Using StumbleUpon To Drive Traffic to Your Website

iPad popularity should only help

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StumbleUpon can be a tremendous source of traffic for a site. The content has to be there, of course, but the nature of StumbleUpon enables that content to spread pretty quickly and pretty far.

Is StumbleUpon one of the top traffic sources for your site? Comment here.

There’s been some criticism about how good StumbleUpon traffic really is, since users will often, just continue on Stumbling to the next thing, rather than stick around and explore more of your content. That may be true in a lot cases, but I don’t think it’s fair to make that generalization about StumbleUpon traffic in general.

The fact of the matter is that you can find all kinds of different content on StumbleUpon, and how user behavior relates to it is simply indicative of the content itself. Some content just doesn’t compel the user to continue on to other parts of the site or stay around for very long. That doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. A lot of great content only takes a very short amount of time to consume. It’s putting your brand out there for one thing, and if you create enough content that people want to stumble, that brand will likely appear from time to time in various users’ stumble path.

You might even say that StumbleUpon is fairly targeted, because content is submitted by category, and users only stumble through the categories they are interested in. This makes the likelihood of seeing content they actually like pretty high .

This past week, StumbleUpon released a new app for iPad and iPhone that is optimized for the iPad experience, and it’s received a lot of really good feedback. I probably don’t have to tell you that iPads (and tablets in general) are getting more popular. MG Siegler thinks the app is so good he said, “The iPad was built for something like StumbleUpon, [and] now they have a worthy app.”

“Our revamped app has an appealing new interface designed just for the iPad, which makes it easier than ever to explore your interests as well as see what your friends and similar Stumblers have liked,” StumbleUpon Associate Product Marketing Manager Olivia Morad told users.

StumbleUpon 1.41 for iPad & iPhone is out! http://su.pr/28cGG6 Includes fixed twitter sharing and better swipe control on iPad :) 18 hours ago via Su.pr · powered by @socialditto

How about that: it could even help your Twitter traffic.

Early this year, analytics firm Statcounter said that StumbleUpon surpassed Facebook as the top source of social media traffic in the U.S. with 43% compared to Facebook’s 38%.


“StumbleUpon just surpassed Facebook as the #1 source of social media traffic in the US!,” said StumbleUpon CEO Garret Camp on Twitter.

StumbleUpon just surpassed Facebook as the #1 source of social media traffic in the US! http://su.pr/6zEGWk 193 days ago via Su.pr · powered by @socialditto

In March, the company announced that it had raised a new $17 million round of funding that it would use to invest in its discovery technology, expand to new platforms, and grow its employee base.

“StumbleUpon continues to grow quickly and deliver on its ambitious goal of powering personalized content discovery across all media and platforms,” said Sameer Gandhi, Partner with investor Accel Partners at the time. “Content discovery is a significant opportunity, and we are excited to continue to support the leading company in the space.”

Since then, Google has launched Google+ of course, and along with that comes a feature that isn’t talked about quite so much: Sparks. If Google+ comes anywhere near the popularity of Facebook, and granted it has a long way to go to get to that point, Sparks could actually hurt eat away at people’s stumble time.

Sparks in some ways is the same kind of tool as StumbleUpon. It’s a content discovery tool that shows you thinks based on topics that you specify. Granted, the two products are executed in much different manners, but there are only so many hours in the day, and if the masses start using Google+, Google’s content discovery is always going to be right there handy.

For the time being, StumbleUpon is still doing quite well at driving traffic to sites. We can attest to that first-hand. Here are a few tips that may help your content do better:

1. Create content that people are likely to find entertaining, interesting, important, or just plain cool.

2. Build a network of StumbleUpon friends.

3. Don’t just stumble your own stuff (though I personally don’t think it hurts to do it sometimes). I wouldn’t do everything you create though.

4. Find things that haven’t been submitted to StumbleUpon yet, but you think others will find interesting, entertaining, important or cool, and submit them.

5. “Like” things that have already been submitted that you find interesting, entertaining, important or cool.

6. Use as many relevant topic categories as makes sense when submitting something. This should help target it to the right crowds.

7. Reviews are optional, but it can’t hurt to write them.

8. Making content visually appealing with use of pictures or videos can lead to more stumbles.

9 . Use the Stumble button on your content

10. Promote your own StumbleUpon presence.

11. Use StumbleUpon’s paid options.

Have you found StumbleUpon to be a good source of traffic? Let us know.

