made public, she says that she has received death threats for her costume choice. “I’ve had voicemails where they want to slit my throat and they want to hang me and tear off my face,” Lynch said. “I’m just like, I don’t even know how to respond to this right now.”

Lynch’s parents are also receiving threats. Lynch said that someone told her parents “they’re going to blow up her house and hang her child.” Lynch feels really bad for her parents because they had nothing to do with her Boston Marathon bombing victim costume. “My family didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t live with them. And they’re all getting dragged into this for something I did.”

While the young woman did apologize, she still doesn’t think what she did was that bad. “Honestly, it’s the Day of the Dead,” she says. “I wasn’t a dead person, I wasn’t being disrespectful. I was a survivor of a marathon. And it’s not like I was walking around with a fake leg or my arm torn off or something like that.”

[Images via All Michigan Live and NY Daily News]

  • David Lerma

    She is an idiot. I don’t know why she would ever think it would be okay to dress like that. However, anybody threatening death to her or her parents is a crazy idiot.

  • Kodirotti Rotti

    I like her costume and she is right, Halloween is the day of the dead. People seem to not mind zombies and skeletons walking around, but are they not just as “tasteless”, which is really in the eye of the beholder. After all, I can see where a skeleton would be just the same to the last WTC body as her costume is to the Boston thing.

    • URaDumbwhore

      WOOOOW you like her costume. how fucking dumb are you because in order for u to like that costume you either are just too dumb to understand how crazy it is or ur a fucking terrorist r u going to support the fuck heads who did it too u dumb cunt. Im from boston and this horrible incident affected soo many of my family and friends . People are just so fucking dumb and ignorant. U STUPID CUNT

      • Richard

        You’re right, the bombing did impact Boston by stripping away the the 4th amendment, unlawfully entering peoples homes without a warrant. Someone’s been watching too much Fox News.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    Internet bullies at it’s finest. If she commits sucicide, everyone who bullied her online needs to be locked up in jail. It’s a free country and you can dress whatever you want. In fact, next year, I’m going to a hospice home dressed up as the greamreaper.

    • rob

      wow you are a fucking piece of shit trying to justify her actions. just because it’s a free country doesn’t make what she did right. You are a fucking tool

      • dudeman

        Keep cursing, rob. Next you’re going to threaten him! Go on, you know you wanna…

        No one needs to ‘justify’ her actions; people, though do need to control their reactions, which is the danger of the semi-anonymous but not really Internet.

        Was it insensitive? Yes. Did she not think that at any point anything she says or posts online can blow up (pun intented) and become viral good or bad? Nope. Does that justify you calling some random poster a ‘fucking piece of shit’…Nope. Just because it’s a free country doesn’t make what you did right.

    • koolyouth

      You people who keep saying stuff like “it’s a free country” don’t really understand what that means….SHE’S NOT IN JAIL, AND SHE HASN’T BEEN FINED!!! Your employed at will and your job CAN limit free speech and expression in their work place. I addition they have a legal obligation to act on situations where offensive behavior is present. What’s really messed up is that now they may prohibit ANYONE from wearing a costume to the office next year! So next year when someone get’s all pissed off because they can’t wear their “scarecrow” costume, remember this byotch!!

  • Picatrix

    It’s just a costume. Perhaps a little tasteless, but creative nonetheless. Do you people EVER get weary of being offended over EVERYTHING???

    • notintheface

      What you said ^

  • croatian

    Insensitive? yes, but its freaking Halloween, give some grief and move on. Fired over this i don’t think so, it wasn’t racist or anything just insensitive. Based on her comments this isn’t why she did it, but she could have wanted to bring attention to the bombing. As we are Americans we instantly forget about these things after they happen. I would love the people who sent death threats go to jail, as they are just as insensitive.

  • Leave the Girl Alone

    Leave the girl alone. It was a mistake. Just poor judgement. It amazes me how many people think they are perfect and never made a mistake and want to ruin people’s lives. If I followed around anyone for a day, I could find something to be offended by. What I find most offensive is that everyone wants to ruin people’s lives over simple mistakes or errors in judgement.

    In fact, the “good patriotic” people making the death threats are the actual problems. Those people are disgusting. Go ahead, have those people as your friends. Just don’t come crying to me when you do something wrong and they turn on you.

  • The High and Mighty

    We are selectively moral in this nation. Yeah, we are outraged that a girl wears a Halloween costume we don’t like. We fire her. Threaten her family. Threaten her. Over a Halloween costume.

    Yet, our bombs have killed thousands of innocent people overseas as we fight useless wars that really serve no purpose. Nothing has changed and in fact, things have gotten worse. Yesterday, over 3,000 babies were aborted. Many were literally sucked apart. Hands, feet, arms, and fingers can be found in waste bags.

    Yet, our problem is with a woman who wore a bad Halloween costume because it offended us.

  • Robert Gore

    Lmao…. People are condemning this woman’s actions by threatening her life… as well as her parents?! She’s wearing offensive clothes…. she didn’t murder anyone. Also, you pieces of shit weren’t this outraged about the bomber being front and center of a magazine.

    People are wanting her dead and asking about her mental state?!

    Please… get a fucking life.

    • dudeman

      Even none of the colthing by itself was offensive…it was only the context. You wear that same outfit in Europe and people wouldn’t bat an eye. Then again, try to make fun of Putin in Russia and either get radiation posioning or thrown in jail.

