Welfare Lottery Ban: Proposal Not Going Over Well

    January 25, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Some North Carolina residents are upset over a new measure to ban welfare recipients from buying Lottery tickets. The legislation is currently being drafted and would see all lottery ticket merchants refusing to sell to individuals who receive government assistance or who are going through bankruptcy.

Representative Paul Stam, who is helping to draft the proposal, says the measure would ensure that government money is not being misdirected.

“We’re giving them welfare to help them live, and yet by selling them a ticket, we’re taking away their money that is there to provide them the barest of necessities,” Stam said.

But many think the local government is missing the bigger picture, and should be focusing on eliminating the need for welfare in the first place before cracking down on something which may or may not be enforceable.

“The NAACP, we didn’t agree with the lottery to start with. Rather than Mr. Stam having a side argument, ask him to stop blocking labor rights for poor people and working people. Ask him to have a real conversation about real wage,” NAACP President Rev. William Barber said.

  • PittSki75

    Why should taxpayers pay to give money to someone so they can gamble and become wealthy? Welfare is supposed to give people the bare minimum support to survive. It isn’t supposed to allow them to live in luxury. In addition, Food Assistance should be vouchers such a 1-2 lbs of ground beef, 1 pound of cheese, 1 gallon of milk. It should be the same way as WIC. That would save the taxpayers BILLIONS but Obama will never do it because government dependents are his main constituents.

    • Herman

      You are so fucking naive how would the average person on welfare live off of 1-2 pds of ground beef, 1 pound of cheese,and 1 gallon of milk for the whole month? you trying doing that and let me know how that works out.

    • T-Ro Price

      totally agree with you on the voucher idea… the idea is to feed them… a voucher program would do exactly that effectively and healthy… no cheetos and funyuns if you’re on welfare… stay healthy and look for work…

  • http://yahoo awalls

    every state should do this & they should’nt be allowed to buy any alcohol or smokes of any kind either, treat them like criminals, MOST ALL of the people who get welfare ar just lazy F*#%’s & won’t even look for work, while our troops go without lots of things that could make their lives easier on the front lines!

    • Herman

      Typical of you to say, sterotyped, there are people who are on welfare who do their darnest to find jobs,but cant find any type of work especially with the economy the way it is now, and to say treat them like criminals? how would you feel if you were on welfare and people criticized you. it would be unfair right? so think before you talk.

    • DmJ

      I would like to say that not everyone on welfare is lazy, I am a hardworking woman with a great Job working for the government,I also have a handicapped child who I would do anything for. I am not ashamed to say I collect food stamps to help feed my family, besides taking care of my autistic son, I also work a full time job……So it goes to show you because of this economy we live in even the people that have Jobs still need help and they way I look at if I’m paying my taxes to contribute to the Welfare system, then it needs to work for me when I am in need.

    • Amanda

      Too much HATE in your heart.

  • Greg Harte

    I think it’s a wonderful idea, if part of their income is from other taxpayes [pockets it should be for food and other NECCESSITIES!

  • Ross

    We need to DRUG TEST these people on Welfare!!!!! They fail their test, no Food Stamps or $$

    • kade madison

      Why not drug test you before you make a comment on something with those idiot words? So you think it’s cool that your neighbor who has worked for 40 years and now lost his job due to the economy and now is barely surviving to take care of his family should submit to drug testing in order to take care of his family? Sorry Charlie, that is not how a democracy works. That’s not how you get to utilize benefits WE ALL CONTRIBUTE TO IN OUR LIFETIMES. How about when you reach the age to collect social security, we drug test you before deciding if you should receive it?

      • T-Ro Price

        social security and welfare … two VERY different things dear… ridiculous comparison…

    • Shannon

      Then who is going to feed the kids they are not the ones using drugs but they will suffer cause mom or dad is an addict.

  • http://N/A Gary M Franklin Sr

    I don’t know about North Carolina, but in Texas a WELFARE RECIPENT CAN OBTAIN ( CASH MONEY ) WITH A LONE STAR CARD just like a DEBIT CARD on some ones bank account that has PLENTY OF MONEY IN IT. That being said WHAT IS TO STOP ANYONE ON WELFARE FROM BUYING LOTTERY TICKETS?

    • Dave

      You probably can’t keep them from playing instant tickets but you can check every machine generated ticket before giving out the money if it is a winner although i guess they could give it to someone else to redeem for them. It’s a losing battle….most welfare recipients are losers anyhow.

  • Cheryl

    I understand the mind set behind wanting those on government assistance not to misuse the monies giving to them to survive. But this is way too BIG BROTHER, next they will be dictating which foods in grocery stores we MUST buy, type and amount of gas purchased for our vehicles, limiting what type of services we are ALLOWED to use such as Internet, Cell or Cable.
    At some point the government or those who elect them need to understand we are not a United States of idots.
    If the government is so fearful that those on aid are irresponsiable maybe we should educate US, not restrict US.
    A two dollar lottery ticket could be some persons’ lucky chance to “Change their stars”; why at that moment take away their hope when their chips are down?

    • donaldo muhamed abdula

      because they bought it with my money u idiot

      • donaldo muhamed abdula

        because it is my money. i don’t use my hard earned money so why should they use my hard earned money. if they want to buy one get a job…nothing but uneducated trash.

    • T-Ro Price

      your big brother argument has one major flaw in it… by taking the state’s welfare you’re ALREADY giving up your rights… be grateful the government is already feeding you and stop throwing a fit when they don’t want you gambling your money away… they should also ban welfare recipients from buying alcohol and cigarettes for that matter… I see too much of that going on…

      • Amanda

        The government is not feeding anybody, they are just redistributing the tax payers money.

    • Lorrie Meija

      It bothers me to see welfare recipients buy loads of junk food and sodas in one transaction, and alcohol and cigs in another. I don’t want to micromanage what they buy, but I would like to see my tax dollars go toward nutritious food and necessities.
      I am more concerned with this than with restricting them from getting lottery tickets.

    • John

      I understand what you are trying to say but at least the gov’t. is giving money to the people to use. Over here in NYC we are spending our money on products and the gov’t is telling us how much we can get (soda ban). I totally agree with this ban. Why should our tax dollars go to people spending money LEISURELY. These people are adults and if they are getting help (welfare, housing assistance)by the gov’t. who are they to complain? These programs are meant to help for bare essentials well if they have enough for beer, cigarettes and lotto maybe the gov’t. should give them less and save us tax payers more money. Beggers can’t be chosers. I work 7 days a week and have 2 jobs and live check to check and I can’t spend money like that. How is that fair? Plus I went to college. In the mean time they can go get cigarettes, beer and lotto? Looks like I made the wrong choices in life.

    • Kari

      If you have to ask the tax payers to support you then you should be limited as to what you can spend it on. I for one am sick and tired of working and still can’t afford the things I see being purchased with MY money. Alchohol, lottery tickets, magazines, candy,cigarettes,expensive cell phones and plans, bakery and deli items at the store and all the junk food. I see it everyday because I work in a grocery store. The one that really bothers me are free cell phones, minutes and text and then they complain about the type of phone they get. They want the fancy smart phones and have me pay for it. If they would quit smoking they would have a ton of money. At 7.00 to 8.00 a pack and at 2 packs or more a day figure it out. Then your kids would have shoes and clothes that fit them and you could pay your own rent and utilities and get off my back. No child should go hungry but damn , buy food to make a meal and not soda, chips, cookies, and of course the always necessary energy drinks and flavored water. Stay away from the $50 birthday cakes and expensive deli trays (because we ae having a party we need these things). Quit acting like everybody owes you a living and needs to take care of your children.

    • Silk

      Cheyl I stated reading the message’s from the bottom, about the mind set of so many people.And I felt the same or see things the same about the lottery ticket it’s a chance, that could be someones luckey chance, why? take away everyone or anyones HOPE OR THERE DREAMS. the goverment still gets, paid all the time either way ,a walefare or people dream,[take back some of the walfare persons benfit money too help pay and help others on walfare, leaving them something to live with, START A NEW [.

  • Rick

    I think we should also ban them from buying foreign-made cars !!

  • glenda dotson

    Good idea but lets stop them from buying beer /wine and cigarettes as well as lottery tickets .

    • T-Ro Price


    • Amanda

      Would have been better for them to start with beer, wine, and cigarettes, as opposed to the lottery tickets. Makes me think that they are not opposed to the beer, wine, or cigarettes, because they will not make the welfare recipient rich. On the other-hand, lottery tickets will make the welfare recipients rich, if they win, and that is the last thing they want.

  • ? nunya

    if you gonna beg for money from Uncle Sam don’t use the money to gamble. MAKES PERFECTLY GOOD SENSE TO ME. how can people be against this?

    • kade madison

      Yeah, you think people are welfare are begging for money you ignorant idiot?

    • http://webpronews Cmunch

      Wow, you are quite the piece of work. Here’s to hoping you lose your job, your house, everything you own. Then we call all treat you like a criminal. Hell, why wait. You’re already a criminal of conscience. Who really thinks like that? It’s sick people like you that make life really difficult sometimes.

  • http://Plates'nFrames Milestone

    We need to overhaul the welfair system so one can have kids while they are receiveing our tax money as well as a 5 year limit on welfair. These peoople just don’t want to work so why should they be able to squander our tax money on the lottery.

    • Amanda

      You cannot even spell “Welfare”, so you probably should not be the one to talk. Just saying.

  • leah

    Well then be fair about it. Don’t allow the rich people to play either since they’re already rich…Or allow people who have already won the lottery to play again..smh This is so ridiculous.

    • DD


  • Jason Dutton

    it looks pretty vague , are they talking someone who receives any type of government assistance …. like maby $20 in food stamps a month or someone who is on full blown welfare.
    the other problem is i dont see how in the world they will enforce it.

  • Jennifer

    So, given the logic about not wanting government dollars “misdirected”, why would these same folks on welfare be “allowed” to buy alcohol, cigarettes, etc. that are considered bad. This is an outrageous bill. The government – federal and state – are already way too involved in our lives. Back off! “Don’t Tread On Me!”

    • http://webpronews.com dana

      When you beg for welfare you need to folloe the rules in order to obtain it, this would be one. Begers can’t be choosers.