Using StumbleUpon To Drive Traffic to Your Website
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  • http://www.pixeleden.co.uk/ Website Design Wiltshire

    I cant say I’ve ever used stumbleupon but it seems a good way to drive incoming traffic, obviously if the content they have stumbled is worth looking at on your site.

    • http://www.businessdirectory4u.com/ businessdirectory4u.com

      I agree, content is king.

  • http://coxy.co coxy

    I’ve had nothing but a good experience with StumbleUpon from both a user perspective and as an advertiser. I just wish more of my friends regularly used the service.

  • http://www.desperateamateurs.com Yariana Smith

    Never heard of it before. I’ll have to check it out.

  • http://www.platinumlynx.net Chas

    What are the guidelines to submit a site to SU?

  • http://www.berlin-germany-fanclub.com/index.html Zhanna

    I should return to look at them closer. Since my first experince showed that they are not helpful for traffic.

  • http://www.asianstudentsforusaschools.webs.com world better business org

    Need help getting to network you or your business to asia and America. are you in need of USA Schooling . World you like to know about green …

  • http://www.stockspaywell.com King Ralph

    Stumbleupon. Bumbleupon. The endless loops one must go through to market on the Internet. There are so many of these ridiculous websites where will it end? The internet is just getting loaded up with a ton of mostly useless garbage.

  • http://www.absolutewebworks.com/ Absolute Webworks

    I can’t say that I have. Thank you for the article. This gives me something to think about in regards to marketing some e-commerce websites.

  • http://www.234webtech.com Website Design Nigeria

    I have not really used it before but have heard about it before, I think i’ll be trying it for one of my sites

  • http://www.nelocalmarketing.com Cliff Calderwood

    The criticism about stumbleupon traffic being poor may be a generalization but its basically true. There maybe an element of truth to it depends on the quality but in my experience it’s not significant enough to warrant spending tons of time focused on stumbleupon as there are more fruitful avenues to get better quality traffic and its not from Digg either.

  • http://momsonlinegaragesale.com Jen

    I don’t seem to benefit from StumbleUpon. How does a blogger who posts “daily deals” make it work for them? I actually get more traffic from Triberr. Thanks for the great post any advice would be appreciated!

  • http:www.springcleantips.info Graeme Foster

    Haven’t heard about stumbleupon over here in the UK is it mainly a US thing?

    • http://113tidbits.com/ tonyknuckles @ 113tidbits

      StumbleUpon is available worldwide.

    • http://www.platinumlynx.net Chas

      It was started in 2001 in Calgary, Canada, but, moved to San francisco. It was owned by Ebay from May 2007 to April 2009, when the Founders, with some other investors bought it back. Ebay had paid 75 million for it, but, I don’t know how much they sold it back for. They have offices in San Francisco and New York City.

  • http://www.AdvertisinginDepth.com Dennis @In Depth Articles

    While I am aware of StumbleUpon, I haven’t used it much. My lack of activity in this medium has been mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t often come to mind as a resource for driving traffic. I appreciate the reminder that this article provides. I was especially interested to see the StatsCounter information that you presented. Thank you for revealing this useful information.

    • http://vizfact.com VizFact

      I agree. I did used to notice lots of traffic making it to my hubs at Hubpages, but I must admit, I never took it seriously.

  • http://www.iftheshoedoesntfit.com Ellen (ITSDF)

    I’ve used Stumbleupon’s paid option as one source of traffic in the last year and I have to say that it provides a targeted audience who typically spend time on my site.

  • http://listbuilding.isgreat.org ted @ list building for dummies

    I have used stumbleupon for my site in the past.There was some traffic but not a whole lot.Though, the traffic was targeted.People who came to the site were actually looking for the info on the web.

  • http://thedukandietplan.com Dukan Diet Plan

    I have used paid stumbles as a cheap way to kickstart some targeted traffic to brand new sites.

    It seems to work quite well and, on most of the sites I have done this with, I get a steady stream of traffic after the paid campaign has ended. Some sites benefit more than others.

    It helps to have a site with a lot of engaging content where visitors can click around to find a lot of info. Here is one of my sites which really did benefit from the stumbleupon kick-start: Cure Eczema Fast

    As you can see, the site is quite extensive in content. Other sites which had fewer pages and less to explore did not retain so much interest after the paid campaign had ended.

  • http://www.CaptainCyberzone.Com CaptainCyberzone

    I’ve used StumbleUpon for this purpose for years (whenever I create a new site and then for every interesting page I add. I’ve found that you get a two to three day rush of a hundred + a day and then it fades as quick as it started.

