Twitter Updates Its Mobile Website

    May 10, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Twitter announced today that it is updating its mobile website. The updates are to make the website more consistent across various mobile phones and browsers. The changes to Twitter brought about last December will now be available to those using feature phones, low-bandwidth networks, and older browsers.

The announcement was made by Satya Patel, Twitter vice president of product, over on the Twitter blog. Patel detailed some of the changes coming to feature phone tweeters:

In this updated version of mobile.Twitter.com, you can see all the Tweets from the accounts you follow in the Home tab and check your @mentions in the Connect tab. You can see what’s trending in the Discover tab, and access your direct messages and Tweets in the Me tab.

Patel also stated that, similar to the iPhone and Android Twitter websites, the new mobile Twitter will be faster than its previous iteration. Also, the site will use one-third less bandwidth than before. All of these changes to Twitter’s mobile web site will begin rolling out today.

It makes sense that Twitter is actively supporting feature phones and simple, low-signal devices. Smartphones have not yet dominated the industry completely: feature phones are still a large portion of the cell phone market. Of course, the parts of the world where Twitter can most be an effective communication tool are the same parts where feature phone use is most widespread.

Do you access Twitter from a feature phone? If so, how well does it work? Leave a comment below and let us know.

  • kevin cook

    Changes suck-hard to see where your tweets are being posted to topic

  • Kristen

    Twitter is now unusable on my mobile. I have to click around six things just to get to a place where I can type a Tweet. Then I can’t see my Tweet when it posts. And reading others’ Tweets is very difficult– they take up seven or eight lines where they used to take up three.

    Why the hell do these companies think they need to change things that already work perfectly well?!

  • Patty

    Updates make it so I can’t use twitter on my phone. Why the hell would you “fix” something that wasn’t broke????? Now bring back the mobile twitter that actually worked!!!

  • PoorManzMaher

    Amen to all the above! And: the avatar pic is WAY too small, the clever name you pick is in gray muted lettering UNDER your sub-name that used to be like this: ( Sub Name)…. I think its ass-backwards and HATE it! The Twitter logo is not even displayed properly, ohhhhhh GOD DAMN the Twitter Man….

  • http://twitter Bridgett

    for some reason now when i try to login into twitter my phone shuts down. it worked perfectly before this update. BRING THE OLD TWITTER BACK PLEASE

    • http://phonearenaindia.com/1855/list-of-phones-getting-ice-cream-sandwich Fone Arena

      What phone and OS are you using? You might try updating it, most of the time that’s the main issue…

  • http://io-media.com Best Media Company

    Its high time they did it.. love the new mobile interface for twitter