Postal Service Cuts Saturday Deliveries, But Who Will Be Most Affected?

    February 13, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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The USPS has been the topic of much debate over the past couple of years as it reviews its options now that the digital world has seemingly rendered mail service near-obsolete. Though widespread email use has all but eliminated the need to send letters and many people are going paperless in an effort to be green, a lot of people still rely on the post office to deliver bills–especially those who don’t want to give out their banking information online–and package delivery is always a concern.

In an attempt to make things easier for its customers, the Postal Service has even introduced a new service for packages recently that includes giving the customer the ability to pay for and print their own shipping labels at home, then schedule a pick-up using one of the service’s flat-rate boxes. But the agency says it will continue to make packages a priority even as it prepares to end Saturday mail service, scheduled to begin this summer.

Should the Postal Service end Saturday mail delivery? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Packages will still get delivered six days a week, even if regular mail will not. The USPS has been battling Congress for several years now in an effort to get the measure approved, and many are wondering exactly how the agency–which is largely considered quasi-governmental and relies on Congressional approval for all measures–can get away with making the decision for five-day delivery itself.

Apparently, Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe has found a loophole in the system involving the fiscal cliff impasse; even though every appropriations bill Congress has passed for the USPS in the past thirty years has included a six-day mail delivery mandate, they have yet to pass the bill for 2013, which is still operating under the “continuing resolution” the federal government is under due to the fiscal cliff. Unless Congress passes a bill mandating six-day delivery by March 27th–which Donahoe knows is extremely unlikely–the USPS is legally allowed to act on its own. The measure comes at a time when polling shows 70% of Americans support cutting Saturday delivery, especially if it saves the agency a projected $2 billion annually as promised. It would also negate the need to hike up stamp prices, an idea which garnered many protests when it was submitted to the public.

“The Postal Service is advancing an important new approach to delivery that reflects the strong growth of our package business and responds to the financial realities resulting from America’s changing mailing habits,” Donahoe said in a statement. “We developed this approach by working with our customers to understand their delivery needs and by identifying creative ways to generate significant cost savings.”

The USPS also acknowledges that this doesn’t mean it won’t need the help of Congress later on, as the agency is not taxpayer-funded. It wants the support of its customers when it comes to changing legislation in the future.

“While the change in the delivery schedule announced today is one of the actions needed to restore the financial health of the Postal Service, legislative change is urgently needed to address matters outside the Postal Service’s control,” reads the statement. “The Postal Service continues to seek legislation to provide it with greater flexibility to control costs and generate new revenue and encourages the 113th Congress to make postal reform legislation an urgent priority. The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.”

But despite the growing support the country has shown for the decision, not everyone is happy about it; some companies are worried about the impact the move will have on their business. Those who rely on Saturday mail service to keep customers happy–such as Hallmark–say it could prove to be a bad choice for everyone involved.

Hallmark released a statement about the news on its website:

While we know this option was one of many the USPS has recommended in the past, the Postal Rate Commission believes the cost savings from this move would be less than the postal service estimates, especially if they continue to deliver parcels on Saturday.

In addition, this move does nothing to address the underlying organizational and operational issues that have led to their current financial crisis.

Hallmark continues to believe a reduction in service will not induce customer loyalty and will negatively impact small towns and small businesses that depend on timely, affordable, reliable mail delivery. This move should only be considered once all other cost-saving options are fully explored and acted upon.

Time Warner is another company which could be affected by the loss of a delivery day, as they are the largest magazine publisher in the U.S. Blogger Chris Kotje predicts that magazine editors will be scrambling to meet deadlines in an effort to get their product to the customer in a shorter block of time…meaning increased labor costs.

On the other side of the coin, we have delivery companies like UPS and FedEx, which may well profit from a 5-day delivery system. Even though the USPS is adamant that packages will still be delivered six days a week, there’s always the possibility that some customers might not understand or trust the new schedule and take their business elsewhere. Revenues for both UPS and FedEx are expected to jump up to 5% in the next year.