    • norman

      gee how much money does the goverment misdirect, why is america in so much debt, not because some 1 buys a lottery ticket. the goverment needs to fix the problems they made and not blame the people who put them there

  • John Quam

    Why should prisoners have access 24/7 to medical care l when our Veterans and elderly don’t…?
    Why should we tax payers have to pay medical for rich Politicians, They should use Obama Care. If the
    President or other politicians won’t use Obama Care then it’s not good enough for the rest of us either;
    we deserve what they have for insurance. Of course our political leaders deserve great insurance and
    medical care as they lead our country, their health and wellbeing is very important; however the other
    part of what drives this country is the tax payers: The real back bone of America. We influence the
    economy which sets the pace for the health of the country and when we suffer, choosing to pay for our
    medication and forgo dinner on most nights as well as wearing our clothes for decades before replacing
    them the economy then weakens. Every member of society rich poor or politician; are in need of a
    health system that support and strengthens the whole of us not the pieces of the sums creating the
    whole. For we are as weak as our weakest link.

  • mary

    Oh, Please, almost everyone in this great USA, has had help. If they hit the lottery they will pay back that money. So who gives a dame what they are buying. Keep to your life.

    • MJ

      Really Mary,..I have never taken a dime from the Government,…and you will find most up-standing Americans have never taken a dime from the Government,…

      • DD

        So if you need help from the government then you are not “upstanding?” You shouldn’t judge people when you don’t know everyone’s circumstances. Not everyone receiving help is an unmotivated loser who keeps having kids and taking advantage.

      • Amanda

        But I bet you somebody gave a dime. Nobody can make it through this life, without help from someone, even if that someone is your parents, teachers, or managers. It is confirmed that you have been helped through your life, because at one point you were helpless. This goes for everybody.

      • CM

        So, for example you are saying, if a man or woman who has served our Country comes home and has to get welfare or food stamps they can not buy a lottery ticket, all the while fighting for OUR freedom? Some of these comments are ridiculous. And shame on any of you who thinks this garbage is right. People who get welfare still do have to work, they do not sit at home and collect. So, for you Mary to say that people who are on welfare or whatever are not “upstanding”, is really disgusting.

    • john

      Yeah, and we wonder why the country is in the shape it’s in. People like you should be exterminated.

      • Amanda

        That is rude. John did your mother teach you manners? It does not seem like it. That is plain hate to tell someone that they should be exterminated. One thing that should be exterminated is hatred and it appears you have a lot of that to exterminate.

  • wendy

    Welfare is taxpayers money to help poor people to pay for food and other necessities, not gambling!

    @ DW– “How NC gonna ban people on welfare from paying the lottery?” Easy. They are not allowed to collect their winning.

    • Amanda

      They will just pass it to a family member. It is that easy. Really?

  • Shelly Kammert

    Let them gamble. And take any/all winnings to repay their welfare bill.

    • Amanda

      Finally somebody smart. They have not mentioned banning beer, wine, or cigarettes, but rather ban lotto tickets. Really? I say ban the beer, wine, and cigarettes and sell them lotto tickets. Therefore, when they win the lotto, they may pay their debts.

  • Lorrie Meija

    I think lawmakers would be better serving taxpayers by allowing welfare recipients to buy real food; not junk. And, make laws that allow the cash part of the benefit to be used for housing and non- food necessities. If this happens then nobody on welfare will be able to buy lotto tickets

  • Jeremy

    I find it amusing that every comment actually supports this idiotic scheme. I doubt any of you have given your response ANY thought….do any of you know where we are headed if silly shit like this is passed?

  • Joyce

    maybe if they buy a lottery ticket and win….they could pay the state back all the previous $$$ given to them for welfare….what u think NC?

  • Lydia

    What a PERFECT way for the welfare recipients to PAY BACK what they got from the State (prior to payout) and then have documented earnings that will support their removal from the Welfare system! WHY WOULD YOU BAN THEM?

  • ADW2798

    I think that this will be very difficult to enforce.

    • DD

      How can they prove that the dollar used to buy the ticket was from welfare? Alot of people on wefare do work and receive cash assistance ..key word “assistance” Who knows if the dollar they used wasn’t from some other source. This guy is stupid.

    • Latasha Alexander

      Agreed! and another waste on resources to try.

  • dretx

    WOW the comments here are astounding, amazing people are quick to vilify people on welfare. How many people do you really know that are on welfare and abusing the services? If you don’t know anyone then why do you automatically see that welfare equals lazy? This legislation needs to help people get off the welfare not demonize them because they are on some type of welfare.

    • BILL B

      if the people on welfare ; [would go out and work for a living] that would realize “the true value of money” ; not ; AS A FREE HANDOUT

    • http://yahoo Ruth Sullivan

      yes, i know of many people abusing the welfare system. i have seen some of them offered good jobs, they turn them down because they get more side benefits from getting welfare (child care, medical) than they could by holding down a job. they have money to get their hair done, manicures/pedicures, etc. i’m not say all people are abusing, but i’ve seen enough to know that it is more common than you think….i mean 3 and 4 generations on welfare.

  • http://yahoo w.j.egan

    Let them play then you can collect the back welfare and cost they have put onto the tax payer, when they go to collect. If you ban them, they just give the ticket to another person, share the lottery money, and go on collecting the welfare.

  • john

    Then who will buy tickets then?

  • BILL B

    the lottery was no good to start with
    let’s just BAN it from everyone
    it”s just a “legal way of putting ‘alotta money ; in the pocket”s of the rich A.K.A. POLITITION”S
    people like the thought of “hitting it big” but the only winner; is the “state’/s that “have the lottery
    i have seen people betting 100.00 +; just for one drawing
    anyone having “that kind of money” ; has no business “playing” in the first place

  • Reality

    Keep sending those nation bill paying 5-6 figure jobs overseas.

  • http://yahoo tammy cortez

    good idea, wrong direction!! what they need to do is let them buy a lottery ticket and if they win remove them from completely asking for government assistance!!

  • Robert Wagner

    People… While the concept may have well intentions, it is simply stupid and a waste of taxpayer money to even consider such legislation. There is no way whatsoever that it can be enforced. Even if they were to check the doles of winners, people will find a way around it ( having a friend or relative that aren’t on the doles cash in the tickets ). Once again another stupid political stunt to keep people focused on something that isn’t feasible so they can go on stealing the big money without your eyes on them.

  • Ike Krogman

    Dumb law.. If the wefare recipiant wins the lottery GREAT ! They get to keep 10% of their winnings tax free up to $200,000.00. The other 90% goes back to the welfare system to help defer the cost of other welfare recipients.. Win/Win

  • leah

    Soon it’ll be you can’t play if you’re receiving unemployment…Do y’all really trust these fools to create laws like this? By the way not everyone who is on Welfare or has filed bankruptcy is some lazy ass who mishandled their money…Would you like someone to judge you?

    • T-Ro Price

      no need… I’m not a lazyass who misshandled his money…

      • leah

        Good for you!!

    • pj

      I would like to see all of you who judge other people end up on welfare. Then let others judge you. Things are tough in this country right now and kids need to eat. There are bad people in every sector but most people are basically good and just need a helping hand. The bad can happen to anyone. Too bad there are stupid Republicans who think they can judge others. My advice–leave other people alone, tend to your own life.

  • tony


  • Edward

    Hell, welfare people use the EBT cards are strip joints, casinos and such, why not lottery…………….WE ARES STUPID ENOUGHT AS A COUNTRY TO SUPPORT THEIR BAD HABITS WHAT IS ONE MORE……AS HILLARY “THE MURDERESS” SAID WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?????????????

  • Caroline

    Give me a break!!! Doesn’t anyone think that a welfare recipient might have a friend who is not a welfare recipient who can go buy lottery tickets and such? Wow!!! Boy, isn’t Big Brother watching everyone anymore!!!

  • renee

    Just like the ban on guns…not enforceable and just like this EQUALLY NON ENFORCEABLE. The money is being put back into the ecomony either way you cut it, its not the guns its the people with the guns that do the harm.

    • corysgirl

      It CAN be enforced, if someone who wins is found to be on welfare, then the winnings could be forfeited

      • DonteB

        forfeit the money that is won and clearly needed, all because their too poor to recieve it. Yeah lets take away their right to play cause they are getting government assistance, for whatever reason. That is sure to make someone happy, but who? Oh yeah, thats right lets keep the poor poor and only people with money can get more, and the rest, we will work harder and harder for less and less. This sounds like we really love and care for and are considerate of each other. Why are we so selfish.

  • art`

    this is one of thoose things that make you say wow how didnt anyone think of that before

  • john

    This all comes down to the argument about the fact that as harsh as this sounds, you don’t need to work to survive in this country. Starvation is a great motivator. Unemployment would be non-existent. But until we get away from the fact that people can live better on welfare than working a low paying job, nothing will change.

  • donaldo muhamed abdula

    nothing but uneducated trash, stop giving anyone anything, get a job or go hungry…..if you collect from the government then u r working for them, so get on the side of the road and pick up trash.

    • Janet

      This truly makes sense!!!! That is why the government will never do it. Give people the assistance they need, but require something in return!! I have never understood why the gov doesn’t work with the private sector to get these people off welfare and working!!!!!

    • MR.

      donaldo muhamed abdula are u from the united states. Were u born an here.

  • Craig

    why not? Why should you be able to use government money to gamble? If you can afford lottery tickets, you can afford to buy your own food and pay your own rent. Liberals who oppose this are the reason this country is going to crap. Increase taxes on the working class so we can increase welfare spending so the welfare recipiants can buy lottery tickets. Stupid this is even being discussed. Its a no brainer

    • yvonne

      yeah well a lotto ticket is 1.00 and up not sure never bought one i understand what you are saying but passing something saying you can buy lotto tickets is stupid if you were a vet and you just want to buy a ticket with the states money should they be band too!!!

  • Latasha Alexander

    You would think that these people had something better to think about then this. All that time sitting on your duff wondering what can you do now and this is what you come up with?


  • yvonne

    the thing i don’t understand is the money that you win on a titcket most or sum of it gose to the gov for taxes they get more money back if you have more people buying them i unstand where he is coming from but at the end of the day why take away something that people get a joy at i dont know i just think its stupid just like when the told everyone on the new that we had to wait and file for taxes cause they dont have anymore more wtf really come on we all work are butts off so we can make a living and when they screw us over like this in my head it makes me want to scream and yell why should we even pay or taxes if you cant use the money right !!!! if you can go in the hole why cant we buy lotto !!!!!!

