Welfare Lottery Ban: Proposal Not Going Over Well

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Some North Carolina residents are upset over a new measure to ban welfare recipients from buying Lottery tickets. The legislation is currently being drafted and would see all lottery ticket merchants refusing to sell to individuals who receive government assistance or who are going through bankruptcy.

Representative Paul Stam, who is helping to draft the proposal, says the measure would ensure that government money is not being misdirected.

“We’re giving them welfare to help them live, and yet by selling them a ticket, we’re taking away their money that is there to provide them the barest of necessities,” Stam said.

But many think the local government is missing the bigger picture, and should be focusing on eliminating the need for welfare in the first place before cracking down on something which may or may not be enforceable.

“The NAACP, we didn’t agree with the lottery to start with. Rather than Mr. Stam having a side argument, ask him to stop blocking labor rights for poor people and working people. Ask him to have a real conversation about real wage,” NAACP President Rev. William Barber said.

Welfare Lottery Ban: Proposal Not Going Over Well
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  • PittSki75

    Why should taxpayers pay to give money to someone so they can gamble and become wealthy? Welfare is supposed to give people the bare minimum support to survive. It isn’t supposed to allow them to live in luxury. In addition, Food Assistance should be vouchers such a 1-2 lbs of ground beef, 1 pound of cheese, 1 gallon of milk. It should be the same way as WIC. That would save the taxpayers BILLIONS but Obama will never do it because government dependents are his main constituents.

    • Herman

      You are so fucking naive how would the average person on welfare live off of 1-2 pds of ground beef, 1 pound of cheese,and 1 gallon of milk for the whole month? you trying doing that and let me know how that works out.

    • T-Ro Price

      totally agree with you on the voucher idea… the idea is to feed them… a voucher program would do exactly that effectively and healthy… no cheetos and funyuns if you’re on welfare… stay healthy and look for work…

  • http://yahoo awalls

    every state should do this & they should’nt be allowed to buy any alcohol or smokes of any kind either, treat them like criminals, MOST ALL of the people who get welfare ar just lazy F*#%’s & won’t even look for work, while our troops go without lots of things that could make their lives easier on the front lines!

    • Herman

      Typical of you to say, sterotyped, there are people who are on welfare who do their darnest to find jobs,but cant find any type of work especially with the economy the way it is now, and to say treat them like criminals? how would you feel if you were on welfare and people criticized you. it would be unfair right? so think before you talk.

    • DmJ

      I would like to say that not everyone on welfare is lazy, I am a hardworking woman with a great Job working for the government,I also have a handicapped child who I would do anything for. I am not ashamed to say I collect food stamps to help feed my family, besides taking care of my autistic son, I also work a full time job……So it goes to show you because of this economy we live in even the people that have Jobs still need help and they way I look at if I’m paying my taxes to contribute to the Welfare system, then it needs to work for me when I am in need.

    • Amanda

      Too much HATE in your heart.

  • Greg Harte

    I think it’s a wonderful idea, if part of their income is from other taxpayes [pockets it should be for food and other NECCESSITIES!

  • Ross

    We need to DRUG TEST these people on Welfare!!!!! They fail their test, no Food Stamps or $$

    • kade madison

      Why not drug test you before you make a comment on something with those idiot words? So you think it’s cool that your neighbor who has worked for 40 years and now lost his job due to the economy and now is barely surviving to take care of his family should submit to drug testing in order to take care of his family? Sorry Charlie, that is not how a democracy works. That’s not how you get to utilize benefits WE ALL CONTRIBUTE TO IN OUR LIFETIMES. How about when you reach the age to collect social security, we drug test you before deciding if you should receive it?

      • T-Ro Price

        social security and welfare … two VERY different things dear… ridiculous comparison…

    • Shannon

      Then who is going to feed the kids they are not the ones using drugs but they will suffer cause mom or dad is an addict.

  • http://N/A Gary M Franklin Sr

    I don’t know about North Carolina, but in Texas a WELFARE RECIPENT CAN OBTAIN ( CASH MONEY ) WITH A LONE STAR CARD just like a DEBIT CARD on some ones bank account that has PLENTY OF MONEY IN IT. That being said WHAT IS TO STOP ANYONE ON WELFARE FROM BUYING LOTTERY TICKETS?