Finally, there are those companies one would assume might be opposed to the changes but are surprisingly casual about the possibility of no weekend mail delivery. Netflix may have relied heavily on mail service to deliver DVDs and games to their customers in recent years, but they also have a growing streaming community which allows customers to pay a fixed amount each month for access to hundreds of titles right on their television or computer. That means a lessened dependence on snail mail.

All in all, it will be interesting to see exactly what effects the move will have on these businesses and others when it goes into effect during the week of August 5th. And how long it will take the USPS to recover once it puts it into action?

Is this the right move for the USPS? Let us know what you think.

  • craig jacobson

    Let’s see…16 bill in losses just during 2012.
    And we want a goverment run health care??

    • http://Yahoo Liz Hirsch

      One less day will save the country ALOT! I say go for it.

      • http://www.pestsupplywholesale Steve LaCroix

        Liz, cutting out one day will not save the taxpayers one cent.

        The taxpayer funded subsidies will continue.

      • Matt

        One less day won’t save the “the country” anything because the post office is entirely self-financed — through postage, not taxes. It doesn’t cost tax payers one dime. Unless, of course, those tax payers are using the post office.

  • linda

    Here’s what I see. I have done secret shoppers to the post office. Then get emails to do another one of the same kind. I am not sure how much the postal service is paying for these but I would think that one would be enough or maybe none, although I did get paid to do them. It would seem that it is a waste of money to secret shop all the post offices in the country. The list was large. I got paid $10.00 per shop. I did 4 of them. So if I got $10 you know the company got more than that.

    Stop the stupid spending in Government.

  • victor

    If UPS and FedEx can do mail at a profic why can’t the USPS? I say shut it down! Priitize it and get the government out of the business (except for military use)

  • Bob Jerkovich

    If the post office is losing money, why wait until August to cut Saturday services? Another thing they can do is cut management positions. They have too many at the top. Just the tip of the icebereg.

  • kathie

    Will their pay be cut by 1/6th?

  • Jay

    Surprised that haven’t done this years ago. When I was a teen, there was no mail service on Saturday and Grocery stores were closed on Sundays, and never open 24 hours. This will hurt when you are waiting for important mail, but we all need to adjust during these hard times of the 20th century

    • Barry

      Jay….not surprised at all, but we are in the 21st century…shaking my head!

  • ELD

    They should have shut TWO DAYS during the week and kept Saturdays. Many people work a 9 to 5. When will they get a chance to visit their neighborhood post office if they are closed on Saturdays?

  • http://www.webpronews.com/usps-cuts-saturdays-to-save-money-2013-02#respond sam

    I really don’t care because all I get in the mail is BILLS!

  • vernon

    they would save a lot more money if hey cut Mondays instead of Saturday.

  • whitty

    Let’s see when a business starts problems that is when they should be concerned not 40 years later. What about all the management ,vacation time, hours, sick time, insurance, retirement, etc etc etc. Most of the jobs with those kinds of benefits are long gone. It is called “Riding a dead horse” Close on Monday you’re closed most of them anyway.

  • pat lyon

    My suggestion is to stop mail on Wednesdays, and not Saturday.
    That way on holidays you would only stop mail for two days and not three.
    e.g. Labor day–suggestion now would mean–Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
    Any holiday that falls on either Tuesday or Thursday means only two days lost. e.g. Thanksgiving–Would mean Thursday and Friday.
    This would leave the post office open for working people who only have the weekends off.

  • Gordie

    Canada hasn`t had Saturday for a long time. One less
    bill delivery,that`s all.

  • http://www.oldshopmanuals.com www.oldshopmanuals.com

    One less day of mail delivery would not hurt most. It will however create a hardship for online sales that depend on quick delivery to complement their business. Some people would be put off having to wait for their purchases and in the end would blame the company they purchased from.

