Vince Gill Burns Westboro Baptist Church

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Vince Gill, normally a mild-mannered country star, couldn't hold back when the Westboro Baptist Church picketed one of his shows recently because they believe he's committing adultery now that he's divorced and remarried. The confrontation is now going viral.

“What are you doing with another man’s wife? Don’t you know that divorce plus remarriage equals adultery?” one protester asked.

“Don’t you know you fuckers are lucky that you don’t have a sign that says something about my wife?” Gill shot back.

The exchange--which was of course captured on video and uploaded to YouTube--ends with Gill getting in one last barb.

“Are any of you guys Phelpses? Or are you guys like the C-team?”

The Westboro Baptist Church has angered millions with their protests, which run the gamut from soldier's funerals to gay rights rallies and everything in between. Their latest target is popular folk band Mumford & Sons, who will be picketed on September 20th for their views on gay rights and for their fans' rock-star worship.

"Mumford & Sons represent nothing new under the sun. Just as the ancient Israelites left their God and set up graven images, so this nation sets up their own graven idols in the forms of these worthless rock stars. WBC will never cease to warn all people to turn from such folly and OBEY their God today!" reads a statement on their site.

So far, Mumford & Sons have had no comment.

Image: YouTube

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