Vicki Gunvalson Leaving Real Housewives of O.C.?

    August 24, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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Vicki Gunvalson, the blonde spitfire on Bravo’s hit show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, could be leaving. Gasp! At least that’s the way it looks from the taping of the ladies’ three-part reunion special, which will air on Monday night on Bravo.

Gunvalson, who has been on the series since the very beginning, has had a lot of life-changing moments aired during her stint; she and her husband of many years, Don, split up while on Housewives. She has also had several “falling-outs” with some of her closest friends (at least they appear to be real friends) during the many seasons of the reality series; a few years later, Vicki was forced to face daughter Briana’s marriage, which she adamantly disapproved of. And now, as if all of that weren’t enough, she is having (yet another) showdown with Briana and Brooks (Ayers), her boyfriend since her divorce from Don. (She also exchanges words with a few of her other castmates.)

To be fair, Brooks really has shown nothing but a sleazy side while appearing on the show, but hey, it’s not called “reality” television for nothing, right? Right. So as the audience, we usually take these things with a grain of salt. Along with everything else that Vicki (and the rest of the cast) does on the show.

This time, however, sparks are really flying in the O.C. – and it may just be for real.

Brooks recently called Vicki a “f*cking whore,” threatening to “beat her ass,” because “that’s what we do in the South!” Obviously, Briana has a right to be unhappy (again) with Brooks, the smooth-talking Southerner Vicki reportedly dumped her husband for. But, alas, it is just not meant for mother and daughter to be happy with each other’s choice of lover – Briana and Vicki, once again, duke it out during the three-part reunion.

After arguing with Lauri Waring (Peterson), her former friend and ally on the show, Vicki declared she was done. (Waring was on the first season of Real Housewives, but then left. After leaving, she reportedly spread vicious rumors about her former friend Vicki, like the fact that Vicki was never faithful to husband Don.)

At one point, Vicki accuses Lauri of being one of the worst things in the book, claiming, “Lauri’s earning her pay on her back…sorry, did I say that?”

Later, during the third (and final) part of the taping, Vicki suddenly jumps up and exclaims, “Guess what, Vicki’s done with the show!” She then proceeds to storm off, not to return.

We’ll see about that.

Be sure to tune in for these disputes, and many, many more on the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion episode this week.

You can catch the three-part reunion on Bravo, beginning Monday night at 8/7 CT.

  • pete

    Please goodbye Vicki and take Tamara with you. Both old washed out plastic in all ways.

    • Karen

      Vicki is such an ugly hag, and keeps getting plastic surgery, hoping to look better. You’re ugly INSIDE, Vic! You look like you were born a man and never lost the testosterone! She’s the first one to say she’s not a “hater,” while spewing out nothing but hatred. Briana married the male version of Vicki, only smarter and better looking!

      • carlajaxson

        Ooooh, Karen…jealousy doesn’t look good on you, HAG! I think they all have problems and, if they don’t start working together, they’re all going to fall…and the end of the show. Seriously, they are plastic women and I thought Brianna might be a bit different, but she’s just living what she’s learned from all of them….I’d hate to think that my friends looked like that. At least we don’t scream at each other and I don’t think anyone’s ever called another friend any of the names they throw around so often. Of course, we aren’t the “Real Housewives” of anywhere like these over inflated egos. Funny…Alexis is from Hannibal, MO and she’d never admit that. I have good friends who went to school with her…and she looked NOTHING like she does now! She was just a regular person until she met “Jim”.

        • me

          Actually on the bio on Alexis’ website says she is from Hannibal, MO. Doesn’t seem like she’s hiding that fact…

  • Syl

    I like her – she’s an intelligent woman and she’s not a tramp. She is the backbone of that Real Housewives of O.C., without her it will be a bunch of bimbos…and I don’t care about her plastic surgery..if I had the money I would get some too.

    • Mischa

      that’s nice. Just go join her cause you are just like them lol

    • Penny Wallingford

      She’s a big honking hypocrite. I think its been hilarious that the very crap she says about other people is coming back on her through that southern piece of trash Brooks. He’s so smarmy its sickening.