    • donaldo muhamed abdula

      i rest my case of uneducated…

  • george

    Take away all gov. welfare, the legals will haft to go to work and the E-leagalS WILL SCRAMBLE TO THE BORDER as the leagles will take their Jobs

    • Milas mommy

      Your a dumb ass not every that collects welfare is illegal , I see alot of white folk standing in line to collect too.

  • John

    I understand what you are trying to say but at least the gov’t. is giving money to the people to use. Over here in NYC we are spending our money on products and the gov’t is telling us how much we can get (soda ban). I totally agree with this ban. Why should our tax dollars go to people spending money LEISURELY. These people are adults and if they are getting help (welfare, housing assistance)by the gov’t. who are they to complain? These programs are meant to help for bare essentials well if they have enough for beer, cigarettes and lotto maybe the gov’t. should give them less and save us tax payers more money. Beggers can’t be chosers. I work 7 days a week and have 2 jobs and live check to check and I can’t spend money like that. How is that fair? Plus I went to college. In the mean time they can go get cigarettes, beer and lotto? Looks like I made the wrong choices in life. I have to think carefully how many children I have in life where these people have 8 kids by 5 guys with no problem getting gov’t assistance. Oh yeah…life is fair!

  • anon

    Why not just ban the lottery? I’m sure NONE of the money it takes in is misdirected.

  • dvadva

    SMH some of you people sound like you just slipped and bumped your heads. All welfare recipients are not low lives. Plenty do have jobs but the jobs they do have still don’t cover it all. The kids have to get fed, the father wont pay child support or they get paid under the table so his income wont show or they are made to pay 50 a month. 50 a month don’t buy a child nothing. So the mothers have to do what they have to do to take care of the child. Welfare has always been around way before Obama was put into office so stop it with that he’s giving it to his people because if you think about white and black are his people.

  • DaveG53

    Do you really think that will work? They have laws preventing underage people from buying alcohol and cigarettes yet, others buy them for the kids. To help stop it, they arrest the “buyers.” So, would I get arrested if I bought a lottery ticket for a welfare recipient? There are truly needy people who need the help and there are those who do not. Why don’t they STOP THE DEADBEATS now getting services? Oh, we can’t make them work for the benefits. We can’t give them benefits while they struggle to make it. I know a person who had full services. He got a minimum wage, part-time job and they took away ALL his benefits. His part-time job earned him LESS MONEY than the benefits, and cost him more in gas and other working expenses. So why work unless you can get a job paying about $12 an hour. Good luck there!

  • mick

    My wife works for GM and I worked for AIG, will we be able to play the lottery? Will we have to get tattoo’s on our heads so the minimum wage 16 year old will know we are part of the 47% ‘victims’ looking for a free ride from the government?

  • Innerg

    On this ship , there are far too many steering and not enough people rowing

    • CM

      You DO have to work for your welfare check. You DON’T just sit and collect!

  • Chase

    Besides this being totally uneforceable by any stretch of the imagination, it’s a huge waste of resources to even attempt. If officials are so worried about how EBT funds are spent, how about
    switching back to food stamps and credit vouchers for rent, gas, utilities and household necessities? ( and this is a somewhat sarcastic comment, but it would prevent some of the so-called abuses of EBT funds…)

    • http://lottoandwelfare Della Moulin

      totally agree!

    • cactuslady

      I’m with you Chase. Food Stamps & vouchers would keep the fancy cell phone, artifical nail spending etc to a halt also

    • http://qsl.net/n8vzl Raynard

      You cannot use an EBT card to buy lottery tickets dumbshyt lol. Hey I have a great idea lets tattoo all welfare recipient’s with a big W on their forehead. Let’s just punish them more for being the poor bastards they are just pile it on them. I can’t believe people replying in here aren’t even thoughtful about the people and the infringement the government would have on them. Shame shame.

      • cactuslady

        Infringment? Just how many welfare people have ever worked even one day of their life? Why not let them go out and work for that welfare check? Unless there is a medical/mental reason no one should be able to sit home and collect welfare. If they can’t get a paying job then the state should put them to work cleaning up empty lots, scrubbing graffitti, cutting grass, shoveling snow (your welfare ASSITANCE would depend on how many hours you put in – get where I’m going on this…..

  • http://lottoandwelfare Della Moulin

    how retarded ! why not let people on welfare buy lotto ? Either way Big Brother get their money. find thing that really matter and really need fixing .

  • Bill

    Soooo who would be left to buy lottery tickets?

  • Robert

    @Leah, I’m judged daily, I’m of mixed heritage!!

    • donaldo muhamed abdula

      poodle and Shepard

    • pj

      I’m sorry for that Leah. Why judge others??? What goes around comes around. The jerks who think they will never need welfare or any other help should get lost. We all should have room in our hearts for goodwill for our brothers and sisters. People who judge others have nothing in their hearts and soul except love for themselves.

  • omar espinosa

    impossible… why??

    HEY go get me a ticket.. Ill pay you back…

    Law bypassed !!

    Lets cut CORPORATE WELFARE ! !
    Tax cuts for the rich, tax cuts for sports stadiums
    tax cuts for Lockheed and Boeing,
    Tax cuts for BIG-Agra-biz…

    No more Tax abatement either. ————–

    When corps get money with no strings attached they have
    no moral compass to guide them and do the right thing.

    SO when a corp sees PROFITS, it will LAY people off rather
    than keep the worker employed because it wasnt in writing.

    ALL the time corps get write offs and tax abatement but they never keep up their end of the bargain.

    The whole point of a gov or community giving a corporation some tax-slack is so that they FIGHT FOR THE LITTLE GUY, the worker.

    This dosnt happen anymore the moral-social contract between community, people and corps is BROKE.

  • donaldo muhamed abdula

    we came over to the U.S.A. five years ago and never collected welfare, and now we own our own 7-eleven and donuts shop next door.

  • Tina

    What’s the difference between the lottery and poker machines anyway? They placed a ban on poker machines and then brought out scratch off tickets. Don’t they realize it’s just about the same thing. Now this. How exactly are they going to enforce it? Wow. We really have some idiots as representatives.

  • Will

    Welfare is for people who “allegedly” do not have enough money to survive. If they have money to play the lottery, which is just throwing it way to begin with, I think it’s time to reconsider just how “needy” they really are.

  • tiredofcomplaints

    How about we just grow up and finally follow through with drug testing anyone who receives income from the government… i bet we would save millions each month and you cant blame anyone but yourself for failing. as for lotto you have a better chance of being struck by lighting twice in one day so save your money and start a saving account so you can stop spending my tax dollars on the lotto that youll never win

    • sean

      Do you have any clue as to what drug testing for welfare would cost per month, the amount is in the millions. So no, you wont save any money.

  • mick

    Does anyone else see the relationship of the most ridiculously fo.olish, si.lly and s.t.u.p.i.d laws coming out of Red States?

  • http://qsl.net/n8vzl Raynard

    Next thing you know we’ll need a background check to use a public bathroom. Oh gee we don’t want them getting hunting fishing licenses, or well gee they should not be allowed to drive or buy gasoline, oh yes no kids so lets get welfare recipients spade and neutered. Paul Stam was actually elected to office? Paul Stam Idiot!

    • cactuslady

      Hey Raynard!! I like your idea of spading and neutering….you realize how much money the gov’t would save??? Then people who HAVE worked all THEIR life wouldn’t have to worry rather there would be Social Security or Medicare (which THEY paid into it for themselves) would be available.

  • harold

    I wonder what they are really afraid of? besides a swift kick in the but

  • http://yahoo.com louise ross

    there should be a one year limit on all welfare programs. there were 2 women waiting in line for food stamps in a fist fight in e. st. louis il. these women are in better condition than most workers. they will not work as long as they can sit on their fat asses and multiply. stop making working americans angry by making us pay for the lowest of the lowest human beings. give them tokens as were done to our parents during the 1930’s

  • ruben

    Let’s see, what about people who work for the government. They can also be considered to be on the government dole. I think we should ban the lotterys, then we don’t have to worry if welfare recipients are abusing government money. Because I know for sure none of our congressmen, state or federal have ever misused OUR money. And while I’m on my soap box let’s make it mandfatory that every person in the United States has to take and pass a drug test. Just to be in the country or as a requiremnet of citizenship. Yes great idea!!! Heaven forbid they win the lottery and stop collecting welfare or pay off their mortgage with the winnings. I guess only people who aren’t on welfare are entitled to squander their money on lottery dreams. How stupid are the people who think this is a great idea?

    • Scott

      Unfortunately there are people who have won the lotto (in the state of New York, maybe others too) who are still on welfare. loop holes bro. The scum on assistance are just as brilliant as the ones who dish it out!

    • scales

      Ruben: That’s the most depressing thing– the amount of stupid people who think this is a great idea. Even if such a law were enforceable, it wouldn’t pass constitutional muster. It’s a flat out joke and the idea that our so-called leaders, who we assume possess a certain amount of intelligence and/or education, are coming up with these silly, petty ideas is even more depressing.

  • bobby g

    bs…. this was my idea. who should but them nobody. if u pay taxes that alone make su eligible… the more u contribute the more u can win… but with a limit based on ur income. too bad honey booboo octo mamas. check the agree to contribute block, just like the dumb asses that contribute to the voting campaign fund… for example if I get back a return how much can I buy into… and payouts will be not taxed and paid off over 20 years unless ur over ssn age. WHAT??

    • bobby g

      OK… welfare money should be in the sum of a ration card… for food and utilities, not for alcohol or tobacco….. or bullets hahaha….with a clothing allowance once a year, based on the number of kids. and when that kid drops out of school like his parents probably did… he or she is cut off. until he or she gets back in school… OR WE CAN ALL JUST PAY MORE TAXES B.O.B.

  • david martin

    Does the NAACP have to stick their noses in everything. Gotta keep something stirred up.

    • scales

      David, what do you think the NAACP’s purpose is? It is to defend people of color, the poor, and the oppressed. They are necessary only because of juvenile ideas like the one suggested here. I don’t know what kind of lawyers they have but this thing would NEVER pass judicial– or constitutional– muster. The idea is so bad, it’s funny, but predictably, it appeals to the small-minded and/or simple-minded.

  • Love

    Instead of attacking people for being less fortunate, how about addressing the problems that lead to people living in poverty? The government wants their hands in our personal lives, and some of you idiots are so hateful that you would rather see your fellow citizen down than improving their lives.

