Why Facebook’s News is Great News for Your Site’s Traffic

Facebook Lubricates WoM for Content and Brands

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Facebook gave the web a lot to chew on with the announcements it made at its F8 developer conference this week. Essentially, it comes down to Facebook consuming/connecting more of the web. For more about the announcements, read this. Now it’s time to think about what it all means for businesses, and fortunately, it probably means good things. Mike Lazerow, CEO of BuddyMedia, a social marketing company that helps develop Facebook pages for about 200 brands, such as ABC, American Express, NHL, Playboy, Mattel, Geico, Samsung, and many more big names, shared some commetary about Facebook’s news with WebProNews.

How important is Facebook to your online success at this point? Discuss here.

When you look at just the announcement of Facebook’s social plugins, you can already see some obvious benefits. Facebook has over 400 million users (probably well over that by now), and by including these plugins on your site, you’re providing a direct link for them to share your content with their friends, or simply to share their fondness of your brand, and this information will not not only go to Facebook itself, but has the potential to appear in other places on the web that are part of Facebook’s "Open Graph" (see this Yelp/UrbanSpoon example). Facebook has also changed the "become a fan" button on Pages to "like". Now consider Lazerow’s points:

- "The shift from ‘Become a Fan’ to ‘Like’ will decrease the friction and perceived user commitment to connecting with a brand as a fan. Every time a consumer will click ‘Like’ on a third-party website, that information will be published back to the user’s Facebook news feed and profile and will appear in search results."

– "The common Facebook user has an average of 150 friends and each ‘Like’ will increase a brand’s exposure to the friends of that user, ultimately increasing the number of connections the brand has."

– "The social plug-ins Facebook launched will infuse third-party websites with the personalized social context and social functionality of Facebook, such as commenting, liking, sharing and posting. For the first time, news feeds of social activity will live not just on Facebook, but will be extended to third-party websites."

– "Facebook and Zynga [the company behind Farmville and Mafia Wars] have shown us that users like to see what their friends are doing. By surfacing the ‘friend’ information on their own websites, brands will be able to make their properties more engaging and increase usage."

A representative for Appssavvy, a direct sales team for the social media space, tells WebProNews Facebook’s announcement "changes everything," and that "change is good."

"Facebook isn’t just a destination or platform moving forward, it truly is becoming a provider of social communication tools for the entire Web," the company says. "Facebook is going to make the entire Web social, thus a social Web means an entirely different way of thinking about advertising and marketing."

As of right now, Facebook has 8 Social Plugins to choose from, but Facebook says the "like" button is the most important:

Facebook Social Plugins - They Will Drive You Traffic

The average Facebook user is going to be incredibly used to seeing these like buttons all over the web, and they’re not going to be shy about clicking them for items and brand that they actually do like. Non Facebook users are going to see them and get accustomed to seeing them on a lot of their favorite sites, and this may lead some of them to eventually join Facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in his keynote, though laughing as he said it,the people who aren’t on Facebook "probably will be soon."

There have already been tremendous opportunities for businesses with Facebook, but now that much of the web, for all intents and purposes, is becoming part of Facebook. As Scribd CEO Trip Adler told me during a phone call this week, people are likely going to begin sharing things passively, as opposed to actively in many cases. People are not going to think twice about "liking" a piece of content that they genuinely like. Then all of their friends can see it, possibly check it out, and possibly "like" it themselves, and pass it on to their  friends. It not only provides a means for word-of-mouth, it will drive it. That will in turn drive traffic.

It’s worth noting that there is only a "like" button and not a "dislike" button. That means all word-of-mouth that spreads from it will be positive. It’s also worth noting that you will have to give people something actually worth liking for any of this to be effective.

Are you going to participate in Facebook’s web? Let us know.

Why Facebook’s News is Great News for Your Site’s Traffic
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  • Kara

    Have you looked on the official “facebook” and “facebook pages” fan pages? Oh excuse me, “Like pages”(ughhh). NO ONE “likes” this at all.

    Is it Like or Like? Using “like” for two different functions (“liking” a picture, status, link etc) and “liking” a fan page, only confuses users. Tricking users into becoming fans via a “Like” button, is only going to anger them. “Join” or “Become a Fan” are very effective “call to action” buttons.

    And what happened to the “see all” on the pages for which we are fans of? Now were are only allowed to see 6 (out of sometimes thousands) of the other people who are also FANS of the same page we are a fan of? How does this promote social networking and getting to know/friending other people that share our common interests? It completely defeats the purpose.