  • http://http//www.lonewolfdogwear.com T. Thomas

    As a small business owner.I have seen the raising costs of shipping 1-2 pounds weight packages and international mail.The post office is cutting off their nose to spit their face.Not to mention killing my international business.The cost to ship even to Canada has become outrageous.It’s bad enough they have raises the cost of package across the board but the have pull a change in cost if the package is a different height than their prepared boxes.Envelopes can’t be more tha a 3/4 inch thickness or you get charges double the price.Not delivery mail on Saturday will not be their problem.having even less business will.Because the companies that use the postal service will have less business of the price hikes.The government and the union have killed the profit for the post office more than any lack of letter mail.

  • http://emcseo.com Rick

    I agree with closing on a weekday instead of Saturday. Workers that are 9 to 5 will have a chance to take care of business at the Post Office and Postal Workers will have a free weekday to take care of their business.

  • http://www.pestsupplywholesale Steve LaCroix

    Cutting Saturday delivery will only alienate more postal customers.

    The reason for the failure is the absolute incompetence of USPS management.

    They failed to be proactive and find new revenue streams when it was obvious to everyone who has the IQ of a houseplant that the internet was exploding, and being online was going to be a first choice for the majority in our country.

    They went exactly opposite from the direction they needed to succeed.
    Isn’t that obvious??

    If you plan to compete, you need to go above and beyond what your competitor(s) are doing!

    This would have meant INCREASING days and hours and locations, NOT decreasing them! (Common sense here).

    Why did the USPS not get into online services sooner, and to a larger degree?? (Incompetence, and arrogance).
    **Online bill pay services (No, we’ll just let Paypal dominate that market).
    **Web hosting services and email services,electronic fax services
    **Cut the first ounce rate, instead of increasing it so high no one wants to pay that much!!
    **Have metered accounts for everyone, no stamps required!
    **Offer full service packing and shipping services.

    There are just so many things the USPS could do to survive, but they are just too stupid to live.

  • http://www.pestsupplywholesale Steve LaCroix

    Stupid and lazy is a very bad combination.

  • http://www.pestsupplywholesale Steve LaCroix

    Think about this.

    If everyone is using the internet for the majority of their communications needs, bill payment, etc..

    WHY didn’t the USPS create an ISP?
    Why didn’t they get into web hosting?
    Why didn’t they brand an email service?
    Why didn’t start an online bill pay service?

    Also, why didn’t they get into more retail products, impulse sale items? More variety in envelopes, boxes, tape, pens, markers, etc???
    (Oh, that’s right…the UPS Stores already do that!).
    ….And they have MAILBOXES too!
    ….And they sell stamps
    ….And, many have extended hours..7 days a week!!

    USPS management response. “We can’t do that, it might actually work”..

    • http://www.melchinger.com John Melchinger, ETR

      Congress in its infinite wisdom (LoL for this and every other issue they’ve addressed in the last 20 years) controls the USPS and does not want it competing with UPS and FedEx. Business operates unfettered in this country. The USPS is not allowed to be a business except in judging it break-even or not.

      When the people finally voice their approval/disapproval by taking action voting with their pocketbooks (and hopefully voice their eventual disgust with the pandering politicians of Congress in a corporate run democratic republic) progress will be made. This president is asking the people to make their voice clear on several issues. Yippee! I hope the people hear and do something on the issues important to them.

      It’s the Congress, stupid!/strong> …to paraphrase Bill Clinton. It’s the stupid Congress! say I.

    • Best

      Are you people kidding me? There’s no reason for the usps to compete with the internet in any form. They actually pickup and deliver mail very cheaply.
      But the USPS was crippled by the 2006 law when in a lame duck session in 2006, the Republican-led Congress passed a law requiring the U.S. Postal Service to prefund 75 years of pensions in a ten-year period by a $5.5 billion annual payment. This has led to over 30,000 job losses, 230 processing centers closing and now the stoppage of Saturday deliveries. Without the pension fund law on the USPS, which is the only one in the country under such a law, the USPS would have a $1.5 billion surplus.
      Instead of watching Faux News, why don’t you people do a little internet searching for news that’s real and relevant?!

