U.S. Open's Jungle Bird Vows to Strike Again


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The man who snuck past security to bird call during the U.S. Open trophy ceremony has vowed to pull his bird calling stunt in public again.

In an interview with TMZ, Jungle Bird (as he calls himself), explained that he pulled the stunt in order to raise awareness for deforestation. He admits that he was a little tipsy when he jumped in front of cameras, but the act was premeditated when he was completely sober. His cause and some other bird calls he has performed can be viewed on his Facebook page. He has also started selling t-shirts with his visage and the slogan "Stop Deforestation With Jungle Bird". Wow.

Yesterday, Jungle Bird was snatched up on camera by U.S. Open security, who handed him over to the San Francisco Police Department. Jungle Bird claims they were friendly and even laughed along with him, making bird noises of their own at the station. The U.S. Open decided not to press charges and Jungle Bird was let go shortly after being taken into custody.

Jungle Bird said it was quite easy to sneak past security in the first place, saying that everyone, including security officials, were "caught up in the moment and they were distracted." Jungle Bird just casually strolled up to the camera.

The U.K. native will not let his call (figurative cause and literal bird shout) go unnoticed, saying that he will strike again. This time he plans to go after people that can really make a difference in the cause of deforestation: "The House of Commons is the next port of call," he says.

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