    • http://www.CaptainCyberzone.Com CaptainCyberzone

      I’ve used StumbleUpon for this purpose for years (whenever I create a new site and then for every interesting page I add). I’ve found that you get a two to three day rush of a hundred + a day and then it fades as quickly as it started.

  • http://www.boholwebdesign.com/ Rey

    I find StumbleUpon one of the best “Quality” traffic generators arround. I have seen some of my articles go Viral in a few short hours and keep bringing in traffic pretty steadily with StumbleUpon. I would give it 3 thumbs up if i had an extra hand…
    The point of “Just don’t stumble your own stuff” is very wise advice. I have seen many people that do this and the lift seems to be lacking to their account, it also makes them look cheap and only out for themselves. Great article as usual Chris

  • http://www.megabirthdaysite.com Jim

    I use StumbleUpon from time to time and find it to be effective. Like anything else, the more time you put into it the more you will benefit.

  • http://office-furniture-liquidators.org/some-models-of-hon-file-cabinets/ minka kelly

    I’ve tried to submit on StumbleUpon. But I have not had an interesting experience of StumbleUpon to bring traffic to my blog. Perhaps there are less than me so I can not bring traffic to your site or blog. Could there be special technique that could be the solution for me?. Thank you.

  • http://www.easymoneytube.com nooyawka

    I find it very interesting that there aren’t at least a few studies out there about using StumbleUpon as a driver of traffic. I can think of two reasons why there aren’t well-done and well-publicized studies on this issue

    1. The people who run StumbleUpon are so simple and so unimaginative that they never thought of the idea of using StumbleUpon to drive traffic, so they never had any studies done on this issue.

    2. The StumbleUpon people thought of the idea and they had some studies done. But the studies were so bad that they never were released.

    Maybe you can come up with more excuses why there aren’t studies on this issue.

  • http://www.businessdirectory4u.com/ Mo

    I used SU to promote my free business directory and it works at bringing perhaps 60-100 hits a day for a couple of days. Not quite sure I like it. Good Google ranking saves alot of time promoting on social and other types of sites.

  • http://www.businessdirectory4u.com/ businessdirectory4u.com

    Seems to bring my free business directory too few hits a day for about a day ot two and not sure how many times you can submit a link

  • http://www.freefitnesstrainer.net/workout_games.html Salvync

    When I create a new page, I usually submit it to StumbleUpon and I get significant amount of traffic, but as the days passes, I get less and less traffic. Still a great site to submit your content.

  • http://www.bingohouse.com Anthony Wayne

    Wow, that is truly amazing that Stumble Upon could garner more traffic than the powerhouse that is Facebook. I guess we need to pay more attention to Stumble Upon when doing our internet marketing.

  • http://www.piperslair.com ♥Piper♥

    Thank you so much for this information. I am looking for new ways to promote all of the time, and I’m not too keen on using the social networking for this, it’s just one of those things I find irritating because it’s trendy! lol, Anyhow, I am definitely going to look into this stumble upon thing for sure. Thanks again.

  • me

    hating on your website and all the stupid pop ups, and your spamming

  • http://www.askiyogi.com/ jordanstella

    Yes, this is true that SU is top referral traffic source for our sites. Sharing the web page with friends is a good method to increase the traffic.

  • http://www.masterandstudent.com Master And Student

    It is true to some extent that there is a quite a bit of traffic from stumbleupon, though the audience is not targeted.

  • http://mysecret4u.com Don

    We have experimented with Stumble Upon and yes, the traffic received is great though we find the site visits are short. Still free traffic is great and a opportunity to engage a new reader or client. I am not sure who well it all works with non-English sites, which is an issue for us.

  • http://www.rimpe.net Rimpe

    StumbleUpon is an excellent source of traffic. But visitors to the page showing excessive decreases. They do not use links within the site, only to use to the valid page and thean continues to Stumble.

  • http://www.smartpagers.co.uk Patient Call System

    I am sure that StumbleUpon can help generate traffic for websites in certain sectors, I’m not convinced however that StumbleUpon is relevant for all sites. If you are offering entertaining content then I can see it generating traffic that could stick but if you had a site that was technical information in a niche sector I just dont see it working.