  • http://www.mywebpixie.com Lydie B

    The Post Office Saturday closing is just one more tach kcal move to put itself out of business. Wirse than that, it takes a regular letter 4 days to be delivered to an address within the same state, according official USPS agent. That piteous service level puts then totally out of the mail delivery business. They don’t have their own mail planes so send mail with regular airlines thus submitting themselves to TSA rules like anything containing liquid is prohibited from air mail and goes by truck, that includes sending small perfume gifts for example. In addition they want 4x what UPS / FDX costs to get their days later.
    In France and Spain, for example, a regular letter gets next day delivery to domestic addresses. Now who’s leading edge?

  • http://rosamysticamantilla.com Ann Anzul

    I send about 25-30 packages per week via USPS, and I don’t think it’ll make a bit of difference to loose Saturdays. I do worry for their employers. I run my business from home. I know a lot of the postal workers in my community. They ask me how I’m doing and they chat like real people. A lot of my business supplies are brought buy the UPS guys. I don’t like UPS nearly as much. They don’t take the time to read my sign that says “please put the packages in the box, do not leave the boxes on the porch”. The UPS people are all too busy running around like marathon zombies to be bothered reading my sign. The UPS guys just throw my packages on the porch and run. They don’t care that my dog thinks the box is for him. Then my fabrics end up all over the yard. So annoying.

  • Adam

    I strongly support cutting Saturday delivery. Why? Plain and simply. A Spokesperson from the USPS said for them to keep Saturday delivery would make an individual stamp cost $1.20 just for them to break even. If you really feel Saturday delivery is so important when one stamp today costs 46 cents how about you pay the extra 74 cents for every time another stamp is purchased as well. Personally I’d like to keep paying 46 cents.

    • Jo B

      After reading all the comments here, it appears that the issue has become clouded. The only issue here is: USPS wants to stop Saturday delivery. This does not include closing the post office on Saturday nor reducing the hours they are open…ONLY SATURDAY DELIVERY.

      That’s OK by me. I don’t want to receive bills or unwanted junk mail and advertisements on Saturday. That’s all I get on Saturdays and can wait till Monday delivery.

      The USPS has lobby hours where they provide scales to weigh your envelopes or packages along with machines to purchase stamps and sufficient postage for your envelopes and packages. Oh, they also have mailboxes.

      Stop Saturday mail delivery and use the money to upgrade their tracking systems. Between their antiquated software tracking system and their personnel mis-use or non-scanning of packages, it is impossible to correctly track packages across the country.

      Provide faster service, better routing of packages. Just had a package sent by first class mail that should have been delivered in 3 days took 6 days for delivery. It was going from Princeton, NJ to Dover, DE. Why? Because it left Princeton NJ, went to Bellmawr NJ, to Wilmington DE, to Atlanta GA, to Lancaster PA, to Philadelphia PA to Dover DE. Why did it take such a long and convoluted route? The USPS personnel had no idea why it went all over the country and took so long for delivery.

      Perhaps they should stick to first class mail only and leave the packages to the Big Guys. Both FedEx and UPS know how to delivery all size packages (even small 1 pound boxes) in the shortest amount of time and little to no damage. The USPS has destroyed 5 packages of mine in a 6-month period alone. I have switched to FedEx for all my shipping.

      Bottom Line: Stop Saturday mail delivery to my home. I don’t care.

      Improve the service you were originally created to do and do it well!

      • Matt

        The problem with your suggestion (leaving it to fedex and ups) is that private carriers do not deliver to every part of the country and rely on the post office for the last leg of the trip. In other word FedEx and UPS couldn’t exist on their own.

