Verizon's Push Pays Off Big Time!


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Today Verizon Wireless announced that they have added 1.5 million new customers over the last quarter and that smartphones are on the rise big time! Last quart only 39% of users were on smartphones, now over 44% of their total wireless subscribers are using them. This is no doubt due to the great incentives Verizon sponsors in order to attract new users. Smart phones are selling like mad and the trend is expected to continue.

In fact, the company is experiencing their biggest sales growth in three years. To keep the momentum rolling they have turned to the iPhone. Rumors have been confirmed that Verizon will begin to offer the sought after Apple phone in early February. Analysts expect Verizon to sell roughly 13 million iPhones this year. The iPhone will be a welcome addition for Verizon's already popular smartphone line, which feature Google's Android operating system.

But the wireless segment is not the only area that experienced growth in this last quarter. Their wireline industry also grew by adding more than 200,000 new FiOS internet user's and almost 200,000 new FiOS video connection customers.

While it isn't clear how the iPhone will impact the bottom line at Verizon, it appears they are heading in the right direction again this year.