Watch the Curiosity Rover’s Descent at 30 FPS

By: Josh Wolford - September 14, 2012

NASA’s original video of the Curiosity rover’s descent was amazing, fascinating, incredible, awe-inspiring, and worthy of every other superlative you can think of. But the video was on rendered at 4 FPS. Last month, one YouTube user uploaded an amazing 25 FPS version of the video using interpolation.

Now, another guy has upped the ante. Using “true motion-flow interpolation,” Bard Canning has created the best Curiosity descent video yet, coming to you at 30 FPS.

“The video is true motion-flow interpolated from the original 4 frames per second to 30 frames per second. (To my knowledge, no one has used this method for the Curiosity footage yet.) It plays real-time at the speed that Curiosity descended onto the surface of Mars,” he says.

Check out the ultra-resolution, smooth-motion, detail-enhanced, color-corrected video below:

According to Canning, the project was a “labor of love” that took him a month to complete. As you watch the video (over and over again, I’d imagine), remember that due to interpolation, most (87%) of what you’re seeing is created footage. But wow, is it impressive.

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  • David Dawdy

    Thanks so much, Brad

  • http://google Bill Rogers

    That was cool, great work.

  • jesse

    How come the camera is moving around?

  • Estban Cafe

    I’m curious; is there enough atmosphere on the planet to provide for sound waves? The roar of the wind, the whine of the camera rotation motors, etc. Just wondering. Thanks.

  • paul

    More than 87% “interpolated”. curiosity has no microphone but this video has sound.

  • Julia

    oh thank goodness!! am so relieved that this rock shape is not uncommon on mars, due to wind erosion

    and that it is probably just a rock, and not a miniature pyramid

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