        Also, in my personal experience, they’re actually worse than the post office when it comes to package delivery. I get at least one mis-delivered package a month from FedEx and UPS because too often they just stop and drop without even checking to make sure they’re delivering to the right address. My mail carrier, on the other hand, knows who I am, so they rarely make that mistake.

    • Dennis Watson

      I’ve got news for you the first class postage will go up to $1.20 anyway, unless the post office learns to run itself like a real business.

      • Matt

        A real business wouldn’t have to pre-fund its retirement plans for the next century as the post office now does. The reason it can’t function like a real business now is because the Bush era Republican congress has succeeded in sabotaging it.

  • Best

    Are you people kidding me? There’s no reason for the usps to compete with the internet in any form. They actually pickup and deliver mail very cheaply.
    But the USPS was crippled by the 2006 law when in a lame duck session in 2006, the Republican-led Congress passed a law requiring the U.S. Postal Service to prefund 75 years of pensions in a ten-year period by a $5.5 billion annual payment. This has led to over 30,000 job losses, 230 processing centers closing and now the stoppage of Saturday deliveries. Without the pension fund law on the USPS, which is the only one in the country under such a law, the USPS would have a $1.5 billion surplus.
    Instead of watching Faux News, why don’t you people do a little internet searching for news that’s real and relevant?!

  • E J Miller

    If congress would undo what the republican congress did in 2006, they wouldn’t have to cut Saturday delivery. As the article says, no other business has this hanging over them. See http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2013/02/06/1547551/postal-service-saturday-delivery/
    That says it all…

  • Greg

    Let’s see where do we start, Unions, no layoffs, Congress and pension payments, so much waste, 1)The unions have out priced the typical postal worker, they get paid a lot of money if they work or not and a lot of worker’s just take up space they don’t do nothing, they know they can’t get laid off, it’s very hard to fire them, some clerks stay on the job 39 years and don’t do nothing. If some of these worker woked in the private sector they would have been gone. They have a very good union?

  • Dr Daniel Muffoletto ND

    Ben Franklin said that the Postal system was created to spy on people. Ben should know. He was the first postmaster general. So turn it over to the CIA,FBI, and NASA folks. Let them budget it!

  • http://century-club.com J Rolin Stone

    Lot of ignorant folks making comments about the postal service here, and almost all of them from a self-serving perspective, unfortunately. The facts are that the postal service is the only large corporation that doesn’t receive federal taxpayer subsidies; they are completely self-financed. Additionally in 2006 the right-wing congress passed a bill requiring them to fund their pension plan up to 75 years into the future; making them fund pensions for employees they haven’t even hired yet. Finally there have been lots of studies done and proposals made that would help the postal service become even more self-reliant and cost-effective. If they didn’t have the pension funding requirement, they would have over a billion dollars of operating capital right now. But the head of the postal service is a congressional lackey without a spine and is single-handedly bringing the postal service down in order to protect his own self-interest. Wake up people, this is just more right-wing strategic BS to further deny you your rights and freedoms in a dying democracy.

    • MMac

      Yep! All true! Thank god someone has a brain!

      Revenues for both UPS and FedEx are expected to jump up to 5% in the next year. They have already gone sky high if you have used Fedx lately for over night or anything else. For profits will have a hayday!
      Wait till you want to know someone isn’t reading your e-mails or listening to your phone and you want privacy. Snail mail still requires a warrant to snoop on you when it seems anything goes for government, corporate, or isp snoops in tech e-mail, communications and calls.
      Tech failure of a massive scale? US mail might slow down but could revert to door to door easier than any other service because it has served us that way several hundred years.
      Tell your congressman to tell your boss to fully fund your future medical care and retirement NOW as well and see how fast you to lose “your”
      job. That is what they told the postal service to do that is causing instant huge billions in annual losses…. You can read about that in other articles they seemed to have skipped that detail here and most everywhere else..