    Raise minimum wage, get rid of Obamacare, quit forcing the public to pay various insurance scams, improve our schools, stop the chemtrails, remove the flouride from the water, get rid of the GMOs and antibiotic filled livestock… do something to IMPROVE our being. Don’t attack and belittle a human for being, well, human.

    Btw, most ppl receiving government assistance are employed and farm workers. Get your facts straight.

  • maria

    It’s about time. How are you going to use FREE money to WIN money??? I can’t work 2 jobs at once.

  • Grady

    You know, this is really getting ridiculous. Just because a person is on welfare does not make then non-persons. You cannot just take away their rights because you want to. Who is coming up with this crap? Stop blaming the nations problems on welfare. The problem is some parts of the government, Wall street, and bankers who have had a green light to steal billions of taxpayers dollars with no penalties, no jail, no anything!We should stop feeding the “War machine”. People like Bernie Madoff and people like him who are still stealing. The small amount of money given to welfare does not even compare! Get a life. I can’t even call you racist, because the welfare lines have no color line, even though some ignorant people think that it does…

    • KAREN

      I think it is rediculous to not let people on welfare buy lottery tickets.Maybe by spending a dollar on a ticket they might win and be able to get off of welfare. I don’t think they are buying hundreds of dollars worth but one or two tickets isn’t hurting anyone. If you were on welfare wouldn’t you want to chance playing the lottery!! You can’t win if you dont play :)

    • scales

      Grady: Best post I’ve seen. We lose more money to corporate welfare but those who want to stereotype aren’t interested in facts. If they bothered to actually investigate welfare statistics, they’d be shocked at hwat they find (the racial breakdown of welfare recipients.).

  • Latanya


  • http://yahoo bee

    Not all states give money through welfare. Most just give food stamps.
    in Illinois you have to go to some classes in order to get money
    from welfare. I say why do that to get a small amount of money just
    get a JOB! Everyone needs help sometimes but to use the help for things that isn’t a guarantee then you should be taken off public assistance. I say if they are capable of working then they should. Stop sitting on your ass collecting my hard earned money! Not like if you play today you gonna win the lottery. Lazy people are just the worst!

  • Josh Calderwood

    They should ban people from voting if youre on welfare. No more nanny state voters.

    • John

      They should ban the very rich from voting also then….since they also vote whoever will help them financially…

      • Melinda Gladstone

        No welfare people should be banned from voting OR pay taxes on your TAXPAYER provided welfare check!! Notice welfare rats scream for people to pay more taxes ,but they would NOT scream if THEY HAD TO PAY TOO!!! EVERYONE and I do mean everyone should have SKIN IN THE GAME!!

  • bri

    This is unbelievable to me!!! How can so many of you judge what you obviously know nothing about?! Why shouldn’t someone who really NEEDS the money win it? I think lottery tickets should be given to welfare recipients. My whole life I’ve had to hear people “bash” the poor and it’s so tiring. You think people like being on welfare, that they’re proud of it? I grew up in the shacks and I can say this; my mother worked, hard, but it was never enough to get by. So welfare was a small bit of help but embarrassing as well. We struggled, and never knew if we would have a meal from one day to the next. People who have never struggled, never had to choose between “toilet paper or milk” today, should just keep thier opinions to thier selfs. I just find it so sad that noone lives by the rule “help your fellow man” anymore. Everything’s about judgement. I’ve been fortunate enough in my adult life to always have work, always been able to keep my kids fed and a roof over our heads. Thats all I ask for, noone needs more than that. I will continue to believe I’m not here to judge, just to offer whatever I can whenever I can. Thats what I have taught my children, only God is supposed to judge.

    • Melinda Gladstone

      YES…some people DO LIKE being on welfare!! Why work when someone will buy your food, pay your rent, educate your kids, pay your medical bills, pay your heating/cooling costs…YOU ARE A CLUELESS FOOL if you think some people do not enjoy this. I will ALL welfare were wiped out!! That would correct our deficit problem AND the ILLEGAL NOT undocumented ILLEGAL issue immediately!!

      • Cynthia


        Well said!

    • Gatrics

      Bri, the majority of welfare recips are WHITE PEOPLE!! LOOK IT UP, RESEARCH IT! And now even MORE so, due to the rich, greedy, WHITE CAPITALISTS in this country who want to make even more $$$ by sending jobs out of this country to pay 0 benefits and little to no wages at all! The time you DID see a welfare recipient win the lottery, she was a WHITE woman who chose to remain on welfare, further usurping $$$ and services designed to help the citizens who are really in need of it!! You seem to be a biased individual, based on your statement, in my opinion.

    • m

      You don’t seem to realize many people CHOOSE to live on welfare and expect to be supported so they do not have to work. There is a huge difference between falling on hard times poor and too lazy to work and take all the handouts poor. Believe it or not, many are poor by choice.
      If you are not working or trying to work, should taxpayers buy your lottery ticket? Will the welfare money be repaid if $$ is won?

  • Lavelle

    What is the big deal,from the winners that I see that are announced, none of them are welfare recipients anyway. I know I never see welfare receiving blacks win the Lotto or powerball. The tyranny of U.S policies and control make sure poor welfare receivers dreams don’t come true. It’s all fixed and controlled anyway, so who cares who plays and who doesn’t play.

    • J.J

      Then more white and jew people on warefare,then black on it.Check the numbers and then you can on talk that matter.
      why you don’t see a lot or none black people win lotto cause the little money they get, just to pay and buy food..

  • Sarah

    I completely get their point, but how would they ever enforce it? Any schmuck can walk into a gas station and buy a lottery ticket.

  • http://qsl.net/n8vzl Raynard

    I rent a house in Ohio to pay my rent in NC, make less than 800 a month on SSD and am told I make too much to get services, but if I could and wanted to buy a lottery ticket do you think some dumbazz congressman is going to stop me?

    • http://yahoo.com Shawna

      Ummmm No 1 child and I’m white thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo.com Shawna

      For someone with a college degree you should know that it is CHOSE not Choose….And what does color have to do with anything!!!!!!Not just blacks are on welfare…

  • http://yahoo.com Shawna

    I think it’s bull stop trying to keep the poor …Poor and start helping if they have a dollar they should be aloud to buy a ticket….
    The poor deserve a shot at being rich too!!!!Just because we grew up different doesn’t make anyone in this world better than anyone else….You just have more money!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Melinda Gladstone

      NO!!! I was really poor once and CHOOSE to get a college degree and now work FT!! BALONEY!! You want STUFF……E-A-R-N I-T!!!

      • Melinda Gladstone

        Shawna…now doubt a black welfare recipient and buyer of lotto tickets…let me guess, multiple babies from multilple baby daddies too!!!

        • Brittany

          @Melinda..Unnecessary Racist comment. Proud of prejudices?
          What happened to humility?

          Some people have opportunities & take them, others let them pass by…some never get one. We shouldn’t judge, but what is true is that You make your own choices and, in consequence, live by them.

          • Melinda Gladstone

            NO!! I am NOT a rtacists. I am sick of welfare abuse. If YOU are offended, YOU must be one of the abusers. IF you need welfare, you cannot affford lotto tickets…PERIOD!!

          • Brittany

            No welfare here. I, like you, chOse college. I live well. BUT I DON’T judge on other peoples lives. The comment above is quite racist. Read it over & over..it should shame you.

          • Melinda Gladstone

            Apparently I am RIGHT ONE TARGET with you. Hey how about instead of cry baby calling me names…egt an education…GET A JOB and off of the taxpayers back!!!

          • Brittany

            Girl..you’ve got issues. Your Education is exuding out of your pores.

          • Brittany

            My stand on this issue is similar to yours, but without the unnecessary prejudiced comments. People make the decisions they have to live with.
            If only everyone had the same drive to better their lives, right?
            Welfare should be limited to what the individual family needs & no more. A bit of investigation on to this would be necessary so that people don’t abuse on the system. Thus avoiding the excess money spent on luxury items such as nice cars, clothing,..etc. All well-measured and for practicallity only. I can’t say I agree on eliminating it completely, because some people do deserve/need assistance. I saw a comment posted under this article mentioning the ban of other Government assistance as well, such as College financial aid. I don’t know if you might have been assisted by this aid(I’m not interested in knowing either), but it would have helped me out significantly and even though I was eligible to receive it, I didn’t take it(I roughed it & made it). However, I met people there who, for one reason or another, did need that assistance and it paid off
            What I’m saying is that I have enough mind to understand that everyone needs a lending hand for help/assistance..BUT NOT FOR FULL DEPENDENCE. NOT FOR ABUSING. Good luck to the system in resolving the enforcement of Welfare assistance only for the practical need of each individual family.

        • m

          You got a collecge education and dont know the difference between choose and chose and know and now? WOW!

  • Nina

    I don’t see how they would be able to enforce this.They could say the found the dollar on the street that went to buy the ticket or a family member gave them the dollar.It would be more of a waste trying to enforce it.Hey if they win…why not just take a certain percentage of the winnings?

  • Melinda Gladstone

    DOG GONE STRAIGHT!! And I mean the stronger version of DOG GONE!! If you are so poor, you need taxpayer provided government assistance…YOU CANNOT AFFORD LOTTO TICKETS!!!

  • tammy

    I have a better idea. Ban the WEALTHY people from being allowed to buy lottery tickets.

    • http://Yahoo Brenda


  • Monique

    I’d rather a person on welfare buy a ticket and win with the welfare money and get off of welfare than to buy cigarettes, alcohol, or weed with it.

    • m

      Then there’s the lady on welfare that did win a million and was still collecting welfare!

  • http://Yahoo Brenda

    That’s is so stupid! If the higher ups can go that far, they should be drug testing them. What is ok to spend it on ,weed crack and who knows what else but don’t spend a dime on something that could better yourself and get you off welfare! Really, they can’t find a better way to spend tax payers dollars?


    Let then play, If they win, use the money to pay back their welfare

  • Corky

    Yo Paul!! Why don’t YOU look at how the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES misdirects, mishandels, and just plain wastes money DAILY, before you point the finger at someone else and how they spend their money.

