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It's very rare that a major website launches any kind of redesign without any complaints from users. Google is no stranger to this itself, and it should come as no surprise that this week's launch of the new Google Image Search has come with its own share of complaints (although I'd be surprised if the complaints outweighed the positive opinions).

There is one interesting complaint, however that is coming from webmasters, who have been voicing their frustrations in webmaster forums. "The main issue from a webmaster perspective, as noted in WebmasterWorld, is that when you click on an image, it doesn't take you to the site," writes Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable. "Instead, it keeps you on Google, overlays the image in large format on top of your grayed out web site."

"So any ads on your site won't be clickable after the first click from Google. Users are instructed to either go back, click on the web site with the image or click on the actual image source file," he explains. "I should note that clicking anywhere on the background web site will take you to that web site."

Google Has a New Image Search design

There have been inevitable comparisons between the new Google Image Search and Bing's Image Search, but I wouldn't necessarily count that as a complaint, because since the launch of Bing, people have expressed praise for the image search functionality even if they continued to use Google. It is undeniable, however that Google's overall user interface has become much more Bing-like in recent months.

The Google Image Search redesign is still in the process of rolling out, so if you don't have access to it yet, be patient. You will soon.

Chris Crum
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