    • Linda

      Are you crazy she looks terrible now. She isn’t the back bone to anything she is a screaming crazy bitch. got tired of her when she brought in that hillbilly Brookes it’s so evident that he is a user and she can’t even see it. So glad everyone else did.
      And the one who stirs the pot is Lydia. Don’t like her at all. she is phony also and omg ugly. She doesn’t even know how to cook, clean do laundry and they call her a housewife sorry that’s not what I call her.

  • Karen

    I have always seen Vicki as the one who likes to start the crap. She badmouths them all and then when confronted tells them to move on. I thought Tamara was coming around but she went back to her bitchy ways. How can you be so evil to people and then do a complete turnabout and be their best friend? Alexis is really really stupid for being friends with Tamara after all that was said. My fav ids Gretchen.

  • Maureen

    Hate Vicki … She is a BULLY ..Hope she leaves the show

  • Bid Dick Willie

    Vicki is a slut. She will probably suck on my big wee-knee.
    She looks like a tramp. I would not even pump her or her ugly daughter. They look like trannies.

  • Bid Dick Willie


  • Cindy

    She’s not going anywhere, she likes the attention too much. Wishful thinking though. I’d really like to see Gretchen smack her first though. Just sayin’.

  • Mischa

    Pleaaase ladies!!!! Vicky and Tamara need to leave and Briana and husband needs to just grow up and mind her own. Let Vicky find out for herself what Brook is all about. MY children and I know better then letting them run MY house. Enough said!!!

  • Katie

    Vicki is a hypocrite and a LIAR! Good riddance and she can take back stabbing Tamara with her. I can’t believe Tamara turned on Gretchen after everything. It just proved what a nasty piece of work she is. No wonder she’s friends with Vicki. Vicki’s the lowest of the low.

    • Linda

      I totally agree. I have many girlfriends and we have never spoke to each other the way these girls do. They aren’t friends. they just put up with each other for the show. But I am so glad Vicki will not be on the show anymore. Would be nice if Alexis left also. Her and her religious B.S. her and Jim are the phoniest people ever.

  • Penny Wallingford

    Yeah, I just bet she’s leaving RHOC. If she leaves, she’s just another bottled blonde with too much work done on her face selling insurance. Personally, I would like the show better if she did leave, but I think she meant she was leaving the reunion show. She’s too much of a shrieking harridan for my taste, and if she got up in my face, screaming like she does, I would thwack her in her neck.

    • http://webpronews CW

      Hopefully she is done this time. This show has become a cat fight and she is the worst of the worst. No class, and a jealous hag and it is time for her to go. She is the biggest HYPOCRITE ever. Even though she thinks she is the STAR OF THE SHOW!!!!!

  • mark

    Briana and her ass of a husband need to get out and grow up.

  • Dohmi

    She should have been fired years ago. What a 2-faced lying CONTROL FREAK who has criticized so many people for doing exactly what she does. Except she denies everything, It’s everyone else’s fault that she lies, cheats & steals.

  • chicky

    I have to say I love the OC the most of the housewives franchise Atlanta second,but they are all being film and edited for the mass excitment you see what they want you too as for the women I always liked Vicki but she is a now changing maybe finally since she’s on her own for good, I like Brianna but Ryan (even though he does fight for my freedom) is a brat and a ass the way he disrespected lydia’s mom he should be slapped…good luck to brianna with that one…Gretchen is a little self centered so im not crying over that…My favorites are heather and lydia now they are the most real!!!!!! Beside heather originates from my surrounding town in ny and us NY’er don’t like stupidity! As for Vicki leaving the show I think the only thing she should leave is Brooks he is so living the dream on her coatails, no one would ever have known who he is was or will be with out his ride on it he is sleazy with a bit of greaze other that that i will be watching part3 this monday
    ciao for now fans

    • Linda

      I’m glad Vicki will be leaving her screaming is annoying. And she doesn’t look good anymore. For her to have listened to Slade well that just goes to show you how stupid she really is.
      I love Gretchen & Heather. Lydia she is a bitch can’t stand her, and Alexis not real at all. Tamera is also fony and a bitch. I wouldn’t want her as a friend so Gretchen move on and enjoy life because she will destroy her marriage eventually. She isn’t a happy person.