    They are also going to have “Community” pages, containing info gathered from Wikipedia. WHAT?! Wikipedia is the absolutely worst site to base the new “Community” pages upon. Wikipedia has mostly kids on it, waging “Wiki wars”, constantly removing/editing the prior kid’s submitted info. Wikipedia is a JOKE. It is not even CLOSE to being ACCURATE info.

    All of these new changes are totally TERRIBLE! How about something USEFUL, like Notifications for page owners? I was never one of those to complain when Facebook unveiled a new “look”. But these changes change the landscape in a big BAD way. NO ONE likes them. Facebook needs to listen to its users more and get a clue from some of the brands that have fan pages! Like Starbucks etc. They interact with their customers, implementing the feedback they get from them.
    Bad moves, Facebook!!!!

  • http://www.youthchg.com R Wells

    I was wondering how long it would take for someone to explain the implications of the Fan concept going away. Now, you need to write a piece on whether we all have to change our Become a Fan buttons to Like Me buttons.

  • http://jumbocdinvestments.com/cd_rates_blog CD Rates Blog

    So I went to the post Search Engine Land did. For fun, I clicked the “Like Button” and then my picture showed up. That was a little scary. So I went to my privacy settings because I was 99% sure that I had only allowed my photos to be viewed by Friends of Friends. Turns out I had, but that doesn’t include my profile picture which FaceBook says is always publicly available, is that right?!?

    I also checked on some other settings and was surprised that when my friends sign up for an app that I haven’t, they were still able to share all of my info.

    That is just plain wrong. I have been a Facebook fan and I did pay attention to my settings (I thought), just imagine those that don’t, which I think is a large majority of people.

    Like anyone else I would love to get more attention to our site, but not at the expense of everyone’s privacy. And the fact that all of these large sites (yelp, Imob, etc) have jumped on the band wagon is quite scary.

    I think Facebook has some “explainin’ to do”
    cd :O)

    • Chris Crum

      I believe there’s a setting for each set of pictures you have including your profile pictures.

      • http://jumbocdinvestments.com/cd_rates_blog CD Rates Blog

        I looked and didn’t see it pop out at me. Which doesn’t surprise me since Facebook defaulted everything to “everyone”.

        Anyway, I’ll do some more hunting.

        This would make a good article for someone in the Facebook Niche.

        cd :O)

        • Chris Crum

          Go to privacy settings>profile information>photo albums>edit settings>profile pictures – there’s a drop down menu that lets you select everyone, friends of friends, friends, or customize.

  • http://www.simple-elegant-websites.com Oiseaux

    I still haven’t read one definitive article which gives specific details of how one business Facebooked its website and analyses month by month their improvement in profit and how it can be attributed to Facebook. All I read is a lot of hype, judging by some of the comments above I wonder if Facebook is going to shoot itself in the foot.

    • Kara

      I think we are now starting to see and hear about success stories, with real numbers. Check this article out, about Starbucks’ success…. http://adage.com/digitalalist10/article?article_id=142202

  • http://asaprental.com Brian

    With Facebook becoming more important on the web we have no choice not to be there.

  • http://www.el-minjas.com mr lhasa apso

    You can like it or dislike it, Facebook is popular people read it and join Fan pages at all these pages are links to websites. the experience is that people click trough and sales increase
    agree or not Facebook is good for sales.

    As a Facebook memeber you ahve a choice to join or not, curiosity is the player.

    have a nice day

    Frank aka mr Lhasa Apso

  • http://www.pacificgrilltacoma.com Jake

    I was looking at our webpage where we have an activity box for our Fan Page. If you are already a fan and click “LIKE” on the activity box it makes you not “like” (fan) the page. I thought there wasn’t supposed to be an unlike button?

    So wouldn’t people think “hey I thought I already “Liked” this page” and click the like button on your webpage and unlike your business?

  • Jeff

    Look at the “Like” button right on this page that says “Be the first of your friends to like this”. It is kind of goofy, but I guess it works for non-Facebook pages. Where it really doesn’t make sense is for Pages on Facebook. New users probably won’t click on it. Some people may not understand that they are actually subscribing to a feed. It really makes no sense and doesn’t describe what it is actually doing. The explanation they gave sounds like some corporate execs trying to justify their jobs…lol!

  • http://www.motelwebsitedesign.com.au Mark Oliver

    There is still a lot to digest for these new apps and they will only grow in power and use, but my initial thoughts are how will it really work for small players? I help small accommodation providers market their services. Adding a ‘Like’ button will be easy and probably harmless.