    • Dave

      You probably can’t keep them from playing instant tickets but you can check every machine generated ticket before giving out the money if it is a winner although i guess they could give it to someone else to redeem for them. It’s a losing battle….most welfare recipients are losers anyhow.

  • Cheryl

    I understand the mind set behind wanting those on government assistance not to misuse the monies giving to them to survive. But this is way too BIG BROTHER, next they will be dictating which foods in grocery stores we MUST buy, type and amount of gas purchased for our vehicles, limiting what type of services we are ALLOWED to use such as Internet, Cell or Cable.
    At some point the government or those who elect them need to understand we are not a United States of idots.
    If the government is so fearful that those on aid are irresponsiable maybe we should educate US, not restrict US.
    A two dollar lottery ticket could be some persons’ lucky chance to “Change their stars”; why at that moment take away their hope when their chips are down?

    • donaldo muhamed abdula

      because they bought it with my money u idiot

      • donaldo muhamed abdula

        because it is my money. i don’t use my hard earned money so why should they use my hard earned money. if they want to buy one get a job…nothing but uneducated trash.

    • T-Ro Price

      your big brother argument has one major flaw in it… by taking the state’s welfare you’re ALREADY giving up your rights… be grateful the government is already feeding you and stop throwing a fit when they don’t want you gambling your money away… they should also ban welfare recipients from buying alcohol and cigarettes for that matter… I see too much of that going on…

      • Amanda

        The government is not feeding anybody, they are just redistributing the tax payers money.

    • Lorrie Meija

      It bothers me to see welfare recipients buy loads of junk food and sodas in one transaction, and alcohol and cigs in another. I don’t want to micromanage what they buy, but I would like to see my tax dollars go toward nutritious food and necessities.
      I am more concerned with this than with restricting them from getting lottery tickets.

    • John

      I understand what you are trying to say but at least the gov’t. is giving money to the people to use. Over here in NYC we are spending our money on products and the gov’t is telling us how much we can get (soda ban). I totally agree with this ban. Why should our tax dollars go to people spending money LEISURELY. These people are adults and if they are getting help (welfare, housing assistance)by the gov’t. who are they to complain? These programs are meant to help for bare essentials well if they have enough for beer, cigarettes and lotto maybe the gov’t. should give them less and save us tax payers more money. Beggers can’t be chosers. I work 7 days a week and have 2 jobs and live check to check and I can’t spend money like that. How is that fair? Plus I went to college. In the mean time they can go get cigarettes, beer and lotto? Looks like I made the wrong choices in life.

    • Kari

      If you have to ask the tax payers to support you then you should be limited as to what you can spend it on. I for one am sick and tired of working and still can’t afford the things I see being purchased with MY money. Alchohol, lottery tickets, magazines, candy,cigarettes,expensive cell phones and plans, bakery and deli items at the store and all the junk food. I see it everyday because I work in a grocery store. The one that really bothers me are free cell phones, minutes and text and then they complain about the type of phone they get. They want the fancy smart phones and have me pay for it. If they would quit smoking they would have a ton of money. At 7.00 to 8.00 a pack and at 2 packs or more a day figure it out. Then your kids would have shoes and clothes that fit them and you could pay your own rent and utilities and get off my back. No child should go hungry but damn , buy food to make a meal and not soda, chips, cookies, and of course the always necessary energy drinks and flavored water. Stay away from the $50 birthday cakes and expensive deli trays (because we ae having a party we need these things). Quit acting like everybody owes you a living and needs to take care of your children.

    • Silk

      Cheyl I stated reading the message’s from the bottom, about the mind set of so many people.And I felt the same or see things the same about the lottery ticket it’s a chance, that could be someones luckey chance, why? take away everyone or anyones HOPE OR THERE DREAMS. the goverment still gets, paid all the time either way ,a walefare or people dream,[take back some of the walfare persons benfit money too help pay and help others on walfare, leaving them something to live with, START A NEW [.

  • Rick

    I think we should also ban them from buying foreign-made cars !!

  • glenda dotson

    Good idea but lets stop them from buying beer /wine and cigarettes as well as lottery tickets .