  • Joe P

    Unfortunately there are more lowest of the lowest human beings than God fearing saints like yourself. Life has evolved differently for each of us and due to certain forces their are many out there that haven’t been so fortunate.
    Have you ever seen a family with a grill in their living room cooking rats for dinner? Imagine going home after a long day at the job center with a frown due to watching your kids suffer and quite possibly having your spouse leave, become addicted to drugs, or commit suicide after being let down on a regular basis. Welfare does not make anything go away. The aid is helpful but by no means takes the place of a job and security.
    Obama has made it easy to get this aid. Blame him… people in need have no choice sometimes but to become dependent on a supporter. Jobs in America are not their. Employer can hire the best and leave the rest. So while you are on your high horse judging America’s low income or p[oor maybe you should go live with them and see what is really happening.

    • J.J

      To;Joe P, I see why your name is Joe.P you got a P.Brain you fool of a P.Wow We no you came out of the womb backass out.

  • ervin

    Y stop @ welfare? Let’s go further. Why don’t we ban those on unemployment, social security disability, utility assistance, babysitting assistance, HUD, food stamps, or any other goverment assistance programs? How would they enforce it? Would I need a permit to buy lottery tickets? Hey lets stop welfare people from buying tabacco, alcohol, or dning out. Seems good on paper, but not enforcable.

  • Skye

    Stick with the drug testing that will free up millions! Instead of nit picking at little things. All the people who jump up to bash people who recieve help, I sincerly hope you never reach a point in your life were you have to ask for help and there will be none for you. It will forever be easier to sit on your ass and point fingers not everyone who recieves help takes advantage!

    • Cynthia

      Skye, I have no issue with the ones who seriously need assitance. It’s the ones using it for the wrong reasons! I agree drug testing will free up millions! I work my A** off to stand in line and watch as they are eating better then most families and driving around with fancy cars. Total abuse of the system!!!

  • Melanie

    Good, I think they should ban welfare CASH recipients from purchasing lottery tickets but only if the recipients are using welfare as a way of life (ex: having one kid after another so they don’t have to work) .. don’t punish the ones who have no choice (ex: can’t work due to circumstances).. this would entail ALL welfare recipients be investigated, if they are able to work byby welfare (cash benefit, possibly medical benefit, food stamps depending on situation), which in turn would create jobs cause someone’s gotta do the investigating right?

    • Zaid Shakur

      The United States tax payers send $8 million A DAY in the form of aid to ISRAEL. What do we get back? This has got to be a far larger drain on our economy then a few lottery tickets. Why should American taxpayers pay for Israeli citizens to be comfortable, yet draft laws to penalize our own disadvantaged. It’s insane. It’s a policy of “ISRAEL FIRST”. I believe should look after Americans first!


    absolutely love this idea…Heck some people on welfare have nicer things particular CARS than I do…And i make a Deceit Income….This is best think I have seen in weeks on the internet….LOvE it love it i LOVE IT>>>>>

    • Cynthia

      Thank you Derrick! People on government assitance should not be buying lottery tickets! While we the rest of us pay for it! I’m sick of seeing the abuse!!

  • JIm

    You can’t just pick on people who are on welfare. You must include everyone who receives government funding (for example student loans)

    • Melanie

      people use student loans to pay for college so they don’t have to be on welfare not exactly the same thing as someone on welfare popping out multiple kids cause they don’t wanna get off their ass and work ..

    • m

      That’s the stupidest thing one could say! Sudent lOANS are not HANDOUTS! LOANS are repaid when the hard-working students graduate-whether they are able to get a job or not. Welfare is often handed out to peopl eto lazy to work. Should they be allowed to try to get rich on tax-payers money? Are they going to repay what they took in wefare if they win? No!

  • http://hotmail Ade


  • http://yahoo.com Shawna

    I have worked my whole life…..But I have been layed off for two years and can’t get a job anywhere and you are damn straight I’m getting help it’s not lazy it’s not being able to find work where I live!!!!!!!!!!And payed into welfare all my years of working so you are damn straight I’m collecting what I payed into it…..And I also go to school for it too!!!!So down ppl for needing help especially in this economy today!!!!!!!Not everyone is born with silver spoon in their mouth.

    • Melanie

      Again let me reiterate .. they should not punish the ones who have no choice .. only the ones who DO NOT want to work and make welfare their way of life … I don’t know about you but I’m tired of living from pay check to pay check cause I have to pay for people who don’t wanna get off their ass and work …

  • Latanya


    • BC

      Lame excuse. That does not affect you and you should be over it. Get a job and quit expecting others to feel sorry for you. You are not a slave unless you are on welfare so if you are get off of it and you can spend your money on what you please.

      • Latanya


        • http://Yahoo Joel

          Latanya, you seem to be very proud that you “pimp” white people. It’s good that you live here because your comments would make you dead in other places. You are one of the reasons so many people dislike the fact that President Obama is in office. If you are proud of your race, be proud; don’t denigrate it by showing the ignorance that is the stereotype.

    • George

      you need to remember who sold “YOUR ANCESTORS” into slavery guess who their own tribes. so go back to africa and live there and my ancestors were told when they came here in 1920 and worked for little to nothing and built the country. you do not hear us complaining I bet if you check your family did not come from slaves they probably came here many many years later.


      • Latanya


  • g z

    The lottery is just a tax on stupid why should welfare recipients be exempt?

  • Corky

    Well maybe your right. Lets ban them from buying lottery tickets that way they will have more money to buy the things they really need like ALCOHOL, CRACK, WEED, you know the nessities.

    • Latanya


  • Working citizen

    I am gainfully employed and never play the lottery – it is a gamble -just like the slot machine. I just LOVE those on assistance claiming they deserve the chance to get rich. – Never mind the one in ten million chance involved. There is no cure for stupid.

    • wendy

      ^ Right on!!

      • Latanya


  • wendy

    Since the taxpayers paid for their welfare, let the taxpayers get a cut of the winning!

  • David

    Needs work but the banning would help many of the poor and uneducated citizens of NC. A better crackdown would be the requirement of passing an observed random drug test for illegal and elective drugs (tobacco,alcohol).

    People on welfare have proven they can’t make rational decisions. Asking taxpayers for help in your personal matters should require VERY strict rules and guidelines to continue receiving assistance. To simply give money to the uneducated is a very poor way to run a system. Why does the government think these individuals are capable of making good budget decisions when they have been making poor life choices to put them in their situation? Being on welfare should feel as restrictive to the citizen as being on supervised legal probation. Nuff said..

    • http://notsure Tony

      Hey David! It sounds like you are an educated person, with a degree from college. I have a few questions for you.

      1. Do you understand that our nation’s national debt was created by educated & highly educated folks like you? Not poor uneducated folks! So, making good budget decisions require wisdom not intellect.

      2. Do you think that our national leaders should be required to “pass an observed random drug test for illegal and elective drugs…?” Because 70% of our leaders use these drugs. Maybe, that’s why our national leaders are “incapable of making good budget decisions.”

      3. Did you really believe that your comment was intellegent? Hardly! Because you never really took the time to think about it through.

      • Latanya

        ENOUGH SAID.

  • Working citizen

    Latanya – learn to spell, and by the way – please learn to THINK! Obummer will be gone in 4 years, and you will still be where you are now -probably nowhere -with nothing -unless you stop depending on handouts and learn to fend for yourself. I am a community college teacher and most of my students are on financial aid – you can do it too, but first you have to stop blaming everyone else for your own bad life choices

    • Latanya


  • http://yahoo kimeeee

    It’s not winning the Big One that is the problem. It is all the lottery tickets purchased while trying to win the Big One. It is all of the money intended for aid not going there. For example, I was in my local store and while in the check out line, the woman behind me offered to pay for my purchase with her food stamp debit card if I reimbursed her fifty cents on a dollar. I refused and she had the temerity to take umbridge with me, asking if I thought I were the welfare police.

    This happens day after day all over the country and it needs to be addressed. We need welfare reform in the worst way and a good place to start is a time limit. One or maybe two years on welfare or as long as you are in school. Another would be to cut off any alien (legal or illegal)from the possibility of receiving welfare.

    • http://Yahoo Joel

      I agree. The same has happened to me and it p….. me off. I grew up needing assistance. I was on a job when I could work and have been ever since. Had food stamps one time for two months. This has to stop. Go back to commodities, 50 bucks for a kid, 150 bucks for a family, and see how fast all these welfare riders get a job. When welfare beats minimum wage the leeches follow. Prosecute any SOB that buys anything other than food with stamps/card. This is pathetic and gets worse.

    • Rosslyn

      Ummmm…..please be educated about this topic. There are time limits for cash benefits in all 50 states.

  • Wayne

    I’m for it. If you win any lottery then a simple check determines if you are receiving Federal or State assistance. Since you are using Federal or State money to play you shouldn’t be allowed to receive or keep any winnings. Too many people getting Federal money with no ambitions of changing their current situation. If you do not want to be told what to do with your money or want to spend i thow you wish, then work to get your lazy a$$ off any assistance.

  • Jenny

    No one seems to be looking at the reason so many single moms are on welfare. Many single women were not planning on raising several kids on welfare, but after their worthless piece of crap husband beat them, the kids, and killed the dog, single parenthood and welfare just looked too good to pass up. Before you judge, ask yourself how people end up on welfare!!!

    • Melinda Gladstone

      One guess……YOUR life story. Sorry, if you NEED my taxpayer provided welfare check YOU cannot oafford for me to have to pay for lotto tickets. I was really poor once. TWO kids to raise on my own…my choice…I went to college, EARNED a BSN and now work for full time. Get a education, get a job. NOT my money!

    • ChubbyChuck

      I work hard and give half my money to the government and it gets gambled away by people that are living off my back. I deserve at least half the proceeds of any lottery win!

    • stiggity

      Oh it’s DEFINITELY all the guys fault that women have multiple children on welfare. You’re certainly right they weren’t planning…
      And you’re totally wrong about something else: the term “husband” doesn’t really exist in most of these communities. 80% of children born in Detroit are illegitimate.
      It takes two to tango, babycakes.

      • just me

        It definitely takes two to tango. And, some of us know that its not ‘all the guy’s fault that women have multiple children on welfare”. However, which ever of those children belong to whatever ‘guy’; it would be awesome if that ‘guy’ would provide half of the child’s care. Then, the need to depend on the government would decrease significantly.

        And, where do you get your Detroit stats (80% illegitimate)???

    • Kelly

      Worthless whores should have kept their legs closed,problem solved

  • Marigail

    Like they wouldn’t get someone else to buy them their tickets for them. Come on, how stupid can people be???????

