Updated Wii U Controller Design Leaked Via Twitter

By: Zach Walton - May 20, 2012

Can you believe that E3 is only a few weeks away? The most magical time of the year for gamers is almost upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. One area of the excitement comes from the mystery that is the Wii U. Nintendo has stayed tight-lipped so there’s not much to go off of and there have not been many leaks either. One leak this weekend, however, proved to be most fascinating.

GamesRadar was perusing the Twitterverse when they found the account of Traveler’s Tales Q&A Tester @MATTYBOOSH. The now defunct Twitter account posted a picture of what appears to be the new Wii U controller. How do we know it’s new? Just look at it: the controller has analog sticks instead of the circle pads that were on last year’s model. That’s a change for the better as the circle pad on the 3DS is great for handhelds, but wouldn’t feel right with a core console game that required analog sticks for twitch-based shooter titles.

There are some other minor changes from the original controller as well. You’ll notice that the start and select buttons have moved from the bottom of the controller to the side. This makes the Wii U controller look more like a DS. This could be fitting into Nintendo’s strategy of making the Wii U a giant DS with the TV being the top screen and the controller being the bottom screen. You’ll also notice that the controller now has the Wii U logo on it. Unfortunately, that makes it look like that’s going to be the final name. Many gamers, myself included, were hoping that Nintendo would name the console something else to remove itself from its Wii identity, but I guess that’s not going to happen.

Outside of changes, there are some additions as well in the form of little white unmarked square buttons. Nobody has any idea what they do, but one is beneath the d-pad while the other is on the bottom right next to the Power button. The squares are different sizes too which only adds to the mystery of their function. My best bet is that the button near the Power button is for syncing the controller with the Wii U console. As for the big square button underneath the d-pad, your guess is as good as mine.

As mentioned previously, this image was leaked via Twitter. Nintendo, Traveler’s Tales or both didn’t quite like having an updated Wii U controller leaked to the world. To that end, the image has been deleted from Twitter, while the Q&A tester’s account has also been removed. That’s a bit drastic, but I guess he shouldn’t have been tweeting out secrets. I just hope that Traveler’s Tales didn’t have the poor guy fired.

Now that E3 is closer than ever, we should start to see more leaks. E3 is like the gamers’ Christmas and we’re always trying to sneak a peak at the presents. We’ll keep you updated on all the news leading up to this year’s big event.

[Lead image: GamesRadar]

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  • Ares

    As of now, nintendo is in treason of human evolution. What is shown at E3 will tell for sure. They need more fans on wii u daily, they need to win an award at E3, or their stocks will drop to zero, and be an example to the earth to never follow in their lead of “disruptive innovation.”

    • Christian

      You DO realize Nintendo is, from a market perspective, the most successful company? Lol. No offense, but the Wii U has, to everyone looking into it, more than proved itself as a MASSIVE threat to the other gaming companies, all during the dawn of what is arguably quickly becoming Nintendo’s most creative and awesome era.

      Any notion that Nintendo needs to break from the identity of the Wii is misguided at it’s best.

      • will

        You do realize that ever since 2009, their stocks have done nothing but go down right?

        • spencer

          You do realize that Sony’s stock is the lowest it’s been in 35 years, so that fact that Nintendo’s stock is just following the console curve is not that big of a deal.

  • Ares

    Further more, green people in outerspace, do not live by such foolishness. I am only trying to help, and my servants will sabatoge any efforts to keep such an insane decree as “disruptive innovation.”

  • Ares

    Disrupting technology* was an idea conjured by clayton christianson and implemented by c.e.o. na nintendo reginald fil-aimes. It is in effort to decieve innovation substituded by gimmicks for profits. The original idea was meant to replace an innovation with a better one at more affordable price, such as reinventing cpu. That is reddsite quest (coded index server). Peace, peace, peace.

  • Matt

    The Wii U will keep its niche but I think PS4 is going to take the cake next go around… Following the trend of the PS2 and PS3 both being the *best* consoles of their respective generation as far as media integration, compatibility, capability etc. Sure the original xbox had better graphics (slightly) but the PS2 was more user friendly, had better controllers, better games, and could play DVD’s without buying a stupid expansion set, just like the PS3 is offering the most accurate movement control, free online multiplayer, blu-ray, best graphics, and now that the games library is no longer lacking it definitely seems to be the best buy.

    Of course nintendo will always have its loyal fans, but come on, I don’t buy new systems to play 3D versions of the same games I’ve been playing since I was 4 years old. Zelda and Mario can only keep their appeal for so long, and to be fair mario hasn’t been the same since they ruined the franchise with sunshine.

    This is coming from someone who owns all 3 of the current gen consoles btw.

    • Troels L


      You thinking that PS3 is the ‘best console of its generation’ is just one guys opinion. I have all three as well, and think the 360 far superior in anything except the Bluray player.

      Worldwide sales figures seem to back me up on that one. Especially since Kinect (which doesn’t impress me much more than the Wii and the Move) launched.

  • Rauelius

    This was leaked on purpose, to get more buzz on the Wii prior to E3.