    • T-Ro Price


    • Amanda

      Would have been better for them to start with beer, wine, and cigarettes, as opposed to the lottery tickets. Makes me think that they are not opposed to the beer, wine, or cigarettes, because they will not make the welfare recipient rich. On the other-hand, lottery tickets will make the welfare recipients rich, if they win, and that is the last thing they want.

  • ? nunya

    if you gonna beg for money from Uncle Sam don’t use the money to gamble. MAKES PERFECTLY GOOD SENSE TO ME. how can people be against this?

    • kade madison

      Yeah, you think people are welfare are begging for money you ignorant idiot?

    • http://webpronews Cmunch

      Wow, you are quite the piece of work. Here’s to hoping you lose your job, your house, everything you own. Then we call all treat you like a criminal. Hell, why wait. You’re already a criminal of conscience. Who really thinks like that? It’s sick people like you that make life really difficult sometimes.

  • http://Plates'nFrames Milestone

    We need to overhaul the welfair system so one can have kids while they are receiveing our tax money as well as a 5 year limit on welfair. These peoople just don’t want to work so why should they be able to squander our tax money on the lottery.

    • Amanda

      You cannot even spell “Welfare”, so you probably should not be the one to talk. Just saying.

  • leah

    Well then be fair about it. Don’t allow the rich people to play either since they’re already rich…Or allow people who have already won the lottery to play again..smh This is so ridiculous.

    • DD


  • Jason Dutton

    it looks pretty vague , are they talking someone who receives any type of government assistance …. like maby $20 in food stamps a month or someone who is on full blown welfare.
    the other problem is i dont see how in the world they will enforce it.

  • Jennifer

    So, given the logic about not wanting government dollars “misdirected”, why would these same folks on welfare be “allowed” to buy alcohol, cigarettes, etc. that are considered bad. This is an outrageous bill. The government – federal and state – are already way too involved in our lives. Back off! “Don’t Tread On Me!”

    • http://webpronews.com dana

      When you beg for welfare you need to folloe the rules in order to obtain it, this would be one. Begers can’t be choosers.

    • norman

      gee how much money does the goverment misdirect, why is america in so much debt, not because some 1 buys a lottery ticket. the goverment needs to fix the problems they made and not blame the people who put them there

  • John Quam

    Why should prisoners have access 24/7 to medical care l when our Veterans and elderly don’t…?
    Why should we tax payers have to pay medical for rich Politicians, They should use Obama Care. If the
    President or other politicians won’t use Obama Care then it’s not good enough for the rest of us either;
    we deserve what they have for insurance. Of course our political leaders deserve great insurance and
    medical care as they lead our country, their health and wellbeing is very important; however the other
    part of what drives this country is the tax payers: The real back bone of America. We influence the
    economy which sets the pace for the health of the country and when we suffer, choosing to pay for our
    medication and forgo dinner on most nights as well as wearing our clothes for decades before replacing
    them the economy then weakens. Every member of society rich poor or politician; are in need of a
    health system that support and strengthens the whole of us not the pieces of the sums creating the
    whole. For we are as weak as our weakest link.

  • mary

    Oh, Please, almost everyone in this great USA, has had help. If they hit the lottery they will pay back that money. So who gives a dame what they are buying. Keep to your life.

    • MJ

      Really Mary,..I have never taken a dime from the Government,…and you will find most up-standing Americans have never taken a dime from the Government,…

      • DD

        So if you need help from the government then you are not “upstanding?” You shouldn’t judge people when you don’t know everyone’s circumstances. Not everyone receiving help is an unmotivated loser who keeps having kids and taking advantage.

      • Amanda

        But I bet you somebody gave a dime. Nobody can make it through this life, without help from someone, even if that someone is your parents, teachers, or managers. It is confirmed that you have been helped through your life, because at one point you were helpless. This goes for everybody.

      • CM

        So, for example you are saying, if a man or woman who has served our Country comes home and has to get welfare or food stamps they can not buy a lottery ticket, all the while fighting for OUR freedom? Some of these comments are ridiculous. And shame on any of you who thinks this garbage is right. People who get welfare still do have to work, they do not sit at home and collect. So, for you Mary to say that people who are on welfare or whatever are not “upstanding”, is really disgusting.

    • john

      Yeah, and we wonder why the country is in the shape it’s in. People like you should be exterminated.