  • damikus

    I think if a welfare recipient wins on a lottery ticket, the welfare they have received in the past should be deducted and paid back. Then, they should be taken off all government assistance programs. They get to keep what is left of their winnings (if there is any).

    • ChubbyChuck

      Nail on head. Great comment

  • Kim

    I don’t think that their should be a ban one that is a hard working person really asks to be on welware. I mean my family fell on hard times and we nned till we got back on our feet. We no longer need it but that doesnt mean take things aways its a $1 if any thing when they claim taxies you will find out then put them in jail. But to say they cany buy a ticket is wrong your not GOD so stop playing the roll of GOD because your not!!!



  • ed

    At least we the taxpayers are getting some of the money back. I look at it as a form of recycling. Also be realistic. How can this possibly be enforced? Just more “feel good” legislation from “do good” politicians

  • http://yahoo disgusted

    Why let them have cash at all? Last week I saw a lady buy a $50 bottle of shampoo with a welfare “debit” card. What a croc! Let them go to the store and get the basics to eat and live. put special bar codes on items that can be purchased with assistance money and the rest they have to get a job to buy. that would motivate them to get off the assistance programs.

  • Bill59

    Wow, what a waste of time. So, what is so wrong about the poor dreaming about getting rich? Instead of banning someone on welfare to spend $1 on a dream, you should be complaining about the people on welfare who use their money to buy cigarettes… or alchohol…. or drugs…. all these care health cost. No, lets complain about a dollar, maybe they will win and get off welfare. And since they want to ban this becuase it’s government money, should state and local goverment employees also be banned becuase they also receive “:government” money? Same principle applies.

    • ChubbyChuck

      If it was only a dollar I could look the other way. After gambling drinking and drugging away the welfare check they have to sell drugs rob innocent people and prostitute themselves to get the money for more of the same and food

    • http://Yahoo Joel

      It’s not the 1 dollar. It’s the sodas, cinnamon rolls, bs, that are bought with food stamps. If a person spends 1 dollar on a scratch off or lottery ticket, they spend more and more, hoping for that win, which doesn’t for the most part happen. The principle of government workers getting government money is the dumbest thing I ever heard. They are employees, not welfare recipients. Although that might be open for debate. Welfare is welfare. It is meant for a specific purpose. If you get it, don’t spend other money on BS, instead of food, rent, clothing, gas.

  • Kristina

    I live in NC and this is ridiculous. First of all, this proposal is discriminatory against poor people. But more importantly, the NC legislative idiots won’t make the decisions necessary to bring viable employment to this state so hat poor people have the opportunity to get off welfare. Note there is no mention of how to eliminate the need for welfare in the proposals. NC legislature does NOT care about poor people — we are in the top 5 for unemployment in the US. It is just concerned with taking away even more rights.

    • ChubbyChuck

      Welfare: “living the American Dream without having to work for it”. As long as this version of the American Dream exists there will be racism. You reap what you sow.

  • Latanya


  • sharon williams

    O.K. Carolina thinking this Ban will stop people from playing the lotto. So the casinos are next and beating on sports games, playing bingo for people on welfare is next on the most imporant list to do for Carolina. so they are going to tattoo welfare on their faces since it’s not placed on your drivers licenses next to the organ donors spot to print “I get welfare”..Lol

  • Furr

    I think that even a small amount of welfare should be allowed for some form of entertainment. Some type of tickets cost only about $.50.
    with a possibility of helping if they should win. I wouldn’t recommend overdoing it.

  • Karjo

    I thought this was a free country. Just about the time we start taking away others freedoms is the time everyone is in trouble. Hey, I might not like what you do with your money, but I don’t have the right to tell you how to spend it (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol). And by the way, there is a time limit on how long you can receive welfare cash (3 yrs.) and it isn’t enough to live on (about $300.00 a mon.) and food stamps is about $24.00 a mon. for one person and no medical card for adults not pregnant or disabled. I work with the disabled in my community and have for years, not many play the lottery often, those who do usually do it as a group and only at special times. As you can see people on welfare must have another source of income, hence the phrase, “Ohio works first”. If you don’t have a job, they find you one to work off your welfare cash….so NO one is getting a free hand out. I’ve seen the look on some of these people’s faces when they have won five dollars on a scratch-off ticket (I give these out to them at Christmas as gifts) you would think they won the jackpot. That’s what I love about being American….BEING FREE TO DO AS I PLEASE! I bet you like your freedoms, too.

  • Jacqueline

    So, if I give someone $5.00 for their birthday (who is on welfare) and they choose to spend it on a lottery ticket, they cannot collect the prize? How stupid North Carolina is…I know, I was stationed at Fort Bragg in the ’80s…I NEVER want to live there again…it is a very prejudiced place, especially Fayetteville…in the mag “Apartment Finders” you rarely see the rental price of an apartment because the rent depends on the color of your skin…here in Georgia, the same mag “Apartment Finders” lists the rental price of every apartment listed…North Carolina has some serious racial problem. Oh, I’m sorry…North Carolina STILL has some serious racial problems.

    • joe bloe

      No Jacqueline, certain states have real estate laws that (VOTERS INTO PLACE) that prevent real etate listings from including information such as ‘square footage, acreage, price, etc.” — in an attempt to protect BUYERS/RENTERS from being misled by those descriptions — albeit at a loss of providing meaningful ways to list property other than the address….When you make comments about racial ignorance, try not to perpetuate it with your own.

  • John

    This is just another waste of the tax dollars trying to pass a law that is going to cost more to enforce, if it is even possible to enforce it. People will find a way to spend their money on lottery tickets. Whether it is going to a neighboring state, having someone else buy the tickets for them, or finding a place to sell them the tickets in spite of the law. This is just another way the government is overstepping its bounds by trying to control what people spend their money on. Next on the lawmakers’ agenda, telling people they cannot buy certain foods with their government assistance… oh wait, didn’t some idiot already try that? This is the LAND OF THE FREE people! Let’s not forget that!!!!!!

  • John

    Just pass a law saying Welfare recipients aren’t allowed to play the lottery. If they do, and they win, they will not be allowed to keep the winnings. If they win (and have a friend cash it in), they get charged with fraud.

  • billy bob

    If I am not on welfare, and I win the lottery. who gets the tax from my winning? the State get it even though the state did not help me purchase it. Why?

  • alanna

    This is bullshit, some people are trying to make it in the world. Why even have the lottery if people on assistance can’t buy, we buy them to hopefully win the lottery so we can get off the tax payers money!

  • Ben

    Many families of enlisted military personnel require government assistance – food stamps, WIC, etc. – in order to make ends meet. They’re clearly working for a living. North Carolina has a pretty substantial military presence compared to other states. This law would prevent them from playing the lottery. Do those who favor this law think that’s okay? I don’t. Furthermore, does anyone else see the irony of preventing those going through bankruptcy from buying lottery tickets? Yes, the chances of winning are miniscule. But still… if they win, they’re out of bankruptcy and not likely to be on government assistance! If a law were written to prevent a lottery winner from collecting government assistance, I’d be more inclined to support it. This current proposal, however, is just asinine.

    • Ben

      And if they’re playing the lottery, aren’t they contributing toward the state’s educational expenses anyway?

  • Dave

    How is the lottery a NECESSITY people. Can you survive with out it. What would you prefer food or the lotto? Only idiots would buy the lotto over food! These people should be drug tested then you would be changing your minds.

  • Nicole


    • Moe

      Sounds like an idiot that thinks people who cannot feed themselves have a right to use MY MONEY to gamble with. Yes, it is my money because I work and pay taxes. You want to play the lottery, stop collecting welfare.

  • Dave

    Is it racism to tell you to spend your welfare money on food rather than the lotto?

    • bob

      This is racism! What’d next sit on back of the bus if your on welfare????

  • Moe

    Its about time the gov’t gets involved on freeloaders with more frills than I can afford. I love seeing people with Gucci bags, driving brand new Lexus, talking on an iPhone with a $1000 a year contract using welfare cards in grocery lines. If you need assistance, you do not need to gamble. Put food on the table for you 9 kids from 9 dads.

    • GDSmithTX

      Moe, you DON’T see those people. You know why? They don’t exist, just like Reagan’s “welfare queen from Chicago.”

      Stop lying.

  • Dave

    You guys must have been alright then when that lady won one million dollars from Minnesota from the lottery and was still collecting a welfare check. Totally understand if you need gov’t assistance but do you think the gov’t should pay you to play lotto games? If you won the money chances are you would still want to get money from the gov’t too!

    • http://yahoonews john m h

      the right thing to do is report what u won so you can pay the system back or make a phone call and be removed from assistance

  • Bill

    Better yet, if someone on welfare wins the lottery, they pay back all their benefits they have received, with the maximum payback being the total of their lottery winnings. Sounds reasonable to me!

    • milootoole


      Almost, you left out that the rest of their wealth should be taken and distributed to every food stamp ecipient so they can buy lottery tickets with it. That would be fitting.

      • confused

        So let me understand this…..let a welfare recipient win the lotto and take it all away?

        While i agree with paying received monies back, and i disagree with squandering welfare money on lotto, wouldnt taking it all away just put them back into a situation to collect again?

  • http://www.benefits.gov/ nobubba

    use folks is just to hard on us poor folk … we just given back what Obama blessed us widt.

  • milootoole

    Two tickets, $2. One less loaf of bread on the table for the kids. Use some more to buy booze, even fewer loaves of bread. Good policies. Let them spend their way into deeper poverty.

  • MaxDS

    I understand not being able to use a Food Stamp Card (EBT) to buy booze and no Debit Cards can be used to buy Lottery tickets but to say anyone on Wellfare would not be allowed to buy a Lottery ticket is borderline discrimination. Last I checked, it was not illegal to bet your whole life savings or even your house on your next hand in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Yes, it’s stubid to make such a risk but you have the Right to do it. If someone wants to spend a couple dollers on a ticket or 2, I don’t see a problem. If they want to spend every dime they have, that will be their problem. I look at the Lottery like X-Factor or American Idol. It is a chance for someone (though, with talent), to finally get a break, they just have to get lucker thane the next person, but they have that chance. The ban will remove that chance to do better in their life away. Last I saw, we were allowed to make good and bad choices in our lives, here in the US. Allow us to keep that freedom.

    • Ivan

      Not if you live in N.Y.C. Mayor Blooming(idot)berg says you can’t own a handgun, have salt on your food in a restaurant or order a soda bigger than 16 oz. (But you can bet his body guard is well armed and drinks anything they want.)