  • http://yahoo lori

    did we forget that tamra barney started all that bull shit last year with gretchen, and slade every body put it on vicky and tamra looking on as if it,s all vickey how soon do we forget that it was tamra started all that crap past season as for brianna take that abusive husband and get your own place you married him you live with that crap no daughter should never want to see there mother not happy let her make her own mistakes don talk yo her like shit and he gets half of her wealyh he didnt work for that she did. she will fine out how lowdown brookes is brianna move out quit trying to tell the viewrs its all for your mom it,s not you no your husband is aggressive and you agree with every thing he says grow up

  • Bernice

    Vicky is a jealous old hag and Tamara is a back stabber How quickly they all forget Gretchen is real and they try to make her the bad one Vicky looks like a drunken solider especially when she starts to yell Look at yourself lady and listen to your daughter men come an go but your family is always their. karma is a bit*h

  • http://WebProNews Angela


  • retired190

    Vicki is too old for this show. She is trying to act like a teenager on spring break. I find her ridiculous antics, embarassing for someone her age. Brooks, hopefully, is not as sleazy as he seems on the show. If he is, then she is plain out stupid to want him as her next spouse #3? Her daughter needs to move out. Tamara is a back stabbing witch. Give Eddie a year and he will be gone when he sees the real Tamara. This group does bully. They all gang up on one person and fire away. They have now switched from Alexis to Gretchen. Good riddance Vicki.

  • Kari

    Vicki and Tamara DEMAND that Gretchen “own it” when it comes to her ‘admitting’ that she cheated. So of course Greatchen wants Vicki to “own it” when Lauri calls her out on being in bed with two people. How can she not see the parallels? Vicki accused Slade of being a deadbeat dad. Then Gretchen got dirt on Brooks not paying and accused him and Vicki had a fit saying it was none of her business.

    Vicki may be smart in business but socially she is condescending, hypocritical and mean.

    I do not condone Slade’s treatment of women – the disrespect and humiliation for a laugh….and I don’t think Gretchen should support that. Other than that – Gretchen is completely justifiable in asking questions and pointing out similarities to accusations that occurred in the past. It’s too bad she cannot argue better with Vicki. She has a case but is not strong enough or quick enough to shut her down effectively.

    Love Lydia’s quirkiness and despite being flighty/flaky I think she was a great addition to the show. Who cares if she doesn’t perform some of the mundane (I dunno, maybe some of you love to do laundry and clean), but if she can afford to have someone do those things for her – more power too her. She still comes across as a good mother to me – but we haven’t seen a lot of interaction with her kids. That said – in a telling way I think that impresses me more.

  • bryrube

    I have 2 words Thank god!!!!!!!!

    • sandu

      Shame on you Vicky. I have no respect for you any more. I’m ashamed for you. You shouldn’t choose. You’re right. You seemed so s strong. But really you’re weak and disgusting.

  • Denise

    Viki you are a bright and beautiful ladie and there are many men with a kind and loving manner and heart that would treat you like the princess you are, so don’t think you have to settle for that piece of dirt because you can’t see the bad in him because you want love and beliieve Brooks when he says he loves you but everyone can see what you cannot and he’s disgusting. I’m sorry viki but you deserve better. Hope you find love that’s true because you are a wonderful women with a amazing family…..Denise from Florida

  • Gayle G

    Ok seriously here is my thought , Vicky u need to leave the show ! I for obe am tired od watching u think u r so much better than all of the other ladies , u need to get off the show and get your life in order . Do u ladies never watch the tapes honestly I am watching the one where Ryan literally verbally attacks Lidia’s mom OMG I have never seen something so ignorant in my life he straight up lied to u about the whole situation WAKE UP your family is falling apart and all u can doIs insult ever else u r so mean

  • Andrea

    Vicki Gunvaison is a piece of shit for taking up for that Asshole Brooks!! Once she found out about Brooks telling Brees husband to hit her to keep her in line then telling Bree about his dick size and his nickname for it Vicki should have kicked his ass out of her life!! Really, what can you expect out of someone that only thinks about herself!! She used to be one of my favs. Now I wish she would just leave the show!! (#1 mom goes to Vicki the dumb-ass!) Shame on you!!

  • Gayle

    Briana lied about red wine and mud on couch implying Lydia’s mom did it.Thus justifying her husbands behavior. So what else is she exaggerating about? She lost her credibility with me.