Tsarnaev: $100K in Benefits Going to Bomber’s Family

By: Sean Patterson - May 2, 2013

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was gunned down during a shootout with police just hours after authorities released photos of him and his brother, Dzhokhar, as the main suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings. Now, in addition to more suspects being arrested, even more details about the Tsarnaevs’ life in the U.S. have come to light.

The Boston Herald is reporting that Tsarnaev family were receiving over $100,000 in government assistance. The benefits reportedly included food stamps and Section 8 housing credits. An unnamed “person with knowledge of documents handed over to a legislative committee today” told the Herald that the amount of the benefits was “stunning.”

The documents were examined by the Massachusetts House Post Audit and Oversight Committee, which met on Monday. The committee called in Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) officials to testify about the assistance the Tsarnaev family was receiving. DTA officials told the Herald that they are also conducting their own internal investigation into the Tsarnaev family.

Shortly after Tsarnaev’s death, it was revealed that the suspected bomber was married to 26-year-old Katherine Russell of Rhode Island. He was also the father of a 3-year-old girl. His brother and alleged co-bomber, Dzhokhar, is currently behind bars in a federal prison hospital.

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  • Ian Elliott

    Government heads should roll over this one.

    • Michael B.

      I agree, but there is no oversight. No one is ever responsible when it comes to government waste.

    • Bryce Baird

      Are you supposed to not give anyone benefits because one day they might break a law or commit an act of terrorism?

      • RSF

        Bryce, People do need benefits and assistance just not for Ten years. If you cant get on your feet after two years of living on the Goverment or should I say the working peoples dole, then shame on you. Get a friggin job.

  • bruce

    They should be locked in prison until they pay it back. one small meal a day and no health care. Let the scum rot

    • Michael B.

      US government assistance programs are out of control, and there doesn’t seem to be any oversight. Scamming the system seldom results in penalties or punishment from what I read in media reports.

    • Amber

      Bruce…I don’t believe the people are saying you should do that. They are pretty much saying the government needs to do more research and follow up on people who receive benefits before handing out 100k.

  • Michael Davis

    1st off the article should read the benefits were “stunning” and secondly the terrorists parents should be given the lethal injection. They are guilty as sin. They feel like we owe them because their boys killed for their Muslim religion. Give them money we don’t have, it is the American way. Remember the victims of 9/11 and Boston while your giving them money though.

    • Bryce Baird

      If you are going to be a grammer Nazi, at least be right. The sentence read that the AMOUNT of benefits was stunning. The object of the verb is AMOUNT, not benefits, and therefore, the sentence is correctly written.
      Oops, just read the rest of your post, and it sounds like you are intent on being a fill-fledged Nazi, not just a grammer Nazi.

      • Dave

        Grammar (sp)

      • http://yahoo Edward

        If the sentence reads, “The amount of benefits was stunning,” AMOUNT is the subject, not the object.

  • brenda t

    This is terrible! I am a born and raised true american.worked my whole life paying in over 100,000 in taxs to govt. Now when I need help due to end stage cancer I don’t get enough disability to get me thru the month….what has happened to our govt?

  • Luke Saucedo

    and we are worried about the Mexicans that are just trying to make it up here

  • Sussan

    And I thought the mexicans were working the system. This guys family should have to payback all the benefits they stole from the USA fraudulently while they lived in their house that was like a small mansion.

  • Anthony

    That’s over a 1o YEAR PERIOD you morons… thats not alot of money at all, nothing STUNNING about 10K a year… what Bryce said ^^

    • Amber

      Anthony, The article said nothing about it being a 10 year period so how do you expect people to know that. The fact these people were traveling out of country within the last 2-3 years…when hard working citizens have never been able to go out out of country and they received even a penny is “stunning”!!!! Who should be able to take trips like that and receive even 10k a year??????? By the way the media has reported about them taking the trips to visit their terrorists friends out of country..well the older one.

    • Catherine

      Why is anyone getting assistance for 10 years? That IS stunning!

    • Brad

      Hey Anthony, I will send you my paypal account info you can forward me $10,000 since its not a lot of money or anything.


  • RSF

    The wife that lived in the 800SF Apt with these thugs should be water boarded until she talks. I have over 3000Sf home and my wife knows every little thing I do. Shes a Liar and should be treated like a terrorist.

  • Dan Floyd

    America… The way we give terrorism a bead&breakfast, would make Al qaeda green with envy

  • Nick

    We’ll never know for sure. They may be Double or Triple Agents who went Bad. Or, a whole operation went bad, or they just fell thru the cracks, like the 9/11 guys. Cuz ya really gotta wonder….How Much did these “trips” back and forth cost??? and WHY do we allow this stuff in the first place?! Most immigrants really do love and appreciate what they’ve got here, but there’s ALWAYS a per centage of WEIRDOS !!!

  • kevin, american citizen

    Why do foreigners get more benefits than u s citizens…I am pissed off!