  • dudeman

    IMO she kinda caved when doing something tasteless. It blew back on her, but I wished she would have posted the threats and gotten someone technologically savvy to dig up the dirt on those people. Granted, she’s not the poster child of thinking before posting something on the Internet, but it would have been the perfect opportunity to ruin some trolls lives along with hers.

  • Rob Stanton

    Yes, there really are some idiots in America. In this case, it is everyone who thinks what this girl did was wrong.

    Are you people that stupid?

    Zombies really are walking around – a stupid populace who thinks this girl should have been fired.

    If I was her, I’d be launching a million dollar lawsuit against the employer.

    As for you idiots who think the Boston Marathon event was NOT staged by government agents – go drink your fluoride, eat your GMO and shut up!!!

    • dudeman

      If only I knew where you live…would totally dress up as a FEMA agent and seriously scare the fuck outta you…

  • 2crudedudes

    I guess free speech isn’t a right.

    • dudeman

      It isn’t, as the ‘right’ only applies to public places. She certainly didn’t realize it, and nor do the trolls who also deserve to have their information and naked photos leaked.

      Your right to swing your arms ends at my face…now of course whether or not I chose to swing back in my perogative. If we say offensive consequences justify death threats (from wussies that won’t carry it out and also deserve to be ridiculed on the Internet), then I say a death threat is worth a response.

      The Internet thrives on abusing people that fuck and but can’t take the heat. The only way to survive is to fire back and expose the bigotry that the trolls hold.

  • Sovereignty Soldier

    This is such contrived anger! Why would this motivate someone to comment or threaten her when you are far too lazy to look into it all much deeper and see who is really to blame. Too many red flags usually clues in logical people to a deception but not my fluoridated countrymen.
    1. Isn’t it a little suspicious that we never saw photos or video of bin Ladens body and that it was supposedly burried at sea which is not tradition as we were told.
    2. Isn’t it suspicious that no one but the whistleblowers were punished for Fast and Furious, the IRS use against citizens as a political weapon, and Benghazi?
    3. I find it odd that they need to tear down Sandy Hook and ship out debris(possible evidence)just like the did with 9/11 steel and with no media coverage allowed.
    4. Did Obama say you could keep your health coverage if you liked it or not? He is certainly on video at least 20 times saying exactly that, yet now he denies he said it.
    5. Isn’t it cause for suspicion when eyewitness accounts at all of the recent “mass shootings” do not align with or even back up the official story that later gets put out?
    6. Why are all of these shootings happening right after, or at the exact same time as a drill and why are the drill scenerios and the real scenerio exactly the same?

    Instead of wasting anger on an ant just like you, focus it on those whao are manipulating the world for their gain and at our expense!

    I truly believe those who spoke up and attacked this woman only did so because they think that’s what society as a whole would back and accept.
    I couldn’t care less what someone dresses up as on Halloween and with the state of the world today, neither should you.

    • dudeman


      All you need to do is call into Alex Jones show, babble something about ‘they’re coming after me’ and fire a fake gun and then watch him go insane. It’s stupidly funny. Or ask Alex about his Jewish wife…

  • nini

    you should of instead dressed as a 911 victim and jump off the building, how stupid you are! shame

    • Richard

      No, she should have dressed up like one of the Israeli Mossad agents who were dancing on the roof, holding up their lighters, and cheering when the planes hit.

  • Alan

    I’m not sure what’s more disturbing, her costume or the fact that a clueless persons parents are getting death threats because of her mistake. Or the fact that there are even death threats at all for a poor choice that harmed nobody. It really says something about humanity, and frankly I’m disgusted at the people responding moreso than the girl.

  • Richard

    So she was fired because she dresses up like a crisis actor? The bombing was a complete false flag attack.

  • Richard

    She should have just gone with a traditional Halloween costume and dressed like a whore lol.

  • Dirty Neatnik

    I think her costume was creative! People are more inclined to dress up as suicide bombers or terrorists, even zombie/dead versions of them. I do not think that she deserved to lose her job over something like this. It’s and easy fix Boss – “Hey Alicia, great costume but I think it might get a negative reaction. How about changing it up a bit?” There are other ways to go about things. People must be pretty angry with their own lives to seek her out or harass her parents. Her parents didn’t dress her like that or even take the picture. Sending death threats to her parents? And folks think HER actions are wrong?! Please. Everyone just needs to get the sand out of their vaginas and move on. And all you people calling each other stupid or dumb because your opinions are different regarding this, are extremely funny to watch. Oh and there will be nothing that any of you commenting can say to me that will either, change my opinion, offend me, anger me or get under my skin.

  • Wereallmadhere

    Moron! What did you think people would say when you posted it online for THE WORLD TO SEE!?

  • http://www.babyfu.co.nr Morgan

    This is as wrong as the ppl whom thought it would be funny to dress like Trayvon Martin.

    These people are truly unstable, and its disgusting. I wouldn’t want them around me. Its all fun and games to act like a coldhearted loser until it affects them, then its a problem, as if the families and friends of the fallen would find it comical (in addition to those of us w/ a heart).

    They need to seek help!!!

    • mathew

      you need help she’s just being herself

  • mathew

    i think its normal you guys are just stupid to judge her even though people had died so what people at the gay 9-11 died and i’m laughing my ass off cause at least she has the guts to wear that stuff i think she was just being herself to think whats funny and whats not so stop picking on her cause you guys are just judgemental