  • Thomas

    it isnt going to save what you think, they are still working the postmen on sat “there’ll still be package delivery”. maybe a better suggestion is start charging more for these junk mail/adds you get your mail box stuffed full of. if your going to cut it to 5 days then do it accross the board.

  • E

    Seems no one is aware of the fact that the post office is buying
    blue ray head phones required for all workers to ware on their routes to instantly transmit the scanning of package delivery times. I guess
    Saturday cuts are needed to pay for that….

  • bill forsythe

    I think the postal service needs to be contracted out to individual delivery people. Where I grew up my delivery was by a contracted delivery person.

    Make all of them part time claw back all the wasted millions the postal service paid for houses when people transferred and they had to buy their homes etc.

    No more double dippers on retirement thru post office and social security end it immediately its all a racket.

  • Spam Exterminator

    WOW sounds a lil funky to me maybe the head of the Postal Service should kick his coke habbit. There’s no doubt that the Letters have slowed down, But with the advent of the internet the Package Shipping has Increased Exponentially. The Loss of Revenues is because of 3 reasons. 1 Mismanagement of Money. 2 Outdated Technology and Competition(meaning their competition has better offers). 3 Slow and/or Unreliable Service and/or Products. I will throw in a fourth for good measure and personal experience, 4 Unruly Postal Workers. They Give U attitude accidentally loose and/or damage your package on purpose.

  • Elizabeth

    I understand the need to cut costs, however, if they are going to make deliveries on saturday for packages, where are the savings? My other concern is this, will the utility companies be making changes to their bills to allow those who do not or CAN NOT use email or other eletronic options to get their bills paid on time? If so how will they do that? There are still millions of folks and elderly folks who can not understand how this all works! What will happen to them?

  • http://www.searchxcel.com cz

    Not only should the P.O. not make Saturday deliveries, but, they should privatize. While bring more competition by opening the mailbox to competitors. The P.O. is in the hock every year for a $5 billion deficit or more. We, has taxpayers are paying for this unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, the Unions, rural customers and the idiotic politicians are holding this up. This is a con game, meanwhile Obama is raising our taxes to cover waste?

    • Jordan Madama

      Do you really think taxes pay for the postal service? I’ll
      Bet the reason so many Americans support the idea is because they are actually stupid enough to think taxes really do pay for it!

      • Connie

        cz – the postal service gets zero (0) tax dollars. The taxpayers pay nothing towards the postal service. You obviously live in a large city or you would not be so quick to scream privatization. No private company would deliver to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

  • Linda W

    It makes no sense to cut services when you already have a problem with losing business! However, an alternative would be to have a new class of postage, say Deluxe mail, where for a 75 cents stamp your mail would be delivered on Saturday. Heck, they could even cut out Wednesday mail except for Deluxe mail, Express mail, and packages.

  • http://nlouis.com Nick Louis

    Europe has postal service 7 days per week. We cannot afford to end this fundamental nation inter-connection system where actual objects can be inter-transmitted anywhere in the U.S. This is especially critical in rural areas where other means of such delivery service are difficult or absent. The internet and other electronic media do not physically transmit actual items, this is a critical difference and the most potent reason to retain and improve it.

  • Pedro

    The USPS is stopping Saturday deliveries as a cost saving measure and insure survival. Unfortunately, cutting services only works in monopolistic environments. If the USPS had a mail competitor, they would be forced to completely reorganize and redesign operations regardless the consequences just to stay in business. If it wasn’t for UPS, FEDEX and others, we would also be loosing Saturday package deliveries! Privatization alone is also not going to solve the problem unless competition is allowed (monopolies are bad regardless if government or a private company does it). But a public company where government is a majority shareholder with competent executives making competitive salaries and with free hand to make whatever changes are required without cutting services may just work.