      So, since people seem to love this nanny state so much (they voted for this idiot THREE times, with the 3rd term taking a special legal exemption on his part) then they deserve somebody telling them what they can and cannot spend our tax payer dollars on. First time we catch you using our tax dollars to buy a lottery ticket you lose your free ride, period. Go get a f*****g job like the rest of us.

    • susie

      The difference is the freakin welfare money they are spending is my tax dollars.

    • http://Tothecontrary sgl3213

      Quite Right… Take your entire welfare check that you can obtain in the form of ‘cash’ and bet it on the tables… or lottery. It is your right, but then you don’t really need to eat or pay for heat, nor are you responsible to provide for your kid’s needs either, so don’t commence to cryin’ when you’re out on the street, or living in a refrigerator box, lost your kids, blacklisted so you cannot get emergency funds anymore etc. Sure, it’s your Right to Gamble as long as you are paying your own way and not relying on the collective efforts of society as a whole to take care of you and yours. People may believe that I know nothing about being on assistance or food stamps. To the contrary, I was crushed 13 years ago in an accident at work and there was no ‘workers compensation’ allowance for my specific set of injuries, so I am in fact quite familiar with the process, requirements, and its purposes. I’ve been in a wheelchair since that day. Fortunately I worked long enough to be able to get disability but not even for half a career lifetime so it is minimal, little more than the maximum SSI gifts (SSI is not earned, nor a benefit or right) but rather a gift of necessity or an attempt to take care of our own for those who have not been able to pay in through working. Again, up until very recently, I have had to avail assistance as I and my family has been homeless for the last 3 years because of job losses. I’ve been supporting a “degreed professional” upper-class income, 16 years’ experience, spouse who lost their job and exhausted the full 99 weeks of unemployment compensation plus extensions and an additional 100 weeks. At the maximum amount my spouse collected 1/5 of the normal monthly income. I’ve been supporting a “degreed professional” upper-class income, 16 years’ experience, spouse who lost their job and exhausted the full 99 weeks of unemployment compensation plus extensions and an additional 100 weeks. At the maximum amount my spouse collected 1/5 of the normal monthly income. The total Sure, it would have been nice to “try my luck, spend a buck” to become a millionaire, problem is… I didn’t have billions of those –lucky- bucks to throw on the fire for heat in freezing, winter temperatures, let alone the table in the attempt to guarantee that I would have the one set of numbers that matched. My goodness, what is with people who think they are going to become a millionaire after spending only $2. Must be because they spent $2 at a time and cannot not add up how many two-dollarses (misspelling intentional) were spent in total before getting a winning ticket. Perhaps they should spend a cold winter outdoors for months and see if they can wake up their brain. As far as suddenly becoming a millionaire, here are a few statistics to chew on: You are 450,000 to 3,000,000 times more likely to die in an asteroid collision in the year 2029 than to win the lottery. These are in fact the odds according to a report at space.com. One would need to buy over 8,000,000 different tickets to have half a chance. If you have that kind of money lying around, how the heck are you eligible for welfare? Seriously sounds like fraud to me!! It has been my biggest challenge, second only to learning how to re-fashion my life after losing use of my limbs, to manage to have food for my spouse and kids to eat (2 of those 3 years) which used all of my disability; child support; plus food stamps; and low cost prescription co-pays just to feed the kids and 1 1/2 adults (I restricted myself to 3-4 meals a week to stretch the funds, which incidentally, I am still doing that since I can no longer tolerate much food). During that time, there was no mortgage or car payment made, no electric or heat bills to be paid, no internet or cable costs, (good thing for the prepay smartphone I happened to have from years prior) furthermore, it took about 18 months just to save $12 admission apiece if my kids wanted to see a single movie; there was no spare change laying around to buy a Dollar Menu lunch, not even a single kids meal. I picked up pennies laying on the ground that I saw, not a difficult thing to do when you can’t hold your head high any longer being so beaten and worthless, I have yet to figure out how to have a few coins left over after minimum needs were met to wash a load of laundry in a machine, if I even could meet those expenses. There were much more important things to pay for, like car insurance; so my spouse could look for work; gasoline to drive to prospective employers for interviews; a prepay phone to get calls (in my homeless camp) from prospects and apply for those jobs, since most applications are now done online; shampoo, soap, laundry, wood for heat, propane to cook, plastic sheeting to keep rain and snow off of us… Fortunately, 3 months ago my spouse finally found a job. Now, we are in the situation of having to pay back everything in default, anything we borrowed, like the funds to get to my brother’s funeral, job interviews, moving expenses, since the new job is hours & hours away from our home, not to mention the $4 a gallon for gasoline throughout that time, replacing all the furniture and other goods we sold to survive. Our only car, (a used van I purchased with cash from my savings in 2001, with over 200,000 miles on it) we had for wheelchair transport was totaled out when entrusted to a towing company taking it to a repair shop after a flat tire ruined the rims. The value of that van by 2012 was less than $1500 and we had to make that last a year and then had to figure how to get a down payment together to buy a vehicle to get to the new job after no job for over 3 1/2 years. We drove the totaled van for 8 months afterwards, used a lot of duct tape, hose repair tape, super glue, soup cans, clamps, etc. to keep it drivable enough to get to the store for food, interviews, and healthcare, until the whole front end finally fell off, literally, dropped the whole thing in the middle of a 15 hour trip going to my doctor because he would still see me in spite of me not being able to pay my bill (my saving grace that duct tape was!). No, I am not on welfare or any other assistance, now; yes, my spouse is working and making a living, now. I too work when I am able to sit up since I’ve been bedridden now for 4 years after being trapped in a house fire. (However, we are also well over $200,000 in debt (all in default) with nothing to show for it and now we have rent and other living expenses to pay. The majority of the debt is the foreclosed home, which sold 3 weeks after we were turned out for a whopping $21,000, so our misfortune certainly made someone feel like they were winners. But, I do know what is affordable on welfare, how much there is and yes we did have children at home during most of this time frame, if it weren’t for child support they too would have been eating like the parents were… *not*. And so, for those who have no clue how or they could ever monitor and restrict the sale of lottery tickets to recipients, it is possible to set up a database of ID numbers of recipients, purchasing a lottery ticket would simply require an identity card, about the same amount of effort needed to buy a beer, pack of smokes, or vote. We all know that if someone is that sick and desperate for a lottery ticket they will get ’em black-market and those who do that need some serious counseling, again at the taxpayers’ expense because they believe they have the right to use those funds intended for the health and welfare of a human being, not a ball full of balls. I have yet to see a prescription for a lottery ticket to sustain life or health. I have checked and rechecked the food chart looking for the food group into which the lottery fits, or the vitamins a lottery ticket provides to maintain health. Perhaps, instead of defending your ‘right to gamble with your kids’ necessities of life you should be working, at WhAt eVeR job you can find, do it to the best of your ability, don’t whine and complain about the agreed upon rate of pay, and be learning how to make that money last through your living expenses, childcare, and paying your taxes with the same amount of energy and fervor with which you are defending your right to starve and mistreat your children in exchange for those 1/18,000,000 odds, or some state lotteries 1 in 120,000,00 chance that you believe will be yours after you’ve truly “only spent a buck”. It’s a lot more likely that you will be “legally executed” than win the lottery. In fact, one is roughly 30,000% to 200,000% more likely to die in a legal execution! Get real folks! Spend your fun money on chips and dip and good family fun! It is obvious that lottery money is not really being allocated to enhance the educational system for playing the lottery, look at the lack of reasoning; poor spelling; improper grammar and punctuation; inability to construct a proper sentence; and misdirected logic on how fair and just it is to exchange your child’s health and well-being for a stupid little piece of paper that is not even adequate to wipe yourself with after using the restroom. But, I imagine once you’ve bought those 8 billion tickets, one can always stack enough up to scrape it off?! Just be cautious of paper cuts, I hear they are extremely painful, much more so than gambling with your kids’ quality of life. Golly, I’ve never checked to see if they’re (hmmm, gotta be more environmentally friendly than plastic diapers)! I’ll save that for the next lesson! All this frothing at the bit and whining about how it’s the only entertainment or fun available to you; good investment potential; in the best interests of the children’s’ future; or your right to spend millions of dollars on nearly worthless little scraps of paper with funds you did not earn and again, let someone else foot the bill with more ‘gifts of necessity’, and now it’s an emergency! It must be caused by the “entitlement of the masses” epidemic we have been migrating towards for the last hundred years or so. Or perhaps, that “I deserve a break today” mentality that is going to be the ruin of all humanity. Geesh!

  • Jay

    They can’t do that… it’s class warfare and oppressive to people of all races having to use the public assistance system in one way or another. Well because you’re having a hardship in life right now, you can’t have shit! Where are the jobs you want some of these people to get? Instead of creating laws and bullshit like this why not CREATE JOBS! Don’t get me wrong I work hard and I do not support the career welfare that’s BEEN going on forever, at the same time why are you not SCREAMING at these same officials about the corporate welfare that goes on up in Washington and around your local area!That’s the REAL DRAIN on America! The middle class is the NEW POOR how long before the upper hundred-thousands income earners push to start imposing these rules and regulations, laws limiting you the same as you want them to limit those below your income level.

  • http://yahoonews john m h

    if i was poor i would spend 2.00 on a lottery ticket and pray that my life would change by playing the lottery ,whats wrong with trying to win money with a few bucks and the lottery is for anyone desired to play

  • Dj

    Im still stuck on how you going to know if there on food stamps half of the world is on food stamps or any other asst from the gov THINK FRIST so if the lotto is for edu and schools how does that hurt anybody and for people calling welfare people FREELOADERS watch what you say one day you might be in there shoes if if the poor wins the lotto they wont need asst duh again THINK rich get richer poor get poorer again THINK what do you think the poor going to do there going to take all your money just like you did them….

    • Ivan

      You must be a product of govt. run schools. You are one of those dumb bricks that thinks the lotto money goes to education. Which we can tell by your comments that it certainly does not.

      As far as people “taking” your money, why don’t you try not giving it back to the State that put you on the welfare reservation to begin with? Talk about stealing money from your taxpaying neighbors, will you! Freeloader indeed.

  • frank

    those lawmakes need to be removed, sounds like there only thinking of their misserble lives. throw them out way out.

