Watch People Fawn Over an Apple Smartwatch That’s Actually a $20 Casio with an Apple Sticker Slapped on It

    July 25, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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Despite never mentioning or really even offhandedly referring to a ‘smartwatch’ in public discourse, Apple is totally coming out with a smartwatch, right? Right. It’s the iWatch and it’s going to launch this fall, before the mad dash of holiday shopping hits. Duh. Everyone else is.

But that’s all in the future – Apple has yet to unveil its version of a smartwatch. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, that doesn’t matter. He slapped an Apple logo on the back of a $20 Casio watch and hit the streets, gauging people’s reactions to the “new Apple iTime!” It’s great fun. Really and truly.

I just like that it has an Apple insignia on the back…

I mean, if it’s Apple it’s good, right?

Really because it’s Apple. Apple is a brand name I love, and I have computer, and I have the phone, and I have the iPad – so, because it’s Apple, that would be what would impress me. I would pretty much buy anything from Apple.

That’s it right there. Can you think of a modern company that has or has ever had the brand power that Apple does? I can’t. People are going to buy the f*ck out of Apple’s forthcoming smartwatch, even though nobody really wants a smartwatch. Damn you Steve Jobs.

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Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube

  • Robert in Vancouver

    I’m really sick of the pointless use of 4 letter words in public by writers, on TV, movies, people in public places, in schools, and stand up comics.

    There are good times and places to use those words like soldiers complain to each other about a drill sergeant, or when someone cuts you off badly in traffic. It’s like a pressure valve that allows you to blow off some steam.

    But it seems we are drifting toward using those words in normal daily conversation to the point that church sermons will be laced with those words, teachers will be saying things like open your f—king books you little mother f—ckers, and kids will go home to be greeted by Mom with ‘how was your day you little f—ker’.

    Thanks to rap music, rap culture, and the liberal left media and policy makers, that seems to be where we are going.

    • Lou

      Thanks Robert, I totally F**king agree with you! I constantly here the use of cuss words everywhere I go including Walmart, Shoprite, Stop n’ Shop…etc. People playing loud music in their cars using mega cuss words in the rap crap or hippity hop music they play. It’s getting to the point that a cuss word is losing it’s authoritative meaning from over use.

      Lou Conklin

  • Lou

    Will somebody tell Jimmy Kimmel the $10 Rolex watches he purchased are not real… They too have fake stickers on them. Point is, anyone can be fooled with deceptive labeling… just look at all the food products that claim to be fat free or healthy. Most of them are not true if you only take the time to read the ingredients.

    Lou Conklin

    • Rex Xu

      Really? Can I sell you a Civic labeled as a Tesla? This is a smart watch, from a company that is supposed to make innovations happen. One look and you should be able to tell a smartphone and a basic phone, and the same goes for a $600 smartwatch (considering it is Apple) and a $20 watch. If I saw Apple release something like this, it should be pretty obvious. Apple has to stop their trend of selling underpowered hardware at top-of-the-line prices.