      • Amanda

        That is rude. John did your mother teach you manners? It does not seem like it. That is plain hate to tell someone that they should be exterminated. One thing that should be exterminated is hatred and it appears you have a lot of that to exterminate.

  • wendy

    Welfare is taxpayers money to help poor people to pay for food and other necessities, not gambling!

    @ DW– “How NC gonna ban people on welfare from paying the lottery?” Easy. They are not allowed to collect their winning.

    • Amanda

      They will just pass it to a family member. It is that easy. Really?

  • Shelly Kammert

    Let them gamble. And take any/all winnings to repay their welfare bill.

    • Amanda

      Finally somebody smart. They have not mentioned banning beer, wine, or cigarettes, but rather ban lotto tickets. Really? I say ban the beer, wine, and cigarettes and sell them lotto tickets. Therefore, when they win the lotto, they may pay their debts.

  • Lorrie Meija

    I think lawmakers would be better serving taxpayers by allowing welfare recipients to buy real food; not junk. And, make laws that allow the cash part of the benefit to be used for housing and non- food necessities. If this happens then nobody on welfare will be able to buy lotto tickets

  • Jeremy

    I find it amusing that every comment actually supports this idiotic scheme. I doubt any of you have given your response ANY thought….do any of you know where we are headed if silly shit like this is passed?

  • Joyce

    maybe if they buy a lottery ticket and win….they could pay the state back all the previous $$$ given to them for welfare….what u think NC?

  • Lydia

    What a PERFECT way for the welfare recipients to PAY BACK what they got from the State (prior to payout) and then have documented earnings that will support their removal from the Welfare system! WHY WOULD YOU BAN THEM?

  • ADW2798

    I think that this will be very difficult to enforce.

    • DD

      How can they prove that the dollar used to buy the ticket was from welfare? Alot of people on wefare do work and receive cash assistance ..key word “assistance” Who knows if the dollar they used wasn’t from some other source. This guy is stupid.

    • Latasha Alexander

      Agreed! and another waste on resources to try.

  • dretx

    WOW the comments here are astounding, amazing people are quick to vilify people on welfare. How many people do you really know that are on welfare and abusing the services? If you don’t know anyone then why do you automatically see that welfare equals lazy? This legislation needs to help people get off the welfare not demonize them because they are on some type of welfare.

    • BILL B

      if the people on welfare ; [would go out and work for a living] that would realize “the true value of money” ; not ; AS A FREE HANDOUT

    • http://yahoo Ruth Sullivan

      yes, i know of many people abusing the welfare system. i have seen some of them offered good jobs, they turn them down because they get more side benefits from getting welfare (child care, medical) than they could by holding down a job. they have money to get their hair done, manicures/pedicures, etc. i’m not say all people are abusing, but i’ve seen enough to know that it is more common than you think….i mean 3 and 4 generations on welfare.

  • http://yahoo w.j.egan

    Let them play then you can collect the back welfare and cost they have put onto the tax payer, when they go to collect. If you ban them, they just give the ticket to another person, share the lottery money, and go on collecting the welfare.

  • john

    Then who will buy tickets then?

  • BILL B

    the lottery was no good to start with
    let’s just BAN it from everyone
    it”s just a “legal way of putting ‘alotta money ; in the pocket”s of the rich A.K.A. POLITITION”S
    people like the thought of “hitting it big” but the only winner; is the “state’/s that “have the lottery
    i have seen people betting 100.00 +; just for one drawing
    anyone having “that kind of money” ; has no business “playing” in the first place

  • Reality

    Keep sending those nation bill paying 5-6 figure jobs overseas.

  • http://yahoo tammy cortez

    good idea, wrong direction!! what they need to do is let them buy a lottery ticket and if they win remove them from completely asking for government assistance!!

  • Robert Wagner

    People… While the concept may have well intentions, it is simply stupid and a waste of taxpayer money to even consider such legislation. There is no way whatsoever that it can be enforced. Even if they were to check the doles of winners, people will find a way around it ( having a friend or relative that aren’t on the doles cash in the tickets ). Once again another stupid political stunt to keep people focused on something that isn’t feasible so they can go on stealing the big money without your eyes on them.

