William Shatner’s Age Catches Up To Him In His Latest Fight With The Gorn

    March 29, 2013
    Zach Walton
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For an 82-year-old, William Shatner still looks incredibly young. That being said, it seems that his age is finally catching up to him. Despite that, he still holds his own against one of his oldest adversaries – the Gorn.

All of this is for the upcoming Star Trek: The Video Game. The story takes place between 2009’s Star Trek reboot and the latest film – Star Trek: Into Darkness. In the video game, Kirk and Spock must fight off a Gorn invasion.

Of course, this video only raises our collective hope that William Shatner will make a cameo in the newest game. He could prove an invaluable ally to future Kirk and Spock what with his incredible acting and charm.

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  • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

    “with his incredible acting and charm”

    Only when there are green women on the set, and I’m not talking about women of the Gorn!

  • Mark

    AWESOME!!!!! Why is not this on mainstream television?? OMG! Awesomeeee

  • Vina

    I’ve grown up with William S. I really enjoy him. hope he keeps going forever.

  • Michael Racette

    I had the honour of meeting his umm “Shatness”. It was great. It was at one of those comic book type extravaganzas and good ol Kirk appeared to be stoked that I just wanted to say hi, and not startrek him to death. He was super cool, but he is not a young man anymore. If you want to meet the original captain, I’d suggest doing it soon.