    My first take was that after 4 people like a website you’ll see a change in the button – perhaps these need to be your friends? And then as people Like a website or page on a website – it will display on the persons wall and their friend’s walls, but that would seem to have an effect that would last about 24 to 48 hours and then disappear forever?

    So, when you think about the average website that gets small traffic. How will these few Likes – maybe 5 to 10 a year – really do much of anything? Sure, there will be mega-websites that get great traction, but will it help the small guy? My thoughts – probably harmless and marginally useful.


    • http://www.watch008.com/omega ??? ??

      that’s great!!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul Aguiar

    Isn.t this what the FB Share Button on my blog does now?

  • http://11www.desisanam.com Sanam Night

    Hi I like this site…………..

  • http://www.maliksports.co.uk/ Malik

    Facebook news are no doubt great because of helpfulness of seeking traffic on our websites, as these news are helpful for people of all backgrounds…

  • http://www.acceptic.com Sean

    Facebook’s CEO said about the Web for people, the people-centric Web. Hope that it is not just about Facebook’s Web – FB-centric Web.

  • http://www.siskiyouwebdesign.com Siskiyou Web Design

    I am not sure how I feel about merging my Personal Facebook and Business Facebook, I will need to check out the plugins and learn more about it. Now to find the time to do that!

  • http://www.electricaldigest.co.uk GuestJeff

    I have not considered Facebook as a business tool yet. But if it will help to generate site awareness and drive traffic, then I have no reservations on creating a Facebook profile. I will need to look at how other people are using it before I join.

  • http://www.gteksoft.com Jason

    If faceboook is going to increase website traffic i am intrested to link my profile to facebook .I think CTR may be very look advertising in facebook or in social networking sites.

  • http://www.UUCreations.com Capone De Leon

    To all those who don’t like the changes Facebook has mad my question is WHY complain? How much did you spend on your facebook membership this month. OH YEAH….IT”S FREE! How can anyone have any complaint about a free service. The people that say they hate it sound a lot like Homeless people who get free room and board and then complain that the food is lousy and the sheets are too rough. Your only response to free gifts should be THANK YOU. Remember those two wonderful words used by polite society? It’s a FREE SERVICE what could be wrong with that.

    See that is the key, the FREE part in FREE SERVICE – that means they can do what ever they want. If you don’t like it don’t use it, it’s FREE! Lot’s of things have been done over time that the masses didn’t like. I am glad we still have people who do things whether the masses like them or not, it’s called advancement. Believe me, a person may be intelligent, but the masses are not very bright at all, just go to your nearest concert or sporting event. You will see full grown intelligent adults acting like idiots. Remember all the GREATS in the world got that way from NOT FOLLOWING the masses.

  • Guest

    I feel that facebook is a huge breach of privacy.

    It seems that they can also get away with a lot, as time invested in facebook would negate users from changing services.

    Questions is, what will be with a users privacy.

    already companies, government and schools use facebook to slam people and although the person did do something wrong, should facebook information be a solid allegation.

    I hope that facebook can deal with privacy better in the near future.

  • D. Totton

    I can see how from a purely technical standpoint this will be great. I believe they have missed out on the social aspects of the social site. Many professionals are connecting with each other on fb. You have lawyers, dentists, MD’s, Therapists, educators who by their licensing boards can not allow clients to have access to personal information. So in order to be compliant with the law and ethics portion of our license many are planning to ditch fb altogether.

    I have already begun to see a decline of people not wanting to comment or push the like button. Facebook may have just opened the door for myspace to move in and catch those of us who find this as a real invasion of our private lives.

    I would be interested to know how many social service providers, professionals, educators, clergy, medical personal and lawyers use fb. Because that would be how many would be moving out of fb.

  • http://www.worldtravelingartist.com Alexander

    .. if I like these changes at all. Some things for instance, I prefer to have on facebook for my friends eyes only .. but when someone else plugs it in on external site, then I guess comments and all can still be available for the rest of the world, against my own wish or knowledge or both.

    Maybe I’m wrong on this, it’s just an idea I have about how it works and potential dangers.. and I think facebook guys should therefore be very careful with what are they doing. It’s a sensitive issue.

  • http://www.xxxbeauties.net Ky Escorts

    If what Kara says is true, than it would seem tricky to turn fan lists into like lists. I don’t see how tricking people into being your fan is a good thing. Whatever happened to honesty being the best policy?

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