  • Ike Krogman

    Dumb law.. If the wefare recipiant wins the lottery GREAT ! They get to keep 10% of their winnings tax free up to $200,000.00. The other 90% goes back to the welfare system to help defer the cost of other welfare recipients.. Win/Win

  • leah

    Soon it’ll be you can’t play if you’re receiving unemployment…Do y’all really trust these fools to create laws like this? By the way not everyone who is on Welfare or has filed bankruptcy is some lazy ass who mishandled their money…Would you like someone to judge you?

    • T-Ro Price

      no need… I’m not a lazyass who misshandled his money…

      • leah

        Good for you!!

    • pj

      I would like to see all of you who judge other people end up on welfare. Then let others judge you. Things are tough in this country right now and kids need to eat. There are bad people in every sector but most people are basically good and just need a helping hand. The bad can happen to anyone. Too bad there are stupid Republicans who think they can judge others. My advice–leave other people alone, tend to your own life.

  • tony


  • Edward

    Hell, welfare people use the EBT cards are strip joints, casinos and such, why not lottery…………….WE ARES STUPID ENOUGHT AS A COUNTRY TO SUPPORT THEIR BAD HABITS WHAT IS ONE MORE……AS HILLARY “THE MURDERESS” SAID WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?????????????

  • Caroline

    Give me a break!!! Doesn’t anyone think that a welfare recipient might have a friend who is not a welfare recipient who can go buy lottery tickets and such? Wow!!! Boy, isn’t Big Brother watching everyone anymore!!!

  • renee

    Just like the ban on guns…not enforceable and just like this EQUALLY NON ENFORCEABLE. The money is being put back into the ecomony either way you cut it, its not the guns its the people with the guns that do the harm.

    • corysgirl

      It CAN be enforced, if someone who wins is found to be on welfare, then the winnings could be forfeited

      • DonteB

        forfeit the money that is won and clearly needed, all because their too poor to recieve it. Yeah lets take away their right to play cause they are getting government assistance, for whatever reason. That is sure to make someone happy, but who? Oh yeah, thats right lets keep the poor poor and only people with money can get more, and the rest, we will work harder and harder for less and less. This sounds like we really love and care for and are considerate of each other. Why are we so selfish.

  • art`

    this is one of thoose things that make you say wow how didnt anyone think of that before

  • john

    This all comes down to the argument about the fact that as harsh as this sounds, you don’t need to work to survive in this country. Starvation is a great motivator. Unemployment would be non-existent. But until we get away from the fact that people can live better on welfare than working a low paying job, nothing will change.

  • donaldo muhamed abdula

    nothing but uneducated trash, stop giving anyone anything, get a job or go hungry…..if you collect from the government then u r working for them, so get on the side of the road and pick up trash.

    • Janet

      This truly makes sense!!!! That is why the government will never do it. Give people the assistance they need, but require something in return!! I have never understood why the gov doesn’t work with the private sector to get these people off welfare and working!!!!!

    • MR.

      donaldo muhamed abdula are u from the united states. Were u born an here.

  • Craig

    why not? Why should you be able to use government money to gamble? If you can afford lottery tickets, you can afford to buy your own food and pay your own rent. Liberals who oppose this are the reason this country is going to crap. Increase taxes on the working class so we can increase welfare spending so the welfare recipiants can buy lottery tickets. Stupid this is even being discussed. Its a no brainer

    • yvonne

      yeah well a lotto ticket is 1.00 and up not sure never bought one i understand what you are saying but passing something saying you can buy lotto tickets is stupid if you were a vet and you just want to buy a ticket with the states money should they be band too!!!

  • Latasha Alexander

    You would think that these people had something better to think about then this. All that time sitting on your duff wondering what can you do now and this is what you come up with?


  • yvonne

    the thing i don’t understand is the money that you win on a titcket most or sum of it gose to the gov for taxes they get more money back if you have more people buying them i unstand where he is coming from but at the end of the day why take away something that people get a joy at i dont know i just think its stupid just like when the told everyone on the new that we had to wait and file for taxes cause they dont have anymore more wtf really come on we all work are butts off so we can make a living and when they screw us over like this in my head it makes me want to scream and yell why should we even pay or taxes if you cant use the money right !!!! if you can go in the hole why cant we buy lotto !!!!!!