  • E J Miller

    Amanda Crum – Question – How long do you think UPS and Fed Ex would stay profitable if the playing field was made level. This could be achieved by Congress mandating that UPS and Fed Ex fund their pension plans 75 years into the future, and do it in a 10 year period (Post Office Act 2006, look it up). Why does the media never mention this unfair burden put on the post office to purposely break them in a republican effort to privatize everything. Is this post office mandate suppose to be a secret? Is the public not supposed to know? Amanda, please help me understand this…

  • Warren

    How often is mail delivery really needed? Monday thru Friday are business days by most standards and that is good service. The elderly can pay bills on Tuesday if they get them Monday as easily as they paid on Monday if they received them on Saturday. No one is going to be late! Who pays bills the day after receiving them anyway? USPS needs to cut costs and be more efficient. Close post offices that have little traffic as well. Small towns should have everyone pick up mail at the P.O. with no delivery. Shut-ins can have the same people who get their groceries, etc, get their mail. The problem is government has no experience with operating a business efficiently since there is no profit motive. Tax payers just keep paying for them and their 40% to 45% higher wages and benefits than the private sector. It’s shameful. I’m amazed people who work in government and politicians admit it.

    • E J Miller


      Sometimes is painful to read stupid stuff. The PO is not taxpayer-funded. Got it?

      • Connie

        Warren – the post office receives zero (0) tax dollars – tax payers have nothing to do with wages. The customers who may have a problem are the ones to live payday to payday and cannot write/mail checks early. In addition, rural customers do not always have internet service do do their business on line.

  • http://www.marketsharewebdesign.com/ Kathy

    I think they should just close their doors. If you are not profitable then you don’t survive. Why prolong the pain. We can do everything we do via USPS -electronically or by using FED / EX or UPS. They are antiquated and need to go. Think of the amount of paper and gas this would save. It will happen one day, why not now!

  • Doug

    Reading these posts make me sick with the mis-information out their about the post office. 1st since 1978 the post office has been (private) no tax-payer money. Unfortunately they still have to run everything through Congress if they want to change anything. 2nd Any company in the world that had to pre-fund 75 years of retirement in 10 years would also show a deficit and most likely close. The PO must make two 5.2 Billion dollor payments every year. This is 10.4 B of the 15.6 B loss. 3rd stopping Saturday mail delivery may not happen if Congress continues the laws that expire on March 27th. And yes this may save 2 B of the deficit but how much in revenue will the PO lose. 4th the Post office is in the Constitution and is a SERVICE not a business. Health care is not in the Constitution and now tax-payers have that burden but not to support the PO that seems backwards to me. Lastly postal rates for first class stamps can only increase at the rate of inflation which makes it impossible to make a profit. If every business could only raise revenue by 1-2% everyyear once again they would also have a deficit. I hope this clears some stuff up and will get people to call their Congressman and have them continue the law for 6 day delivery which in my opinion is the only way to save the post office.

  • http://www.graciousstore.com Nina

    It is needless to say that the advert of internet has drastically reduced the amount surface of mails. If the Postal services do determines it is more cost effective not to deliver mails on Saturday, that is fine. After all what is the time difference between Friday and Monday. Not much.

  • Jordan Madama

    They always mention on the news how the five day mail delivery service will save the post office 2 billion dollars a year. They never mention how. Well I know how. Wages. Lost pay. Jobs. Its pretty sick. There are such easier ways to fight the losses anyway. For instance, that 2006 retirement act. It is already overfunded. If they stopped paying into it, the usps would actually profit. But of course 70% of Americans support
    The change. They probably don’t work for the postal service (they sure aren’t rca’s or TE’s) and they don’t own a business. If I was in that situation, I probably wouldn’t care either. But it does affect me because I had to learn two zip codes worth of rural routes and I think I deserve more than a middle finger and a pink slip from the postmaster general and his abysmal “plan.”

  • nancy

    People don’t have the whole picture of cutting Saturday delivery. It’s going to cut over 35,000 jobs. The sad thing is that all the money they “save” will only be given out in bonuses to the “upper management” that created this mess in the first place.