  • jon birch

    youre missing the point, this money is for people tobe able to LIVE on, not play a game that’s less likely to get you rich than it is to be struck by lightning! the lottery is meant for disposable income, if you have disposable income, you don’t belong on welfare! and i love how people call this racist, since obama got in, thats the universal response to anything certain groups find adversive, it’s just an attempt to lay a guilt trip on a gullible idiot, problem is, this country’s FULL OF ‘EM!

  • Ivan

    The lottery itself should be banned. It’s just another way for lying politicians to line their own pockets while posing as benefactors for “education.” The dirty little secret is, in many cases the lottery money never makes it into any education coffers. It goes into their pet projects instead.

    Anybody who participates in this scam is not only contributing to bad govt. and supporting these wh0ring sacks of dung, but is also dumb as a brick.

  • susie

    Two nights ago, I was at an convenience store getting gas(which I am not sure why it is still over 3.00) and was in line behind an elderly african american woman and a twenty something african amercian man. She paid for a mello yello and doritos with her food stamp card which totalled $2.37, and then proceeded to tie up the line and she and the male bought about 30 dollars worth of lottery tickets (scratch off’s, etc). My blood was just burning considering the fact as a small business owner I am DYING to keep open and this welfare crap is going on like this. I live in NC and would love this ban, and while at it, make females on welfare with more then two kids get put on birth control until they can get off the government freebies. Once I am not paying for the bastard children, then have all the kids you want if you can pay for every penny of their upkeep.

  • PelicanCat

    This is BS! What are they going to do, brand people on welfare so merchants know who they are?! How would the government know a welfare dollar from a dollar from their savings account or one that they earned. It certainly doesn’t make a lot of sense for people to spend money or a lot of money on a lotto ticket but one ticket once or twice a year is not going to hurt. There was a guy recently, not on welfare, but with very little money who spent $16 on lotto tickets and won $500K $550K, $350K minus taxes. Now they are buying a home, bought 2 jeeps, and are opening a business. I personally could not see spending $16 on lotto tickets if I were broke, but maybe a buck to change your luck. So if they don’t allow it as a direct debit, the person could still get cash and buy it. I agree with the NAACP, fix the real issue which is that we need more jobs at a living wage or better in this country so that people do not need welfare.

    • Ed

      People on welfare don’t have savings accounts.

  • Ed

    A person living on welfare and in subsidized housing won $25 million last year and she bought the tickets with her welfare card. After a while welfare caught up to her. She was still collecting welfare after she won.They should have confiscated the whole $25 million as it was bought with taxpayers money.It should be illegal for a store owner to sell tickets to a person with an EBT card. In another store the woman wanted to buy small grape cigars that people put marijuana inside on an EBT card. The store refused to sell to her. The bitch walked out pissed off.She left cursing and talking to herself.

  • Manuel

    I do not see how the government or merchants will be able to control who buys the lottery tickets. I think that if a law is to be passed it should be to entitle the government to a certain percentage of the winnings if it can prove that they were purchased by a person while drawing a government benefit. Subsequently the government can apply those funds to replinish money paid out to all beneficiaries; this will lessen the burdon on the tax payers.

  • scott

    well for one if your getting cash assistance then you told the government “hey i dont make enough money so i need help”. but then your gonna buy tickets with it. thats basically like taking money from someone and winning the lottery with their money. hell if you guys thinks its fair to do that then ill go geet assistance and use ALL of it on lottery tickets. one of them is bound to win. no that is not fair. i work 12 hour days to make money but someone else can use and ebt card to buy tickets and make money that way. SO IF YOU WANNA BUY LOTTERY TICKETS, GET A JOB AND USE YOUR OWN DAMN MONEY.

  • scott

    But see, the funny thing is that guy used his OWN HARD EARNED MONEY. not by sitting on his ass collecting benefits and buying tickets that way.

  • Alethea27

    Many of the above commentators have obviously never needed public assistance at any point in their lives and that’s good, but to look down on anybody who does is, is not so good. I’m on food stamps because I work at minimum wage job and it’s hard to pay my bills and eat too. If lawmakers are going to waste time making silly laws like this than what’s next? If your on food stamps you can’t go to a movie, you can’t eat out, or can’t take a vacation? Representative Stam should be working to improve wages so people so they can get off public assistance. I also pay taxes so maybe I should worry about all those big corporations that get welfare in the form of subsidies.

  • Karjo

    Guess What? People that get food stamp asst. work, too. So….IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY! I have several single parent families that work and get food stamps as clients and they pay taxes, too, just like you, and being poor doesn’t mean they pay less, either. I haven’t seen a lot of lottery playing going on but, working with the poor in my community, I would be looking at drug and alcohol abuse first. After solving those problems maybe we can move on to gambling, but we’re not even close, yet.

  • Banky

    it’s this simple. to you people who are fortunate to have a job and are against people who are going through hard times right now… NO, that is NOT “your” money that is being given to welfare recepients… it is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S MONEY, stop being stupid and ignorant. And that lottery jackpot, “you didn’t build that!”, remember? if the people on welfare want to spend the whole month’s money on ticket and not pay rent or bills that should be THEIR problem. just remember, welfare recepients ALSO get taxed, ad if it wasn’t shity enough already having to survive on half if what they would earn at a REAL job.

    • ANGRY

      Wow… The level of stupidity in the comment alone. Mad because you have to pay tax on free money (ie: you didn’t work for) and obviously has no clue where the Federal Government gets it’s money (they forceably take it from some of the people). But alas, you are correct, its not my money, its my debt. The federal government spent the money they took from me yesterday year’s ago, its BORROWED money they GIVE you to GAMBLE to create DEBT for the children of tomorrow…

  • http://www.mrtroybrooks.com Troy from Montana

    Maybe a better solution would be to control that type of spending electronically by allocating $10-$25/month towards entertainment spending. It could be worse…like a lot of them used to buy alcohol with the majority of the funds after cashing the subsistence check. Just a terrible situation BUT one that society has created for itself by excluding certain undesirables from the hiring process….FELONS sure they can apply for a job and maybe get one eventually…though the employer will make sure they are the first laid off or worse fired…. So actually you should be grateful that welfare is offered to keep them at home…. where they belong.

  • chris

    I can speak only for myself. And hope that you can understand. I am a single mother of one child. I work everyday and I recieve food and medical benefits through welfare because I qualify. I don’t drink alcohol or use drugs. I don’t buy cigarettes. I pay may bills light, gas, rent..etc. I would love to have better pay and not have the need for assistance. I don’t irresponsibly use the money I have.
    If at the end of the long week I want to buy a dollar lottery ticket with the hopes and dreams of being able to put my daughter through college or even myself. I should have that right. I understand the idea of wanting to educate people financially. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this is the way to go about that.

  • sgl3213

    Consider this… The 3rd of the month is here, there are at least 3 more Fridays to follow before another check comes in. I buy $5 worth of tickets for each drawing every week. Two weeks go by, the ticket total is now $10, another half week another $2 so that’s $12 from that check gone already, plus groceries, rent, insurance all due the beginning of the month. Then on the 18th my light bill comes in, it’s $25-$100 depending on the season added to $200 I’ve paid out for non-food stamp essentials, water bill, car insurance $120, prescription co-pay, doctor co-pay about $50. That’s over $807 thus far and it’s just the middle of the month. Now let’s pay heat, clothing allowance for 2 kids and 1 parent, add another $100 for the Laundromat. Where is the money necessary to pay the portion of childcare which is ones responsibility? Gasoline for the required job search if not working, is another $200-$400 easy every month, especially in rural areas. Where is the money to pay for the kids’ lunches, urgent, non-covered medical expenses, school activities, band-aids, toilet paper, sanitary products, water bill, trash pickup, telephone, rent averaging $400 for low income family housing. That welfare check is not anywhere near enough to cover these basic necessities and still maintain a home and cover those always occurring unexpected expenses. I have been behind the lottery counter come welfare paydays and witnessed many purchasing lottery tickets and two weeks later need to find emergency relief to pay their light or heat bill… which happens on a regular basis. Not to mention the fees you pay to get the money from your account, average $1-2 per withdrawal and many places higher. I have no problem restricting the sale of tickets beyond $5 a month to welfare relief recipients. Working in a state and county having the highest number of welfare recipients, I have seen many kids go hungry or cold far too many times but I sold the parent lottery tickets or I would have lost my job. For several years I received the blank stare and nod when one did not have $6-$10 a month for prescription co-pays but managed to find $50 a month on lottery tickets, not including any instant scratch off cards that may be purchased. But really… $30-$50 a month isn’t bad when you’re going to win millions, but you do have to spend thousands just to get a few hundred in winnings, and that’s only if you’re lucky. Check the odds, I am not being unreasonable or exaggerating. After just one year you’ve spent $480 (about ½ of one welfare check) just on useless little scraps of paper. If those little slips of paper are so important, go buy a pack of a thousand slips on sticky notes for $2.50; they are far more useful and contribute to the benefit of the household. One could contribute to higher education for their child by taking that $480 a year and banking it or buying a CD, after 18 years that’s nearly half of one year tuition, and would actually buy all the required books for all 4 years since the child is already eligible for tuition assistance and grants if their parent is on welfare. Just sayin…

  • sai

    You know. People who seem to be pro “ban everything from welfare users, make their lives suck as much as possible because WE pay for their crap” is ridiculous. First off, ever asked..”why are they on welfare if they work?” I will tell you why. All of you act like you’re so smart but apparently you are all idiots. The reason is this, cost of living rises, minimum wage does not. And “Oh you should have went to college.” Many people do and still can’t get a job because of all the illegals you liberal jerks let come in here to take our jobs so they can then send AMERCIAN money back to MEXICO. As if we as a country, aren’t in enough debt. Also I would like to ad, if welfare users could get paid decent at their jobs then they would be able to get off of foodstamps or maybe just maybe put their kid through college. And the last thing I would like to say in regards to “go to college” is this, if we all went to college then maybe it would be your future grandchildren or great grandchildren without jobs or low paying jobs and on welfare regardless of education because there are only so many good paying jobs out there and besides, who would be cleaning your sewers, washing your precious cars, serving you that burger? So maybe you should all of you criticizing and condemning the poor you should just shut up, do sufficient research and blame the appropriate culprits. Whom are, if you haven’t understood my rant so far, the government for not making greedy corporate rats raise minimum income and the also the gov. and liberals for letting illegals flood this country by the droves!