    • donaldo muhamed abdula

      i rest my case of uneducated…

  • george

    Take away all gov. welfare, the legals will haft to go to work and the E-leagalS WILL SCRAMBLE TO THE BORDER as the leagles will take their Jobs

    • Milas mommy

      Your a dumb ass not every that collects welfare is illegal , I see alot of white folk standing in line to collect too.

  • John

    I understand what you are trying to say but at least the gov’t. is giving money to the people to use. Over here in NYC we are spending our money on products and the gov’t is telling us how much we can get (soda ban). I totally agree with this ban. Why should our tax dollars go to people spending money LEISURELY. These people are adults and if they are getting help (welfare, housing assistance)by the gov’t. who are they to complain? These programs are meant to help for bare essentials well if they have enough for beer, cigarettes and lotto maybe the gov’t. should give them less and save us tax payers more money. Beggers can’t be chosers. I work 7 days a week and have 2 jobs and live check to check and I can’t spend money like that. How is that fair? Plus I went to college. In the mean time they can go get cigarettes, beer and lotto? Looks like I made the wrong choices in life. I have to think carefully how many children I have in life where these people have 8 kids by 5 guys with no problem getting gov’t assistance. Oh yeah…life is fair!

  • anon

    Why not just ban the lottery? I’m sure NONE of the money it takes in is misdirected.

  • dvadva

    SMH some of you people sound like you just slipped and bumped your heads. All welfare recipients are not low lives. Plenty do have jobs but the jobs they do have still don’t cover it all. The kids have to get fed, the father wont pay child support or they get paid under the table so his income wont show or they are made to pay 50 a month. 50 a month don’t buy a child nothing. So the mothers have to do what they have to do to take care of the child. Welfare has always been around way before Obama was put into office so stop it with that he’s giving it to his people because if you think about white and black are his people.

  • DaveG53

    Do you really think that will work? They have laws preventing underage people from buying alcohol and cigarettes yet, others buy them for the kids. To help stop it, they arrest the “buyers.” So, would I get arrested if I bought a lottery ticket for a welfare recipient? There are truly needy people who need the help and there are those who do not. Why don’t they STOP THE DEADBEATS now getting services? Oh, we can’t make them work for the benefits. We can’t give them benefits while they struggle to make it. I know a person who had full services. He got a minimum wage, part-time job and they took away ALL his benefits. His part-time job earned him LESS MONEY than the benefits, and cost him more in gas and other working expenses. So why work unless you can get a job paying about $12 an hour. Good luck there!

  • mick

    My wife works for GM and I worked for AIG, will we be able to play the lottery? Will we have to get tattoo’s on our heads so the minimum wage 16 year old will know we are part of the 47% ‘victims’ looking for a free ride from the government?

  • Innerg

    On this ship , there are far too many steering and not enough people rowing

    • CM

      You DO have to work for your welfare check. You DON’T just sit and collect!

  • Chase

    Besides this being totally uneforceable by any stretch of the imagination, it’s a huge waste of resources to even attempt. If officials are so worried about how EBT funds are spent, how about
    switching back to food stamps and credit vouchers for rent, gas, utilities and household necessities? ( and this is a somewhat sarcastic comment, but it would prevent some of the so-called abuses of EBT funds…)

    • http://lottoandwelfare Della Moulin

      totally agree!

    • cactuslady

      I’m with you Chase. Food Stamps & vouchers would keep the fancy cell phone, artifical nail spending etc to a halt also

    • http://qsl.net/n8vzl Raynard

      You cannot use an EBT card to buy lottery tickets dumbshyt lol. Hey I have a great idea lets tattoo all welfare recipient’s with a big W on their forehead. Let’s just punish them more for being the poor bastards they are just pile it on them. I can’t believe people replying in here aren’t even thoughtful about the people and the infringement the government would have on them. Shame shame.

      • cactuslady

        Infringment? Just how many welfare people have ever worked even one day of their life? Why not let them go out and work for that welfare check? Unless there is a medical/mental reason no one should be able to sit home and collect welfare. If they can’t get a paying job then the state should put them to work cleaning up empty lots, scrubbing graffitti, cutting grass, shoveling snow (your welfare ASSITANCE would depend on how many hours you put in – get where I’m going on this…..

  • http://lottoandwelfare Della Moulin

    how retarded ! why not let people on welfare buy lotto ? Either way Big Brother get their money. find thing that really matter and really need fixing .

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