  • http://rodolfogrimaldi.com Daniel Mihai Popescu

    I already use it on my site, but I have PC’s not Mac related technology, iPad or iPhone, :)
    Don’t believe anyone who says that StumbleUpon is increasing your bouncing rate. It may be true if the language settings aren’t well made, when a Turk stumbles upon a blog in English or Romanian, he never stays there to load the page, he stumbles with urgency to not contaminate itself with another language. This is a sample from my Google Analytics stats, I’m not joking or making a xenophobic affirmation here. My pageview rating per visitor is 2.89 with a bouncing rate of o.35-0.52%, which isn’t big I suppose.
    StumbleUpon rocks!

  • http://www.nationwidefireextinguishers.co.uk/ Nationwidefire

    Yes, I have seen as my website is getting good number of visits from stumbleupon.com

  • http://catatanharianfebri.blogspot.com/ catatan febri

    my first source is google :)

    • http://www.businessdirectory4u.com/ businessdirectory4u.com

      Mine too but I suppose every little helps

  • http://www.fancyscrubs.com Lisa

    What about bounce rate? We see a higher bounce rate from Stumble and can that hurt your website rankings?

  • http://bea-anin.blogspot.com/ bea

    i have to try this one…

  • http://translatetraducciones.com TranSlate

    Good post. Seems to me that StumbleUpon works best on entertaining and high impact sites. Perhaps is great for the traffic driving “factory” sites around. But I don’t see their users sticking around and following links within real sites.
    Do you have any advice on the best to drive traffic from Stumble?


  • http://www.islandvillawedding.com Adrian Head

    Thanks for a reminder of this resource. I must admit I joined a while ago but had virtually forgotten the site and concentrated more on Facebook, Twitter etc. Need to go back and add this to the list of sites to use for marketing.

  • George James

    Stumble Upon brings a tremendous source of traffic for a site. You just have to check it out.

  • http://www.deepermeditation.net/stressadviceblog Tom Von Deck

    I find that Stumbleupon really works, depending on your content. Each page you stumble will get a few Stumbleupon visits. My blog readers read an average of 3 pages per visit. It’s no different whether they come from Stumbleupon or somewhere else. If you have guest writers for your blog, ask them to stumble it. The main thing I discovered about Stumbleupon is that, if you want to promote your own site with it, Stumble is great when you add fresh content regularly. Then you can boost your traffic by a few users per page.

  • http://www.hobbyshobbys.com Jalal Hameed Bhatti

    Yes I have found it to be a forceful and strong platform for sharing one’s ideas and appreciating others.

  • http://www.roadrunnerdrive.co.uk orleypheous

    My clients constantly use stumbleupon for my website <a href="www.roadrunnerdrive.co.uk" , its a really good tool

    • http://www.businessdirectory4u.com/ businessdirectory4u.com

      Glad ot works for you… Just one question… Can you add links to different pages of the site or just the main domain? For example I have a business directory with over 1400 business categories, will it be ok to submit a few categories a day to SU?

  • http://creativelogicdesigns.com Creative Logic Designs

    I have found StumbleUpon to be a great source of clicks on my website (a couple of hundred a day). However, if viewed in Google Analytics, the bounce rate increased significantly, even though those that did stay ended up contacting us for more details. If you are using StumbleUpon, you can rest assured that the people are seeing your website. However, getting those people to click through the pages is a step that you have no control over (aside from the content of course).

    • http://www.stumbleupon.com/audiencetools Jack K

      I’m stoked to hear that you have enjoyed the traffic from SU. The bounce rate numbers tend to come from the mindset our users are in: they want to consume good content, and then find the next piece of good content. As a publisher, we have created a few ways for you to keep people within your site while still in the stumbling mindset.

      We created StumbleUpon Audience Tools as a site for you to learn about the various options you have when working with the SU audience. From products like StumbleThru, we’ve seen a lift in page views/visit + time on site between 2-3x site averages!

      Hope this helps.

  • http://www.hinduismfacts.org Nitin

    Thank you for the information. I have been overlooking this aspect. I would pay more attention to it now.

  • http://www.ausays.com/ aUsAys.com

    Nice post…!
    Thank you for the information.

  • http://www.nationwidestrippersconnection.com/ Lauren

    Thanks for the tips and advise.

  • http://www.peruvoyagesperou.com/ Romina Sanz

    Thanks for this advice

  • http://www.get-free-facebook-credits.info/ Melody@Free Facebook Credits

    Thank you so much for the advise :)

  • http://Www.makeipadapp.com Roger

    Good article – stumbleupon seems like a really good idea for generating traffic

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